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Another era
Sunday. 10.19.08 11:39 am
I say another era, because I found out recently that I finally got the HR position I applied for. It is possibly a permanent position, and I will find out in November. But for the time being I have been accepted in to the OHS officer role in the Corporate section of DIAC. Yes...back to the Corporate section, I can't seem to get away from it. Not that I mind...cuz there are good people who work there, but when I was in Student Monitoring in Compliance my scope of Immigration broadened greatly.

The past 2 weeks the Corporate and Compliance section has been fighting over my release date. Both sides want to have me, and I feel really blessed that I feel this valuable to people. Probably valuable in terms of my work outputs. Cuz everywhere is trying to keep their resources. But I will finally be in the role in which I studied, that is in the Human Resources field. I know I have attempted to apply for this Aps5 Position 3 times and didn't get it. And now that I have, it saddens me that I have to leave SMU (Student Monitoring Unit), it's like I wasn't "ready" this time to accept it. BUT I know I must, because there are so many benefits and I would be stupid not to.

At least I didn't apply for the APS5 round, cuz I didn't want to apply just solely for a promotion and a higher wage. I didn't want to see myself in a role that I despised. And now with HR, I think it was something I didn't know I wanted. I will have to work in the role to find out if this field is really suited to me.

Next week HR will also be sending me off to the other side of the country to the capital, Camberra, for a conference and a bit of training and rubbing shoulders with the National Office people. It will be me, representing WA DIAC as an OHS officer..so I better be awake for the conference to take notes. hehehe. Such pressure though for a paid work trip. I actually have to do WORK! F and Sofia will be following, because we all haven't been to the Capital yet. That I hear is so liberal in it's sex shops, and fireworks hehe.

Anyways it is an end of an era, 2 years at Student Monitoring Unit flew by too quickly. I really felt like I was a part of a family, so happy to see those people everyday and work with them. We had so much fun and laughs...I hope my new team could meet the standard of SMU. I will miss working with them...but I will not miss the dodgy students that I had to deal with. I have also grown close to my Compliance family, my EL1, Ian, was so good to me, I have not felt more comfortable speaking with an EL1 because he treated me like an equal and joked around like the rest of us. I hate to lose that "comfort" of being with familiar faces...

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Van Cleefs & Arpels - Feerie
Tuesday. 10.14.08 10:41 pm

I am absolutely at love in first whiff with this new fragrance 'Feerie' from Van Cleefs & Arpels. The bottle is just a masterpiece, I want to find who was the artist. It's design really incapsulates the meaning of mythology, mystery and absolute luxury. The dark blue glass with the gleaming silver faerie that sits on the branch.

For it's beauty it is quite pricey, I noticed David Jones is selling 100ml for over $200. But it is definitely a collector's item. The perfume is actually quite sweet, I had hoped for something a bit more subtle and "mature". But maybe I will still get it for the bottle :) It is the next thing on my wish list.

I know I am going ga-ga over a silly perfume. But I saw the Van Cleefs & Arpels website and was in awe.. I just want to own beautiful sparkley jewels...and it really amazes me how jewellers can create such intricate items with metal and precious gems.

Anyways reading from other blogs online, they don't share the same love for it as I do. I guess it can be a love hate design, and fragrance is a personal thing. But then again I am a sucker for faeries and all things shiny and artsy.

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First family roadtrip
Sunday. 9.28.08 12:30 am
It is pretty late to be typing this entry, because it will be about the 3 days that my family went on our first road trip down the WA south west coast. I thought it would never happen, but alas I made it HAPPEN! It was one of the points on my 'things to do list 2008'. F wasn't too excited about it, considering he has only a few more weeks til the end of uni...and he has a few projects to complete.

However I thought the family needed to get away from the city, the house etc...and just enjoy the country and each others company. We had a long car ride down to Margaret River, it must have taken us about 6 hours. We left at 9:15am and arrived 3:30pm...but we stopped along the way to check out Serpentine Dam, had lunch, also went to Bunbury Beach and bought some Fudge in Cowaramup. I was easily excited by the sight of cows, sheep and green fields with flowers. It was a sight for sore 'city' eyes....as I had the window down to smell the fresh country air.

Sofia was very good on the way, she slept when she needed, stayed up to listen to our ipod tunes, munch on biccies. It was when we spent our first night at Riverview Tourist Park in M.River that she was very happy and hyperactive. It was like she had learnt a lot that day and was on a high! We ate out for dinner at Good Fellas, had a nice smokey woodfired pizza with a fresh caesar salad to compliment. It was nice to have a the sun shining through the clouds and a soft drizzle, cuz it made the whole experience that more 'country'.

