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Monday. 7.24.06 3:52 pm
How is it that someone can be such a bitch?

She goes and buys a can of pringles. Of course we know what's going to happen to them.

But wait, it's ok, she exercises them off. Yeah, right, you just wasted a dollar, stupid.

God forbid I buy the exact same can of pringles. Or a can of fat free pringles, for that matter.

She keeps asking if I want to go somewhere. Why? So she can tell me I can't go?

So she can tell me later "well you could have gone if you wanted"?

Maybe I should have cut off her nose when I was little.

I want to shoot the people who drive around blaring their shit from their ugly shitmobiles.

I saw a kid today, she didn't look to be much older than 10 with donelap's... that worried me, for some reason.

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What a bitch.
Monday. 7.24.06 12:31 pm
Because in a week, she'll say:

Oh, you wanted to go? You could have gone. You're 21, I can't stop you.


Because shes a damned fucking sandycuntbitch.

She does the same thing over and over and over, and then wonders why I never want to tell her anything.

Then she acts like everythings a-ok, and that I'm the one with the problem.

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I hate crying.
Monday. 7.24.06 11:47 am
My eyes always end up swollen, and then I can't see straight.

It sucks.

Of course they act like they give a shit, when they know damn well they don't....


Then I went to brush my teeth.

I'd like to know why my toothbrush is a nasty shade of brown with hairs in it.



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Pepsi Jazz?
Sunday. 7.23.06 4:28 pm
Apparentl Pepsi has a new diet soda.


In strawberries and cream as well as Black cherry and french vanilla.

I'm disturbed.


I don't much care for diet soda, or soda, period, but that's disturbing, and i'm feeling slightly intrigued.

My mom pisses me off so much.

I really should just leave.

Aside from her constant bitching and lying, she sabotages shit. Well excuse me for watching what I eat, unlike you who eats everything in the fucking house, and then throws it up so there's nothing for anyone else to eat.

Oh, but she cares.

Fucking load of shit.

I hate her.

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Saturday. 7.22.06 8:04 pm
I feel like shit.

Not too sure why, but I've my suspicions.

I went to the comic book store of awesomeness today.

Got Alice 19th 4 ( I shake my fist at you, Dave), Ranma 1/2 26, and Shonan Junai Gumi 1.

It's a terribly large book.

It's full of breasts and penises and labeled 18+.... Means I'm going to have fun finding other copies.


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Jessican Rhapsody...
Friday. 7.21.06 11:21 pm
I was grumbling about my mom to Tayla...

and this is what happened:

me: ::grumbles at mum::
taylor: what?
me: jus because sehs being her
me: because shes not going to let me go
me: bismilla no, she will not let me go
taylor: HAHAHA
taylor: LET HER GOOO!
me: bismilla she will not let me go
taylor: Let her go!
taylor: go go go go gooo go!
me: lol
me: magnificooooo
taylor: hahaha
taylor: let her gooo!
taylor: let her gooo!
me: lol
me: ok
me: thats neough
taylor: you think you can stop her and keep her from her guuy!
taylor: you might as well leaver alone.. to diiiie
taylor: oooooooh... mama..
taylor: don't do this to her mama..
taylor: she's jus gotta get out..
taylor: she's jus gotta get right outta heere..
me: lol
me: LOL!
taylor: :D
taylor: we should completely sing that
me: damnit now i wanna listen to that song
taylor: tha'd be funny as shit

mood: amused
listening to: Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody


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