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About Me:
Hi2U. I am just a 17yr old kid who is just like any other teen you can find in your neighbourhood. This is my weblog which you are viewing. I think that behind every cool kid there is a weblog. Really! =))

I would not want you to call me an eavesdropper thus just take it that im listening to some emo/punk-rock music instead of conversation between the maid-next-door flirting with her bangla boyfriend.

I have a strong objection against people who thinks i am of bankrupt intellect so i am listing a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here even though i may or may not read some of them.

Since I can’t list my porn collection here, I’ll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.

I heard noises.
Friday. 6.22.07 6:14 am
Lets see, Tuesday - Friday has been rather busy for a holiday compared to my last week of holidays...

Tuesday June 19th.

Super-Teen camp first day. I went to resource. First time i met Philibert. As usual Peter is there together with Ernest. Philibert bears 90% resemblance to my cousin thats why since few years back i took notice of him in the camp. The school they held the camp is at Xinmin Secondary. Quite far from my house but the bus ride is still do-able. Probably 40 minutes, inclusive of changing bus one time. Xinmin Secondary is quite huge for a secondary school. Their parade square is 2-3 times my secondary school's but for the others they are all roughly about the same. The school is fine, lots of female teachers ( young and nice), spacious. They only have one major problem. My bladders almost burst while looking for a toilet. Damn its so far and dilapidated, hidden in a corner. =(( Once on my adventure to seek for a toilet, i chance upon a door, there is a tag written Air Rifle Range. I was like Oh My. I never seen one in school before. The school's on the west side dont have air rifle such stuffs. I almost joined NCC just to go to firing range like 2 times in a year but its kinda ridiculous. Basically nothing much about the camp. Ernest, Peter give their talks and at times Philibert, then all i do is the admin stuffs and do my projects and listen to songs and stone. When i got home i was rather excited about the air rifle thing and told yuguang. Only then i realised its a common thing for school's in that area. He told me his school pump 10k every month for that activity.

The table is there, the balls is there, the talent is there (eh joking), all that is needed is a coach and and things would be different. The PE head of department told me to go get a coach myself and then register that as my cca and represent school but the FEEL of a whole team isnt there. The idea is dumbfuck. Bleah.

Wednesday 20th June

Basically same as what i did on tuesday except towards the end of the days there are some funny things. Philibert was like talking to his girlfriend on msn then he showed me the Paris Effiel Tower restaurant menu ( He intends to dine there with his gf before he returns to UK to study. He is a MOE scholar, paid 1000pounds per month to study, good? yeah. brilliant.), then we look at the menu. WAH the food is very very very expensive. 20 Euros for just a piece of meat. He said he is starting to save from that day onwards. HEH. I think its worth it also. Eat with your gf at Effiel Tower. Hmmm! Then got home around 10plus. SMS came " Eh, tomorrow Dr and I TON(means sleepover) at your house arh" . Then i thought. Orh okay lor. Nothing much on Thursday anyway.


Went to sell my Pokemon cards to this funny guy at Dover Mrt at 2pm. then Met Joshua to eat at the hawker near the MRT, Jumbo there. The western is WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WHA WHA WAH! SIMPLY WAH! LIKE WAH! LIKE DAMN WAH! ok. Late for 1hr to meet Yuguang and Dringren. Talked with joshua until i lost track of the time. Then 3 of us walk walk walk then go bugis see see walk walk play play. Then we went to eat wanton noodles opposite the National Library there. It's delicious. Then they came over to my place, it was already 8 plus. We played Playstation, Computer, play and play and play until 11.20pm. THEN THE FEEL CAME! CHIONG ARHH! PRATA at Thomson. 3 of us go take the last bus all the way to Thomson and eat. LOL! Dingren First time there! Our aim is to bring him go eat thats why decided to stayover at my place for the night. When he ate the Cripsy Prata, his face is full of ecstacy. ROFL. He said ' If you didn't come here and eat the prata before, you you you ..." . He crazy already. When i first brought Yuguang there he also same reaction. HAH! ( I saw a mazda RX-7. The owner made it look exactly like the one used in Initial D). We chill there until 1.30 am Then no choice, share cab went home. The whole night Yuguang and Dingren play the Fifa Street Soccer 2 until damn FEELING. At times i also play but mostly let them play cause i can play anytime i want. All the footwork, tricks then score beautifully. Play until 7am! LOL! then slowly all start to fall asleep until 2pm! Suppose to go Ya-Kun Toast for breakfast at 8am but all slept at 7plus.