Next morning we headed out to the wineries, choc factory, cheese factory and had a mega BIG sundae at Simmo's in Dunsborough. It was a jam-packed day which didn't see us in Mandurah until 7pm. But yes I got a lil tipsy from the Peacetree winery and rocked up red faced at the choc factory. The chocs there were a rip off!! But I have to say the rocky road was the BEST I have ever tasted! The cheese I was much happier with the price...I have turned into a cheese freak all of a sudden, got a chance to indulge in brie and chedder with peppercorns! YUM!

We stayed at the Quest Apartments in Mandurah, and they were beautiful. F was happy to have a kingsize bed, as Sofia snuggles in between. The thing about it was, it was fully equipped, kitchen had everything, bathroom fully stocked, it was the best accomodation I have been to in ages :) We had a cooked meal and stayed in to relax. Sofia was walking around everywhere, and I could tell she was in holiday mood cuz she was so excited and happy.

Last day we went down to the boardwalk in Mandurah and had lunch. It was beautiful weather there, so sunny and warm. It was a nice way to finish up the roadtrip. Then it took us 1 hour to get home, and the grandparents were so happy to see their lil meimei (Sofia's nick) in the end. F said the next time he will be organising the road trip because he thought this was too short and we were rushing around a lot with no time to relax. I will leave it up to him to do better. Hehe. A roadtrip is meant to be 'on the go' though!! But I think next time it will be just me and him, adults only fun..hehe cuz it was hard to go to wineries when we had Sofia with us.

Anyways...Hope you all had a pleasent weekend too :)

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An 'irregular' week
Sunday. 9.21.08 10:49 pm
Ever since Tiff got back to Perth things have been swinging strangely. My life is back to before, being full of variety and not the usual daily grind. I guess having her around makes me want to do things that I am interested in, instead of always putting it aside and saying I'll do that later.

This week I went to Top Image hairdressers in Wintrop after work on Wednesday and did a few hours of traineeship being a hairdresser. It has always been something I like doing but could never learn because everyone thought it would be a waste to have a career in hairdressing! Anyho...I went, the boss actually likes me and wants me to work for him...but I forgot to drop mention that I already have a full time job that pays bigger bucks. He said I could drop by anytime to learn for free. Tiff got a free haircut and blow dry from me..hehe I learnt how to wash hair, massage, blow dry straight and how to cut layers. The worse part of it was standing up for hours... But it was worth it, I learnt so much. I told F about it and he supports me, but I think I would be selfish in ditching my career at DIAC and taking up the traineeship under ANDREW the hairdresser.

Also I had my interview for the OHS & Rehab officer. It is for a promotional position. I was quite nervous, cuz I don't know what the job actually involves for I went for the interview any...cuz it was HR. Maybe I should just stop pursuing HR...in my group of friends, Mel has successfully broken into the private HR sector and for me to become another HR person would be so boring. I like to think in my group of friends we each have our different fields that we can share.

Yesterday night, I went clubbing with Tiff. I wasn't too psyched about it, because it was raining but I thought I HAD to take her out cuz she won't get a chance to wiggle it in Indo. hehe. Anyways she invited her Indo friend Nuka (who is also married with 2 kids) along and we decided to hang out at the RUby Room. It has been a while since I have been clubbing and having a late night out with the girls. Tiff brought along her bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila and some lemon slices, after a few shots in the car we were just buzzing. I haven't drank spirits in a while and by the time we were inside we were jumping around the dance floor. It was crazy, cuz we found ourselves dance battling out with another group of young people. It was hilarious! Soon the layers of clothing were coming off cuz it felt like a rave party. Plus some guy was walking around with a hand written note 'lighten up princess' and gave us a high five cuz we were doing just that! OMG..but I am so lucky I had my wedding ring on, cuz I had a great time dancing not having to worry about sleazy men crack onto me. Poor Nuka and Tiff had to fight them off haha. WEll I hope it was the wedding ring that kept them away or my crazy look. lol.

I was just glad to come back to my hubby who was still awake at 1:30, playing his DS and my baby girl was fast asleep. I had also been stressing all weekend about finding accomodation for our short trip away next long weekend, but managed to get a call from Mandurah to say they had a spot. PHEW!

