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Mon meilleur ami.
Thursday. 11.19.09 8:14 pm
I probably spelled the title wrong.

"[But] If you tame me, we'll need each other. You will be unique in the world for me, and I will be unique in the world for you."

I don't know why this quote stood out to me so much. Or why I'm posting it everywhere in places like Facebook and AIM and my blogs and such. But it just...gets to me. I understand it.

Today my ring broke. It was a "negativity" ring I bought at the Renaissance festival about a month ago. The vendor told me that the ring supposedly collected negativity, and when all the negativity was gone, the ring would break.

Today I was talking, apparently I was very animated with my hands, and I slapped one hand to the other, and my ring broke into three pieces.

It ended up being a great day.

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I'd never been more terrified in my life
Wednesday. 11.18.09 8:37 pm
I went on a day trip to see my boyfriend this weekend (which by the way, was pretty amazing, but that's another story) and I basically sped the entire way. The speed limit ranged from 60 to 70 mph. The entire time I went from 80-90 mph.

Well, on the way back to my home town, I'm about maybe half an hour away. I'm going fast in the fast lane and there's a lot of traffic. My radio is up loud so I can stay awake, when I see the flashing blue lights. A police car. Coming up. Right behind me. Right on my ass. Beeping his horn.


I start pulling over, and the police car speeds past me.

Scariest moment of my life.

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Blog in general.
Monday. 11.9.09 9:23 pm
I want more piercings.
I want to get my nose pierced, and not just wear a stud, but be able to pull off a ring too.

And I want more ear piercings.
And a belly button ring.


Also, I'm STILL debating whether I should graduate early or not. I only have two months left to decide.

On the one hand, I need to graduate early and work a second job to start saving up and help pay for college.

On the other hand, if I stay in school second semester, I can get three hours of English and three hours of Science out of the way. That will add to my three hours of Social Studies.


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So school equals stress.
Sunday. 11.8.09 11:32 pm
At least for tonight.
I always worry myself about not getting exactly eight hours of sleep or more.
Probably not a good thing.

But I've lost my calculator, TI-86 Plus, and I need it for math homework.
So, math homework is out.
Plus, that math homework was supposed to help me study for a quiz tomorrow morning.
Math quiz = fail.
Also since I worked all weekend, I haven't had time to do my project due tomorrow second block.
Piece of shit? Check.

I suppose it's better than nothing. I don't even know why I'm talking about this to you. I'm tired and I wanted to post a blog.

Goodnight all!

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I'm feeling a lot better.
Tuesday. 11.3.09 5:26 pm
And things are worth it, I think.

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Sunday. 11.1.09 8:56 pm
Sometimes I wonder if anything is really worth it, in the end.

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