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Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location , MD
School. Other
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school's back!
Tuesday, August 30, 2005
ahhh...School is now back in session. School started yesterday and it currently sucks! I saw my stalker! We got new IDs today and it actually looks better. I look so nice on my ID. There are four home games this year and I can only attend 2 counting Homecomming. I got lost yesterday looking for my Computer Maint. class. I can't believe that my stalker is taking piano or guitar but I think is guitar and her class is right next door to my band class. AHHHHH! DAMN tromboner! They took my slot that I had for 2 years! But no one is to take my folder slot! It has been mine for 2 years! One lunch is terrible! It's crowded and one hour is boring! Especially when I can't drive my old chemistry teacher crazy! I tried to drive him crazy today but he was in a hurry. The freshmen this year is awfully small. You don't see any freshmen as much. Then afterschool, we got practice and it was horrible with the humidity outside and the heat wave inside the school after the AC broke! The old part of the school was burning hot and the new wing was cool. It is soo boring when I can't drive my teachers crazy! I feel bored lately.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005
I've been busy lately w/ work and volleyball practice. Work is fine. I just started Monday and I've been doing a great job there. I work at the movie theatre at Montgomery Mall. I've seen March of the Penguins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (yes I know it been out for about a month), and Sky High. I'm still new at work especially w/ the cash register. Ow! My thighs has been aching since Tuesday! Stupid workout! I'm starting to improve my skills in volleyball. I still need to work on serving and hitting toward my target. I did well today when we were approching the ball and hitting it. Overall volleyball is fun except when we run 2 laps around the track but I'm alright. I'm not giving up volleyball like I gave up on soccer in middle school b/c of all that running.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
I am bored and tired!! None of my friends wanna hang out with me all summer! Except one! I need a new or at least a better Blink-182 CD! The one I have is screwed up! I still can't think of anything to eat tonight! I don't know any other recipes to make containing shrimps! I was planning to join the volleyball team but the only problem is that the try-outs are Monday and I still haven't gotten my physical! I'm screwed! No one wants to take me to the doctor's office! I just remember that brat, Susan, called me a stalker! I wasn't stalking my crush, I was just curious about my crush's number. That's not stalking people! She even tried to set me up with my crush when like 3 month earlier, I broke up with my ex! I needed time to get back to normal. Susan doesn't gives me space when I need space. She is trying to suffocate me! I heard that she gives "hand" job. It just drive me crazy when she does that and she's 2 years younger than me. But I don't give a crap! She has a problem with gays and lesbians! They're alright b/c they don't bother anyone. They are just people! She called me a lesbian and I don't like it when people call me a lesbian! She's just jelous that I can talk to guys. Guys are easy to talk compared to girls. People are jelous of me! All the girly-girls called me a dyke! I like to wear baggy jeans/sweatpants, and big sweaters. Guys sweaters actually keeps you warm more than a regular jacket. Susan can't and never will dress like a tomboy! She is not a tomboy!

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hazy hot humid!
Wednesday, August 3, 2005
It's such a hot day!! I have nothing better to do than stay at home doing nothing! I still haven't got any calls back from the places I applied at. My sister is driving me crazy! She's currently watching . My dad accused me of buying a CD but it wasn't Green Day, it was Blink-182 but I gotta return it b/c the CD is screwed up! I have nothing else better to say without mentioning that brat, Susan. Oh man did u hear? She quit xanga b/c everyone hates her. My sister did something and now even Susan's ex hates her. Mwhahahahahahahaha

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tired and bored
Sunday, July 24, 2005
Not much happened lately except I got revenge on Thursday on the same bus driver that yelled at me for carrying a stupid drink which was sealed tight. The back tire of the bus blew out and it kinda sucked when the next bus doesn't come for 30 minutes so my sister and I continued to ride on the bus until it became too risky to drive. Well I ened up seeing the same bus driver the next day when I went to the mall to buy this DVD about wars. not much happened yesterday except I went to Safeway to apply there and I gotta come back on Aug. 3rd for an interview. I went by my friend's place while I was coming home and I saw a party at her house. I'm positive that it was her birthday party. I realized that I was not invited at all and I saw my other friends there as well. I felt soo left out and lonely. She never called me or came over. I've been to her birthday parties since seventh grade and this is the first year I was never invited. This must be the most depressing year in my whole life. It has reached to the lowest point. On Friday, my basement flooded!! Water was just not going down the drain. Everytime we poured water down the sink, the water rises from the drain on the floor. My PS2 got kinda wet. It took at least 2-3 hours to clean up and remove the water. Then I woke up at 6:00 am to go borrow something to fix the pipe and I got about 3 hours of sleep. I'm not happy. I didn't get to go to Arundel Mills which I've been waiting to go back there for a long time and I didn't get the pants I wanted b/c my mom said that wearing the pants from Hot Topic automatically makes you a rebel or punk. I don't know what her problem! My mom is too much of the "girly-girl" type and I am not a "girly-girl" type. She worries that people are gonna stare at us. I always get stared at all the time and personally, I don't give a crap. She still doesn't know why I suddenly went broke from buying all those stuff from Hot Topic and she doesn't know I bought stuff from there. She never believes me that Hot Topic sells punk stuff. My mom never listens to anyone especially me! She repeats everything I say and she always complain that I lose my temper too fast. It's her fault! I get frustrated easily! When I'm frustrated, I lose my temper easily! So to get back at her, I'm not gonna do anything during her anniversity! I'm not gonna cook, I'm not gonna take her out and I'm not gonna do anything! She'll do all the work! That's not fair that my sister bought those pants and I don't get any!

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sooo bored
Saturday, July 9, 2005
Wow it's been at least 2 weeks since I updated this. I've been busy for two weeks with driving school and of course my sister has been hogging the computer and wouldn't let me use it! I start driving a real car next week! I have applied at 11 jobs and none have called me yet. Jessi told me that someone from the company, Limited Express, called her as a reference. I have no idea if I applied at a store which Limited Express company. Possible chance me and Jessi will get that job at the movie theater. I started to give up on hoping to get the other jobs. I'll have to relook at all the places I applied at. I got cool clothes from Hot Topic and I love 'em! Yesterday, my sister, Jessi and I went to Montgomery Mall and we missed 4 buses when we tried to get home. We decided to take another route to another Metro Station and catch a different bus but we ended up at the wrong bus stop which cost us 2 buses! We later gave up and took the Metro from Grovesnor-Stratmore Station to Twinbrook Station and took the 10 home. We wasted like $1.35 for metro and it cost us almost an hour at Grovesnor-Stratmore Metro Station waiting at the wrong stop! But it was a fun adventure. That stalker/brat Susan is acting like she loves rock music but she doesn't. She likes bubble-gum pop like Lindsay Lohan. She told me she doesn't like rock music and from what I heard from a friend of mine who listens to rock music, Susan demanded him to change his "crappy" music. Susan doesn't like Green Day b/c she said so she HATES rock music. PERIOD. Susan better back off or I'll make her back off and she wrote in her xanga page that she hates rock music. She's freakin' copying and immitating me! I'm not her role model and she stole my picture! I already yelled at her and she refuses to give it up! I took it and I signed my name on the back of it which automatically make it mine not hers, MINE!

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