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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Gong Xi Fa Cai gathering!
Wednesday, February 24, 2010
The Chinese in my department organised a Chinese New Year gathering for everyone in the faculty since the non-Chinese organised a Hari Raya and Deepavali gathering last year, and we were now returning the favour. Well,the gathering was a success. We had lots of food for everyone to eat and we got extras. I packed some home for dinner for my family and it lasted me til tonight's dinner. The curry chicken was so yum! The funniest thing happened was my two colleague, a retiree teacher and a secretary, fighting over the leftovers. As I mentioned, there were leftovers. We staff usually pack these extras so there's no waste... the cleaners and guards are even allowed to do that but they can only do so after the staff have finished. It was funny because those two colleagues were scooping the leftovers into plastic bags like there was no tomorrow. They had like 3 plastic bags for each dish. And then later, they mixed up their bags. And the secretary was telling the retiree "This bag is hers" pointing to high pile of chicken. The retiree was still scooping and he was replying "HEY IT'S MINE." The secretary was "NO IT'S MINE." Being wedged in the middle of the quarrel, I laughed in front of them and said we don't have to fight over this. Detecting the underlying sarcasm of mine, the retiree made it into a light joke that we were so engrossed with the food, we fought. But I don't understand why they were so gullible. I thought we could share the leftovers with the cleaners too since they are really pitiful. Their pay is so much little than ours and they were looking at the leftovers like a vulture except there's a tinge of anxiety looking over us.

I have been in that situation before. I could really understand the feeling of getting free food just because it helps to save money just to survive another day.

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I'm a tourist!
Saturday, February 20, 2010
My collegemate from Korea came over to Malaysia for the past two days. My friend and I took him for dinner and the following day I because his tour guide. But you know in the end, I became a tourist too! The funniest thing happened was my Korean and I were at the Masjid Jamek LRT station. We were heading to the Central market, and he saw a tall flag pole in front of us. It was too glaring so I told him he could always take the photo later. After walking around Central market, we were dead tired and just wanted to rest and I ran out of places to take him around that area. So we just walked aimlessly around that area till I saw a big, new and modern library. This library has come out in the news in 2008, if I'm not mistaken, because it was funded by the KL municipal district but it was gonna close for some time due to insufficient funding. The users of this library gave good reviews of this library which I could not believe. But stepping into the library, I believed what I saw. It is like a library I entered in New Zealand!! Except it has very little books but the place is so comfortable!! But still there are books we can borrow. I'm very impressed. My friend just dropped dead in the sofa. There were computers with internet too.

We were heading out of the library and the flag pole we saw earlier was right in front of us. My friend kept on telling me that we are in front of Merdeka Square. I could not believe it because Merdeka Square sounds so far away from me. It could not be within walking distance from the historical iconic place! So I asked the staff and she told me the exact thing my friend told me earlier. HAHAHAHA. So we went to the flag pole and took some pictures. My friend told me this is the tallest flag pole in the world. My jaw dropped.

Later, I took him to an Indian restaurant to eat. Thankfully he liked the mango lassi.

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Silent celebration
Tuesday, February 16, 2010
You are right. The title is a paradox of words. But that is my intention. I indeed am having a silent celebration. It's Chinese New Year but my house is quiet opposed to neighbours who have friends and relatives over and you can hear merry laughter drowning or floating to my apartment floor. I didn't even visit any friends or relatives (except for a grandaunt) this week. My uncle and aunt wanted to come but my mother banned them from coming. What is the purpose for having them in the house when my uncle will only say my house sucks and it's incomparable to his 'deplorable' double storey? Or even telling my mother why the heck there's no drinks in my house? Because of his stupid mouth, I supported my mother's action. My family don't need this kind of idiot to ruin our peaceful celebration.

I used to be gung ho of collecting red packets. But this year I wasn't in the mood. Several reasons could contribute to this spirit loss: 1) grew out of it, 2) I never ever meet my target of collection or 3) I don't know what is the spirit of CNY. It could be a mixture of these 3 reasons. But this time I will visit friends to catch up with them.

I spent my first 2 day celebration surfing the internet and I finally finished reading a manga called Mx0. I started reading it since 2008 but I abandoned it because I don't want to read the ending because I don't want to tell myself that I finish the manga. I don't like the feeling of having nothing to read next. I also just finished watching Sherlock Holmes 10 minutes before updating this entry. I borrowed this movie from my friend. And I was pretty shocked (EXTREMELY) that I found sex rated CDs in my friend's husband's movie collection. And also some vampire sex movie. My my. I actually would like to check out these movies but .... I didn't borrow but quietly putting them into their original place. Well, I'm just curious. That is all. And I'm now pondering ... should he hide or not these CDs before I look into these collection? What do you all think?

Well, this shock reminded me of an incident my lecturer told in class before. My lecturer assisted a friend in emceeing a protesting event back in Japan and so he was on TV. So my lecturer asked for a tape of his telecast and his friend gave him the wrong video... My lecturer was shocked to see a home made soft porn instead of his handsome face and voice. HAHAHAHA....