Friday 22nd June

Woke up at 2pm cuz i heard noises from my room, i was sleeping in my parents room because 2 big boys are on my bed and my parents already woke up and they saw me sleeping on my table so my mum asked me to sleep on her bed.
Dingren shouted AAAAHHHH!!! I woke up 5mins after the AH thing because i was kinda tired. They woke up half hour earlier than me. 2 Big boys on a bed with an AAAAHHHHHH sound. I don't wanna imagine things but ITS HARD YOU KNOW! When i open the door, Dingren's first response is, we didnt do anything. LOL! and naturally i believed them.. We play the Fifa street again. 3 of us. until 4plus then we went Far East to eat Chicken Rice then all go home.
Oh and also, Both of them kept playing with my dog. and MR GOO took a picture of her cause he likes the way my dog raises her ear.

Daryl is suppose to come and borrow a spare keyboard to use but he is like MIA.
I am about to go meet Weiyi they all at Parklane to play. MUST MAKE FULL USE of my remaining 2 days of school holiday. >.<


In case you guys are wondering why my posts rarely have pictures is because my phone has no camera! haha. When i got my current phone i thought it was quite cool. Then once i borrowed a phone to use with camera i suddenly felt unsafe. =// i don't know why. Maybe in near future i will change one with camera but i will still keep my current phone because national service can't bring camera phone man....

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How you dispose your bra?
Wednesday. 6.20.07 11:05 am
Girls, Ladies, What did you do to the unwanted Bras that once grace your chest? Apparently one lady flushed it down the toilet and screwed up the sewer system. I have no idea whether is she dumb or she has no cow-sense at all. Funny piece of news. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/6766657.stm

Damn tired from the two full days of Super-Teen camp. Especially its situated at Xinmin Secondary School. FAR FAR FAR.

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Why are the nights so young all the time.
Wednesday. 6.13.07 3:23 pm
The nights always crawl. Actually suppose to play gunbound with victor but he ended up with his nightly DotA activity. Been like almost a year since i last touched Gunbound but oldschool tatics in that game still wins! i still kickass though i have really lost touch. Kept missing alot of shots. Gunbound also not as popular as last time. The population drop by more than half which are still playing.

Watched Tv and more tv and more and more tv just to waste the nights. School Holidays has arrived, thats when nights are boring when you know you can sleep late. Hmmm... thus i decided to try out the Photoshop CS3. Though i had it on my computer for sometime but exams period are near and i had no time to play around. I created a newspaper layout (My first time also) based on my friend's birthday recently. Hope its still presentable. IMO it's still very not refine-d.

Here you go.

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Want to sell Gaming Keyboard and Mousepad
Monday. 6.11.07 6:39 am
I want to sell my Saitek Eclipse and Razer Exact Mat mousepad.

The keyboard is in cood condition maybe except for the Control button which is sometimes rather hard to press for unknown reasons. Also what makes this keyboard so STRONG is that i used it to kill many Big bosses in World of Warcraft too. Revanche's first Ragnaros, Razagore, Nefarian, AQ20 Full clear, Karazhan's Prince. Also this keyboard has killed many alliance with the button '4' thats my I WIN BUTTON (earth shock). My '1' button also what makes my keyboard glow. It has accumulated 12379328434590380458 healing done. =DD

Also i wanna sell the mousepad Razer Exact Mat

The mouse pad is in brand new mint condition. Never used before. Somehow i got it. Nope not shoplift neither did i steal.

LELONG ARH! Open to singaporeans only because i am lazy to go to the post office.

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Crazy Solitare
Thursday. 6.7.07 5:21 pm
51 Seconds clear Solitare BY MR HUANG DING REN, fan of Fei Yu Qing!!!!!

Dingren is crazy. Lol. He broke his own personal best in the library when we were all about to go home.

Game: Solitare, 51secs
Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic Library
Tools: YG's laptop with low sensitivity, DR's mouse.

Suppose to be a day where we study WDA but i dont know why he end up breaking records...

I think DR has no life in the past. He said he went to train... zzZ

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Monday. 6.4.07 10:13 pm
Your wanted list is FLAWed.

1. $429 for that DELL 19" monitor is not worth it. $469 can get you Samsung 20" widescreen one. Definitely worth your balls to get it.

2. That Saitek Eclipse Keyboard is not the one i have currently. Also not as pretty even though its a later version. Then also my Ctrl button sometimes will not be as responsive thats why i willing to let go at $50.

3. Your mouse Krait. $49 is worth the money but i think if long term might as well spend abit more to get DeathAdder for $89 or Copperhead for $99.

4. $600 budget right. Amd Athlon X2, one cheapest motherboard, 1gb ram probably around $300. Then with the left over 300 dollar can get a rather good graphics card already. Geforce 7x series.

The widescreen will let you watch your 12389712390483gb of ANIME till you die on the spot, becuase Widescreen for watching videos is the best and for some games. The graphics card change will be hell and heaven difference. You would have thought A FIREBALL IS GONNA HIT YOU but then you realise its just a game.

Heh. all these things make me look so geek. But actually i am not a geek. I just happen to know >.>

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