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Age. 30
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. AzN
Location , Australia
School. Other
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sHouT BoX
I have been learning to play the
by Zanzibar
tin whistle
i*ve been watching
by dannixfresh
You, Handmaid*s Tale, and Terrace House. I*m guilty of also watching Vanderpump Rules lol.
by thaitanic
i’m so curious how it ends; i have no idea where they are headed.

by LostSoul13
They*re ending on their own terms, though. Instead of drawing it out too long and then getting canceled.
by thaitanic
i can’t get enough of that show. so sad it’s ending.
I just watched The Good Place again
by Unicornasaurus
The new season is great
anyone binging any shows lately
by thaitanic
or taking up any new hobbies is anyone here
by bauhaus
Hello people!

by renaye
love destiny is awesome.

by ThisCharmingMan
how are ya now?

by LostSoul13
I had some left over sushi from dinner last night and chocolate cake
mini corn dogs
by thaitanic
oatmeal cream pie

by randomjunk
I just ate a fried egg on toast.
HEyyyyy everybodyyyy
by Zanzibar
What are you all eating today? I am eating an apple at the moment.
I*m conflicted about inviting more
by randomjunk
people, because I think it*s still advertised that Nutang pays for blogging when it actually doesn*t anymore, and I don*t want to mislead anyone.
MoRe WaCkY sOnGs AnD pOeMs
Saturday. 4.23.05 12:10 am
[refer to vegemite song]

we're happy lil condoms we come in a pack of six
u buy them from the chemists n put them on ur dicks
then u do a hundred push ups and then u hear a pop
out pops lil frankie with a ten metre cock

[refer to jack n jill song]

jack and jill went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water
jack came down with a frown
cos jill had fucked his mother

[jack and jill ramble]

jack and jill went up the hill
jack was smoking marajuana
jack asked jill if she took he pill
jill said yes so jack went up her dress
and did the hanky panky
and out popped lil frankie

[beginning to earth]

in the beginning god finished
wiped his hand on the damp cloud
and blew into man
man didnt wake up
god checked his instruction book
found that he had left out the tail
hastily, wrecklessly, god glued it on the wrong side
man woke up at the sight of eve
and god was already forgotten

[mary doesnt only have a lamb]

mary had a lil lamb she also had a duck
she took them round the corner to teach them how to
fry some eggs for breakfast fry some eggs for tea
the more u eat the more u drink the more u need to
peter had a boat the boat began to rock
up jumped jaws and bit off his
cock tail ginger ale 40¢ a glass
if u dont like em , shove em up ur
assk no questions tell no lies
i saw the boogy man doing up his
flies are bad mosquitoes r worse
this is the end of my silly lil verse

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aths carnival / wtf`ness i fell off da bus seat!
Friday. 4.22.05 5:51 am
assuming that jono would arrive at flinders at 8.... we all waited at flinders for him.. but no.. he LAGGED.. and turned up at 8 15!! so everyone (emma victor jono helen aurora) all walked me to school .. the only person who kept up with my pace was surprisingly jono... considering that he lagged his way to flinders i thought that he would gradually make his way to uni high with me ... then arriving at 8 45 ... i had to leap up 3 flights of stairs and nearly slipped cos my jeans were so long and i didnt have a friggin belt on me either!... neways... aths carnival was betta than i thought... i thought it'd be boring... like nothing to do... and shit.. yeh.. but i was entertained but adrian oli tim and weidi... we played many games of big 2... i won... by playign open handed... everyone saw my cards... but i still won... then i play properly.. without showing my cards.. and i lost... wth`ness man... neways... then i got bored so went to eat for an hr... then joined steven and co for many games of big 2... heheheh... was funny... best game = cheat .. rofl hahahah... XD

on da 754 bus in da arvo.. emma and i were amused by the A2 project poster paper i had... it was quite.. weird and funny... and as i was lying down on the bus seat... i cleverly fell off it >.< thats all i'll say!

song dedicated to john:

humpty dumpty fucked a fat whore
humpty dumpty blew on the floor
all the kings horses and all the kings men
bent the bitch over and fucked her again

-.- i'll tell ya more lataz

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FrEnCh OrAl
Thursday. 4.21.05 4:49 am
*bill, tim, weidi and i walk into lib at lunch time*

weidi: [takes book from shelf]

me: thats a good book.. u should read it

*dom comes along to us from bhind the lib*

bill: where were u? why r u here? u seen oli and bea?

dom: yeh they're in teh quiet area [pointing to back of the lib]

bill n i: oooohhh what r they doing in the quiet area?

dom: hahah..... they're doing 'french oral'

everyone else: ewww... hahahahhahahaha

....later on in sess 6......

*bea sits in class with a teddy on her table*

ailin: bea why do u have a teddy bear?

bea: cos i had to do a french oral assessment with it

me: ... eww... [no comment]

everyone: HAHAHAH

ok... neways... mike was feeling quite guilty afterwards... so randomly.. he picked my up after school... quite a surprise!! bleh... doesnt take away my pissed`ness and im still quite annoyed at the fact that im in more pain... from too much stretching... and from yesterday -.-! ... i guess i've cooled... so not really pissed at mike... i spose he can make up for it... but dunno what he can do to make up for it .... hmm... maybe i can think of soemthign evil... heheheh [chuckles]

