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12 Hours Of Visiting
Monday. 2.9.09 5:19 pm
Yesterday was exhausted. I went out with my family for about 12 hours, broke record for short journey. We went to someone's wedding party and got there by 2, so yes, it was lunch time. It was kind of weird because we used to go this kind of party at night, this time was totally different. Between, it was extremely HOT when we came out from the restaurant, I must say. Due to the hot weather, I was sweating all over and my body was sticky. I needed a nice long shower right away!

Next we went to visit an uncle at their shop, he is one of my grandma's relatives. So his wife was there. I thought she was quite friendly at first. She treated us well, we chatted and of course she gave us "Hong Bao" (This moment was probably the moment we had expected for :D). At the beginning was still okay, but she was too over after some time. What she told us was all her good expirences, none of her bad things were talked. Later, I found out she was worse than I thought before through the adults. I was thinking about when she was going to finish and I was like -"Can we go now? I want to go home." We stayed there for 2 hours I think. It was not a good condition to listen to those speakers when you were impatient.

Then we went to visit another relative in Teluk Intan. It had been years since we never been there. We have quite a lot of relatives in Teluk Intan so would spend more time there yesterday. Now this relative is quite close to us. We also spent many hours in a pleasant conversation. It was about 4 hours. It simply longer than the previous relative though I like this relative more than the other. We are so close and we are so happy so see each other. Although we had talked about the goods and the bads but the conversation between us was pleasant. I learned a lot of valuable lessons through their conversation as they talked about their past experiences and discovered many truths that I never knew previously. I was kind of shocked of some of the turths. Anyway, hopefully, all the bad lucks will go and the good ones will come to us.

Well, the journey hadn't finished yet. Our last stop was went to my mum's sister there and sat for another hour. It was already late at night and we got back home at around 1.30. So we spent about 12 hours in Teluk Intan yesterday. --Broke record :)

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That Is Life
Sunday. 2.8.09 1:46 am
After 12 hours of gathering, we're now home at 1.46. After taking a hot shower, I feel especially relax. I'm sitting on my bed at the moment and listening to the radio as well. I close up my eyes, I turn on the fan and I enjoy the radio at the same time. After working out hours of energy, it's time to take a long breath and I feel it really good. I love enjoying the cold silent night.

Once I close up my eyes, I turn out never forget many things -Friends I have ever met; Songs I have ever heard; Stuffs I have always been thirsty for as well as things I have ever gone through recently. While thinking deeper, life is just simple. Books, interests, jobs, marriage, family, travel around the world and finally pass away. Many of us had made things truly complicated, life can be really simple if we follow the life-rules.

Friend, be yourself and this is your world.

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Sometime Friend
Friday. 2.6.09 10:06 pm
Oh.. I've always wanted to write about him. His name is Kwang Fai and he is one of my friend during primary school. We're in the same age. I'm currently in Form 5 and he's in Form 4 right now. Feeling odd? Now I'm going tell you why we used to be a good friend but we don't now -it might be the reason WHY.

Let's go back to 2004. It was quite a long holidays in the end of the year and we were I was turning to Form 1. , he was unfortunate to get it and needed to make another year for that.

One afternoon, he invited me to join him for a badminton game. I had rejected his invitation though -for a few times. I didn't say ANYTHING and I didn't ANYONE, I just didn't feel like going out and I didn't like sport. That was it, he thought I despised him. NO! I DID'T MEAN TO.

Another friend of mine -Reyvent had once told me, he asked him to invite me again to join them for another game after that. You may ask why he wanted to do so. He wanted to test whether I was escaping him. If I'd accepted that invitation, that means I was getting rid of Kwang Fai; If I'd not, that means I wasn't getting rid of him. Reyvent didn't mean to do what he was asked at last. He didn't want to betray me. To be honest, I would still reject that game no matter who because I didn't feel like going out and sweating through under the sun. I didn't mean what he was thinking at all. That was just all his unnecessary ideas.

So now we were in the same high school, called S.M.K. Hamid Khan. Guess what he did when he saw me and his other old classmates. For example, he reversed when he saw us (he was probably finding some way to escape us) OR he walked even faster and showed us his dissatisfactory on his face -just like this morning. He is unwilling to talk to us until this day. These conditions have been lasted for 5 years. It is 5 whole years!

An ignorant misunderstanding could bring so much problems. What for? Now tell me why. -No one knows I guess.

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Chinese New Year 2009
Monday. 2.2.09 10:04 pm
It was running too fast, one week of holidays and CNY had just slipping away. School was just about reopened today, teachers were starting to give us tons of rubbish works.

2009's CNY was about boring actually. Firstly, I hadn't been to much places although all of my relatives were come back for reunion. I was probably watching TV, sitting and eating around at home. One thing I didn't like was I went to my mum's relatives' there and I was completely scared by my mum when she asked me to stay overnight at their house. I had told my mum NOT TO DO that before we went there, but she let me down at the end.

Secondly, I was unfortunate to fall sick. I wonder why. I just wanted to grow stronger. I ate as much as I can during the CNY. So you know what happened then. I ate too much and got violent indigestion. My stomach was hurt at the beginning. Then I got fever and it took about two days to recover. I want to give a big thank you to my mum as she looked after me for the night. And also my sister, thank you for sending me to the doctor (although he merely gave me advices that I heard since when I was younger and simply rip my RM35 off ). I guess she was quite tired because she had just come back from her university. Thank you! You must read my blog, Janet!

Thirdly, I hadn't received any "red pocket"(it) from my parents and uncles. This is because my grandma had just left us. So based on our Chinese tradition, we can't put any decorations in our house and we can't take it within this year. Honestly, I want it so that I can use it OR make it as a savings since my mum doesn't usually give me pocket money.

As a result, I can feel the CNY mood is getting less each year. I don't think it would be a CNY next year, it might be a year just for reunion.

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Sen Nin Fai Lok
Sunday. 1.25.09 10:34 pm

好快啊,又是2009年啦!今年是牛年,亦都是 --唔是我的年。唔知屬猴的我今年的運程好不好呢?



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