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Rude? Who is?
Tuesday, February 9, 2010
I'm still recovering from my shock from afternoon. I was working half day today and I was mucking around in my office after lunch. I was playing game 80% and 20% meddling with some work. Hey it's my half day!

While I was playing games, an admin assistant entered my room. No knock, just opened the door and entered. I was busy shaking some trees on my RPG game on neopet. I looked up lazily because I don't expect someone coming into my room without knocking. So we engaged in a conversation.

She: Hey no one is using the binder now. Why don't you bind now?
I: No combs yet.
She: Never mind. Punched the hole first.
I: But we have ran out of ink... I haven't printed out the colour pages.
She: Never mind la. You punched the hole first, then manually put the comb.
I: OK. But I'm busy at the moment.
She: But I have over 100 books to bind. Why don't you bind first? Coz my staff wants to use the binder later.

(I stare sideways at her because she is just an admin staff and I was shocked to hear her said the word 'staff'. Is that how she perceived of the other colleagues in the same room as her? Even my bosses never mentioned 'staff' they just mentioned my name or whoever staff's name they could think of)

She: .... No I mean our staff.

(I regretted for not correcting her: It's not STAFF, it's COLLEAGUES)

I: But I'm doing it alone. I don't see what's the problem.
She: Yea ... but there's only one binder here.
I: But I don't want to do it today.
She: Then we are gonna fight over the binder later.
I: But not now. You know what? Shall we exchanged jobs? Shall you try calling my clients and then print letters for them?
She: That's so rude of you. I also got a lot of work (while rubbing her pregnant stomach). Then later you don't fight for the binder with me. (She said in a dangerous tone)
I: Ok.

She walked out of the room. My goodness. She wants me to give in to her? Just because she has lots of works to do? This is not the first time she tried to tell me what to do. I got bullied by her already 2 times (not mentioning 3 actually) already. I refused to give in today. I recorded today's incident in my calendar in case she wants to bring up a case against me. My highest boss mentioned in today's meeting that all staff are welcomed to request for assistance from the admin assistant and the part timers. But it seems the invitation is not open to me. I seriously need to write down every responsibility I'm doing right now. My responsibilities surpassed beyond my job description.

I will remember today's incident till the day I die. Can't wait to see what karma awaits your baby.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010
This is just so weird. Someone stole my dad's car number plate. My family only discovered yesterday morning. My mum waited for me at the apartment's side gate. And here me running towards the gate because I was extremely late and also because I didn't want my mum to scream at me for being late. When I was walking towards the car, I noticed something amissed at the car plate. There was no number plate. I thought it came off because it was chipped. So I went behind the car and looked. Astonishingly, some idiots did steal the number plate. Someone unscrewed the screws. So we did a police report yesterday and the problem solved for the moment.

And someone gave me a rude awakening at 5.30 am today. There was this loud banging on the grill door like someone was forcing to pry open the grill door but could not. It went on for like 20 minutes. I was frightened; there have been theft cases in my apartment before and I thought someone was trying to break into someone's house. I woke up and checked my unit door and my neighbours. It wasn't on my floor. So I crawled back to bed hoping to be able to sleep again. Lying on my bed, I could hear a girl's voice crying 'I could not open the door' in Chinese. And yet she kept forcing the door to open. And later the noise ceased but I could faintly hear her speaking on the phone. I wondered if she has got into the wrong unit or her family members don't let her come home or the key just doesn't work. I wonder if other neighbours have heard the banging this morning and what was their reaction. I certainly got a scare of my life.

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Yay! 3 books liao!
Wednesday, February 3, 2010
I only managed to read 4 books in 2009. I'm determined to beat last year's record. Ideally, I would like to read more than 12 books for 2010. I have finished reading 3 books as to date, which is so far so good.

The latest book I have just completed is called editing mdae easy by Bruce Kaplan. Since I wanted to be a copy editor/ proofreader, I have been hunting for books relating to this topic. This book only has around 130 pages and it's just as big as my hand, which is easy to carry around. In fact, it is very easy to read and comprehend. Common queries about the right format for grammar and most importantly how to write effectively have been answered in this book. Though it doesn't discuss much on grammar, it helps me in a way of understanding and knowing the basic correction of certain grammar and ways of writing numbers. The overall lesson that I picked up from the book is to write in active voice; also with a mixture of passive voice. This will lead to making the sentences much lively and interesting to read. Another lesson is to write short and sweet sentences vs long and wordy sentences. This is something I don't understand because many researchers don't write in simple sentences in journal articles. They write long sentences, which makes me confused instead of understanding what the writers want the readers to read!

editing mdae easy proves to be a useful guide for any beginner or experienced proofread/ copy editor who wants to achieve a high standard of quality of articles in the form of punctuation and grammar. Not the content. Remember that.

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