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Sorry, guys.
Wednesday. 12.26.07 1:24 pm
[A post from the future links here. If you clicked a link and don't know what happened, hitting the back button won't help. Hit it twice. When I wrote this entry I assumed you'd read the one directly before. Hence the confusing first line.]

That was completely uncalled for. She isn't that bad. And she didn't say anything bad about the present.

It was a good day, over all. I'd rather not have gone to her friend's house to eat, but they watched Guardian and I was entertained.

60 gigabyte hard drive for my pictures. YES.

The Orange Box pack for XBox 360, featuring Half Life 2, episodes 1 & 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2.

Mario Galaxy for the Wii.

A Halo 3 shirt

Some sweaters and nice jeans.

Camcorder!!! YESYES. 30 gig hard drive, drop sensor, infra-red night vision, touch screen, 40x optical zoom, one touch DVD burn...I am very pleased.

Anyone else get anything good? One of my friends got a CAR. Sure, it's a piece, and she can't drive, but it's a car.

: )

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Post Deleted
Monday. 12.24.07 3:50 pm
I'm going to go ahead and break my own "don't touch the older post" rule. I do try to preserve them for memory's sake, but this was just a bunch of hateful stuff. I also deleted all related comments. So. Thanks for being curious, I guess.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

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Time for a normal post
Sunday. 12.23.07 3:02 pm
OK, so, I'm a little sick. It all started when I got a tub of Betty Crocker's Vannila Rainbow Chip Icing. Yes, I did start eating out of it. My throat started aching not long after.

About 1/3 of the tub is left in my fridge. Don't worry, I shared. A little. This was...Wednesday, I think.

So yeah, my throat's been killing me. But it's getting better, as of yesterday afternoon. Now I'm just horse and runny. I'll dehydrate if I'm not careful. I've always heard snot was a good sign, so I'll take it as it comes.

Eh. I never get sick, ergo I hate it all the more when I do.

On a different note, I'm slightly addicted to rubbing alcohol. The smell and characteristic burning sensation don't bug me, and I like disinfecting stuff. wOOt!

/blows nose*

Mom just did some uncharacteristic indulging and bought a 40 inch, VERY high quality television with surround sound. There are details on Halo 3 (there it is again) that I have never noticed before. Like the noise Elites make when they're walking behind you, or a bug's arm breaking when it gets caught in the elevator. It makes me so happy.

The lady who helps Mom clean "misplaced" Mom's Christmas gift. Like she "misplaces" everything else. I'm somehow missing my camera and tripod. Mom will tell me that it's because I'm not organized. I bet money.

Here's what I have so far, Dilated. :D

My really nice ear buds are also missing.

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Oh, how I have missed thee. Phew
Sunday. 12.23.07 12:48 am
I know that the site isn't all the way back, and that nobody's going to be able to read this until Dave finishes fixing. But I'm ecstatic, to be truthful. I'm gonna go ahead and copy stuff from my xanga now. Yup.

Sunday, December 02, 2007
I make a big fuss because nuTang is down for a day, and now I forgot what I was going to post.

Dang it.

Friday, December 07, 2007
When I said nutang was down for a day, I didn't realize that it would be SIX. /sob*

Hughghgh. I'm so restless and lonely and just not happy right now. And the only person who's remotely good for me to talk to is in an emotional crisis that I, quite frankly, am afraid of accidentally taking advantage of. Not that she wants to talk much, anyway.

I take a measure of pride in my photography and my manipulations, and I think it sucks that I never hear much about the good ones. My mom doesn't count, especially because she doesn't like the time I spend on them anyway. They're all over my myspace, my deviant art, even a few on facebook. Nothing. Here's my latest:

I want something to happen. An emotional change, a spiritual revelation, a mental surge, maybe even physical danger. I need something to happen.

It may be depressing, but I'm not worried about dying. It's not like I hate my life or anything. I'm just not afraid of death. If I was about to die, I'd try to finish a few things before I left. Because that's all that would matter, really; the people I'm leaving. Especially my mom and brother. I don't think my mom would cope well, really. No telling what Sean would become.

Psshhhh. I guess I'm just not looking forward to much.

Sunday, December 09, 2007
I just realized that I don't have a lot of close friends to speak of. I have lots of friends, surely, and I love them all.

But there aren't any people I can talk with straight up. There have been people. But they're all gone. Unreachable. Cold.

That makes me feel so alone.

Monday, December 17, 2007
Well, absolutely nothing is going on right now. Pretty much. I guess that the stress isn't what makes me update. It's nutang. COME BACK!

OH, well, I did have a very busy weekend. My first all-nighter, too. On Friday I went to a friend's youth group lock out, which was AMAZING but very loud. The service-type thing was very touching, though I didn't agree with EVERYTHING the guy said. At 12:30 ish we all piled into two buses and drove 30 minutes to "Zuma Fun Center," which is basically a two story play pen for little kids and a go cart track out back. Except the video games were mostly all free. Crap games like "House of the Dead 2" are actually fun with infinite lives. Also if you're playing as both guns. You can get some serious gunslinger stuff going. /oh yeah*

I was up until 8 Saturday morning. 25 hours of wake-full ness, not counting the 30 minutes sleeping on Suzzanne's butt. Ahahaha.

It was worth it. The all night thing, not sleeping on her butt. Though it was pretty comfy. ;)

I am totally back on my normal sleep track, too.

OK. That's that.

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