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Wednesday. 4.20.05 5:35 am
stupid way back on da train... stupid mike and james were being their immature selves... mike trying to keep james on the train... and not let him off at mt waverley... so he decided to squash james into the corner of the six seats we occupied... UNFORTUNATELY... i happened to sit on the outside seat of the three... beside me was that mike who was squashing james against the wall hoping he wont be able to get off at mt waverley... i tried ignoring their childish`ness by talking to emma... i was quite unaware of what was happening beside me... by words of emma and bianca.... this is what happened.... james sat himself in a 90 ° angle so his feet were against the wall of the train... the he sprang back... with such great force, mike who is so much weaker got pushed over by james and ended up pushing into me... kinda like dominoes cept sitting... so i went weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and onto the floor.... SO BLOODY RANDOM AND UNEXPECTED!! yes... quite the shock....i sat on the floor laughing to tears and as a result couldnt get up... even john who is like the MATURE one outta the lot of us laughed!... so emma tried to help me up and realised im not as light as i look... so with john's assistance... i got up... but couldnt stand... so ended up on emma's lap... then she tried getting me up.. which once again was unsuccessful so i ended up on mike!! wtf`ness!!! then i got up and fell AGAIN in the pile of school bags and squished emma's bear keyring thingy ma bub... <--- is sore >.<

getting onto the bus was quite normal... it wasnt until then when i started to notice my ass was in pain... neways... got on and sat settled down from laughter... then cheryl and her bf got on!! bloody hell man... they were making out alla way back!! and this guy was watching them... he turned his head back and watched them the whole time!! i wonder if he got a sore neck from that?! so i came to the conclusion that he prolly watches porn... so he watches ppl make out on public transport... -.-!

i officially dont like mike nemore.. if he bloody attacks me again or annoys me... I WILL RETALIATE... even if my ass is still sore and im handicapped

-.- yeh yeh laugh laugh... but it mite happen to u one day so u betta keep quiet and be careful!

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BaCk 2 SkOoL ^.-"
Monday. 4.18.05 4:35 am
ok.... so first daii back.... not too bad i guess...... hehehe emma was certainly awake this morning... unlike other mornings where she would be half deadish... still trying to wake up or bored or wateva..... she was HIGH .... weeeeeeeeee... we all know why... hehehehe .... coughvictorcough..... hehehhehe ... neways... got to flinders........ mike once again, unsurprisingly made a fool of himself talking to me:

mike: ...(blah blah blah) sister (refering to me as his 'sister')
me: i thought i disowned you ages ago
mike: yeh then u also reowned me ages ago
me: yeh and im quite sure i've disowned u some time ago as well
mike: oh yeh
me: yeh thats right mike
mike: yeh.... im no longer ur sister
me: sister?? HAHAH!!!

yeh school.... very umm.... normal... cept i dunno what happened to me!! im actually working! and kinda starting to study for tests! and kinda practising pno more! even ailin is surprised!... hmm speaking of ailin....
in maths.... some special guy sat next to her... SHE DIDNT EVEN TALK TO HIM!! ailin wadda heck is wrong with u? neways... he asks to borrow her calculator... so she lends him hers... then uses mine.... i dont mind that...but at least u can bloody take the opportunity to talk to him!! [sigh]

bleh.... neways... after school was normal... got squished on da tram... yeh then got the train... then did nothing... the talked to nish on da bus... then got back quite early... so got home and spent an extra 15 mins eating =D

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Holidays are almost over ^^
Friday. 4.15.05 1:14 am
damn this boringness... life is so boring i dont even know what to put in here to make it interesting/appealing nemore! hmm.... well lesse.... went to c ring 2 yesterday... so wasnt scary!! it was very lame... and because it was lame.. if turned out funny.... somehow.... heheheh neways... wat so write..... mmm ahh i know
ATTENTION ALL!! umm ... Emma s2 Victor and guess what?? Victor s2 Emma ... is nething happening?? who knows? I KNOW!! hehe but god damn it im not allowed to say... neways... thats life!

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[No SuBjEcT]
Saturday. 4.9.05 5:55 am

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MoSt LiVeLy 24 HoUrS sO fAr ThIs HoLiDaYz
Thursday. 4.7.05 6:19 am
last night... kim came over... and stayed over... we didnt do much.... and its true... yes, there is nothing wrong with lesbianity but i dont want her that bad.. lol... and vice versa... heheh... i wouldnt cheat on sylvia! LOL... neways... yeh.. sleep over... then today we went to state lib and did 'work' [cough] along with like 15 others... we so got work done... LOL ... i actually managed to get half my sac done actually... surprising indeed... then we went to mc for lunch... which i only 3/4 finished... bleh.... then got the most disgusting lucky cup i ever had in my life... watermelon... thats just an advice for everyone else out there... i like watermelon lollypops i like watermelon itself... but that watermelon lucky cup was shit! even emma and brendan agreed with me!... then we went to msac... where everyone played table tennis whilst i played cards... spit with eugene ROFL... was fun... very funny too... hehehhehehehe..... then came home... it was quite and entertaining day... felt like 2 hrs...but was 6 hrs or so ... if only everyday of the holidays can be like that...

---SoMeThInG rAnDoM tHaT mIkE sAiD---

Mikee says:
sum guy in swimmin 2dai got an easta egg stuffd down his ass
Mikee says:
it was so funni
Mikee says:
and then the egg went in part way....
Mikee says:
and then.....we gave it 2 sum1 to eat...
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
Mikee says:
it was pretti funni
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
Mikee says:
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
Mikee says:
we didn't tell the person till afta ward
Mikee says:
Mikee says:
gonna try it on wum1 at skool now
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
Mikee says:
Mikee says:
u noe wat u do...
Mikee says:
u stuff it down they're batha's...
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:
or not
Mikee says:
then....u slap they're ass realli hard where the bulge is standing out...
Mikee says:
dat way...the egg will fly up the A-hole
Mikee says:
nice yea
Mikee says:
Mikee says:
then....the victime has to manualli pick it out of they're ass
♥Lι Lм ε L♥ - - [quotez bill: i wet my bag] - - [好闷啊! 就快死人啦!] - - says:

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