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Day 12
Saturday. 1.12.13 8:41 pm
This year isn't going how I hoped... There's still a lot of year left, but I didn't think shit would go down so early. More on that later.

I continued my jogging plan. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday it is. Greenlake is out of the question. Parking is a nightmare.

Puzzle has been put on hold indefinitely until I can work up motivation again. Hopefully it happens before they start collecting dust.

A password entry is coming soon. Since I'm not currently seeing a therapist, there's a lot I need to get out and it needs to be private. If you've forgotten my password, you can either message me or find it in the secret forum. It will not count towards the counted entries.

Nothing else to write about for now. One more episode of White Collar before I call it a night and get another pain in the ass week of work done and over with as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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Friday. 1.11.13 6:51 pm
Lazy Friday. I've had too many of these. Isn't that the day people are supposed to go out and do things? Oh right, everyone else is out doing things and I'm the one left at home. Stupid fear of going out alone ...

Looks like my jogging days will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Which means I have to go tomorrow. I also need to go grocery shopping and stop at the bank and go to Target... all the shit I planned on doing today, but didn't.

I'm at that point again where I want to pull an all-nighter, but I have serious doubts it'll happen. Usually when this comes about, I tend to fall asleep before midnight. So in this case, instead of pulling an all-nighter, I will aim to stay up until at least midnight, hopefully 1 or 2.

Donating blood is still on the list of shit to do, it's just been pushed to the lower end of the list. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I may go. Don't hold me to it, though. I will definitely be letting everyone know once it actually happens.

Alright, time to pick out the puzzle that will be aiding in my staying up late tonight.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Thursday. 1.10.13 5:34 pm
I went for my jog after work today. I still need to find a different spot. I guess I'll just keep searching until I find a good place that I can go at least two days a week.

Work was a pain today. A lot of annoying, stupid people. I was ready to quit.

I've already talked about what my plans are for the weekend so I don't feel it's worth repeating again.

Nap time. Or sleep time. I guess it depends when I happen to wake up. I might have more to write about tomorrow.

Until tomorrow NuTang . . .

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Wednesday. 1.9.13 9:52 pm
Busy day at work. An employee was terminated and policy states that security stand by in case the worker goes crazy so I was the lucky one to have to stand by. The staff seemed very concerned that he would freak out, but when I was walking him out, he literally asked if he could skip out the doors. Not even kidding. Apparently getting let go was a good thing for him. *shrug*

It's nearly bedtime so this won't be much longer.

Tomorrow is my Friday at work. I have no plans for this weekend except to go to Target at some point and return the armband I bought. Exciting huh? Oh and get a bagel, of course. There's also laundry, but that's kind of a given.

Yeah, I'm getting sleepy. The yawning won't stop.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Tuesday. 1.8.13 8:01 pm
Yes, I used Google Translate to get that in German ... Don't judge.

The day was uneventful. I couldn't hide in my normal hiding place at work because there were people there so I had to use my back up locations. Not quite the same, but they serve the same purpose.

There's a new Einstein Brothers Bagels that just opened up nearby work. I fully plan on getting a bagel there on Friday. Or Saturday. Depends.

I took the tapers out of my ears last night and put in the plugs, but I don't think my ears were quite ready for the smaller plugs so the tapers are back in. I'll leave them there for another couple weeks before I put the plugs back in. That should be sufficient time to heal.

My brain isn't working well enough for me to continue with this entry. I just sat here staring at the screen trying to think of what else to type and nothing came to mind. So I shall end it here.

Until tomorrow NuTang . . .

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Quickie 7
Monday. 1.7.13 5:50 pm
1. I started my interval jogging program over from the beginning. It was rather easy jogging at 1 minute intervals.

2. Work still sucks.

3. I love the new jacket I bought to jog in in the cold. It keeps me nice and warm without making me overheat.

4. I'm officially done eating Subway for at least the remainder of the month {unless someone else pays for it, of course. You don't turn down free food.}

5. I'm still addicted to this Battle Friends game. . . {username: saboof}

6. I got my new medical insurance card today. Now I have to go through the motions of finding a new doctor. Joy.

7. My ears are healing nicely. Though my left ear gave me some troubles earlier ... The swelling has since gone down. I can't wait to gauge them up again.

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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