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And then
Monday. 7.24.06 6:42 pm
She comes and starts harrassing me about why Dave hasn't come to visit.

Because she's so much of a cunt that she never sees the good in things.

She fails to realize that the reason Dave hasn't come to visit is because I don't particularly care for him to.

Not because I'm up to anything (I'm not), but because they're all such... asses.

Sure, some parental drama is one thing.

But when she NEVER has anything good to say about anyone?
When all he does is smoke, sleep and whine?
When all he does is whine and give lip without punishment?

Why am I going to ask him to come visit?
What is there to do in such an area, when even I, who've lived here for my whole life, can find nothing to do. (Doesn't matter that in the off chance I did find something to do, I wouldn't be allowed to do it.)

Then she asks about floydfest. Why does it matter? I was going to go, I mean, I won the damn tickets, I should use them, but she's not going to let me go anyway.

Then a week from now, "well you could have gone if you really wanted to"


If you're going to be such a god-forsaken CUNT about everything, why am I going to go so I can hear you be even more of a cunt?


Days like this I wish I could spontaneously combust.

I hate that bitch so much, it's not even possible to put it into words.

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How does this work?
Monday. 7.24.06 3:52 pm
How is it that someone can be such a bitch?

She goes and buys a can of pringles. Of course we know what's going to happen to them.

But wait, it's ok, she exercises them off. Yeah, right, you just wasted a dollar, stupid.

God forbid I buy the exact same can of pringles. Or a can of fat free pringles, for that matter.

She keeps asking if I want to go somewhere. Why? So she can tell me I can't go?

So she can tell me later "well you could have gone if you wanted"?

Maybe I should have cut off her nose when I was little.

I want to shoot the people who drive around blaring their shit from their ugly shitmobiles.

I saw a kid today, she didn't look to be much older than 10 with donelap's... that worried me, for some reason.

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What a bitch.
Monday. 7.24.06 12:31 pm
Because in a week, she'll say:

Oh, you wanted to go? You could have gone. You're 21, I can't stop you.


Because shes a damned fucking sandycuntbitch.

She does the same thing over and over and over, and then wonders why I never want to tell her anything.

Then she acts like everythings a-ok, and that I'm the one with the problem.

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I hate crying.
Monday. 7.24.06 11:47 am
My eyes always end up swollen, and then I can't see straight.

It sucks.

Of course they act like they give a shit, when they know damn well they don't....


Then I went to brush my teeth.

I'd like to know why my toothbrush is a nasty shade of brown with hairs in it.



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Pepsi Jazz?
Sunday. 7.23.06 4:28 pm
Apparentl Pepsi has a new diet soda.


In strawberries and cream as well as Black cherry and french vanilla.

I'm disturbed.


I don't much care for diet soda, or soda, period, but that's disturbing, and i'm feeling slightly intrigued.

My mom pisses me off so much.

I really should just leave.

Aside from her constant bitching and lying, she sabotages shit. Well excuse me for watching what I eat, unlike you who eats everything in the fucking house, and then throws it up so there's nothing for anyone else to eat.

Oh, but she cares.

Fucking load of shit.

I hate her.

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Saturday. 7.22.06 8:04 pm
I feel like shit.

Not too sure why, but I've my suspicions.

I went to the comic book store of awesomeness today.

Got Alice 19th 4 ( I shake my fist at you, Dave), Ranma 1/2 26, and Shonan Junai Gumi 1.

It's a terribly large book.

It's full of breasts and penises and labeled 18+.... Means I'm going to have fun finding other copies.


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