But yes I am so happy to be able to drink again (but I don't do it often), cuz I only recently stopped breastfeeding a month ago. But I noticed I have gotten a bit chubbier, and I am happy about that :) I actually have a butt now! Instead of a flat board haha.

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Buzzing weekend
Sunday. 9.7.08 11:56 pm
It is rather late to be updating my blog, but I just got back from busy day full of father's day celebrations. I really don't want to go to work tomorrow, but I have to. *bleh* I guess cuz Steve won't be in for 2 weeks and I feel as if I have to do my duties as a ASP4, acting APS5 and fill in APS6. LOL! So it will be a very interesting fortnight. Plus there is a new member joining team SMU...I hope she will fit in ok. We are a very funny bunch and it does take a particular sense of humour to fit in with the group logistics.

Dunno whether I mentioned this, but I tried ONCE again for the APS5 HR position at work, emailed it on Friday afternoon. It was an 'expression of interest'. Don't really care how I go...just that I put in that application and we shall see. Honestly won't be upset if I don't get it, cuz things have been buzzing in SMU and I wouldn't mind staying. Then again...HR is what I studied. I need to know how the practical side is and then I will make up my mind whether I want to make a career out of it.

Anyho...it has been a busy weekend. Tiff arrived in Perth on Thurs. She is only staying for a month, but it gives her a good break away from her dad's electrical business back in Indo. Poor girl...flat off her feet. But she can't help being a workaholic, cuz when she touched down in Perth the next thing you know it she is applying for some casual work to do whilst she is on hoiday. Hehehe. Can't blame her, the $AU is just so strong...and it would definitely help when she goes back to Indo.

Father's day was so-so. F wasn't feeling too well, and my family is disgorganised as usual so we didn't go for yumcha like we planned in the morning. So we got some KFC and brought it home to eat for lunch. In the evening we went to F's mum's house and they had a great home cooked meal there. It was nice to spend time over there, Sofia took her time walking around everywhere. But we got home late and I was grumpy and tired. Really hate late nights out...I'm old. haha. It was funny today, I had bought my dad a Remington ear/nose/eyebrow trimmer and my older bro bought the same! GEEZ... we should really communicate to avoid these things happening. But I haven't seen him a lot lately, since he broke up with his gf he has been spending time on 'him'...that's him in recovery.

And I have been gaining weight again. WOOHOO! Not...now I have to work even harder to maintain it. Cuz I know if I continue to eat the way I do...KFC, Maccas etc..I will definitely pack some on the thighs. Cuz I had recently weighed myself on WiiFit and gained 1.4kgs in 3 months. Not bad cuz I am still in the 'ideal' range.

F has also started a blog, he has finally done it after many times I have bugged him to try it out. It will be his way of writing whatever he likes and vent if he is frustrated. However, I dunno now...cuz he spents a whole lotta time on the computer as he is blogging an entry every day! I guess when you don't plan a time to blog, and blog randomly, it is actually more interesting and something to look forward to. Ahhh...see how he goes...and he chose livejournal. *boooooooo*. NUTANG RULES! ANyways...will post up his link soon.

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Cooking is HOT!
Wednesday. 9.3.08 6:30 PM
I have really developed a passion for cooking in the past 6 months. I spend most of my free time at home now...so why not make it productive. Save money and thinking up of new recipes to cook. Somehow I find it is quite a euphoric feeling when I am successful at a recipe and other people love the food. Knowing it will be gone in a couple of minutes is so satisfying. That's what drives me and it is becoming my love...

Honestly when I cook, I like to feel everything with my hands. Let the textures flow over my palms, to feel the hot and coolness of the ingredients. I kinda become engrossed sometimes, and take herbs and smell them and rub it or tear it so it releases beautiful aromas.

I guess I have become more 'matured' in my manner and attitude towards cooking. I am no longer timid and scared of what I may produce as a result. Just go with the flow...who cares about measurements. Add how much I feel and I am becoming a better chef because of it. If only I could enrol into a proper cooking class to advance my skills better. To become more 'intuned' with my taste sense and to be more adventurous in using unusual and strange ingredients.

I have also taken the building of my new kitchen seriously. I want it to be a place where exotic foods and simple delicious meals are created. I can't wait...I'm getting hot for small appliances (and not that kind!)

However, Fernando is liking my cooking a bit too much! And has yet to prepare a delicious meal while I put up my feet :) This Friday's lunch at work we have to bring in an international dish to share. Should be interesting...can't wait!! So I can make something that others can enjoy.

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