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Horror poems
Wednesday. 11.1.06 12:49 am
I have added horror poetries in my Reading area. Be warned, I wrote these things around 4 to 6 years ago... The same time I was very much into horror movies, they might scare some kids.

I was very much into horror movies, stories, and all the other stuff... Learned my first major lesson - Do not watch the Exorcist, or the Omen, or The Ring, alone...

Do not think about who might appear in your mirror when you shave or brush your teeth

Do not think that someone might stick their hand up your ass from the bowl while taking a crap

Do not think that someone will grab your bedsheets when you sleep

Do not think of funny noises coming out of the sink at night while sleeping

If you do, you will be a pretty messed up person later...

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The Best Comedian
Tuesday. 10.24.06 3:42 am

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Monday. 10.23.06 8:01 am

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Back From Singapore
Sunday. 10.22.06 7:38 am
I'm back, and now busier with work... Some things were realized throughout the trip such as:

- If you're sober and you watch people dance, you may start to realize that everyone has some sort of mental disorder.

But for this fact, it is then realized that they don't actually have a mental disorder, this is what they feel, is the most enjoyable way to dance.

And the person who is sober, is in fact, the one who has a mental disorder for not totally enjoying himself...

- Four days with a totally different group of people can actually change/upgrade your perspective in life. I used to have this benefit when I was in college and in my earlier work years. I just got so comfortable recently being with my usual friends that when I got back to meeting new circles I realized what it used to do for me as a person.

- Some of the most amazing and practical architecture can be found in Singapore and Hong Kong, if you're in Asia. (note the word "Some" which means that other countries would have them as well)

- Singapore Airline's Video on Demand is a Godsend after a couple of white wines while watching an interesting movie.

- Being around greenery can actually relax you, but it is not the color green that relaxes you, it is the environment you're in (being in a nice blue pool, or a nice beach can also relax you, which contradicts the idea that the only reason plants relax us is because of the color green)

- Taxi in Singapore is not too expensive, you may go around and rough it, the whole place is safe.

- This is one of the busier times of the month, as both Diwali and Ramadan are the holidays on focus.

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The Free Will Illusion…
Tuesday. 10.17.06 7:48 am
The Basic Idea

It is a wonderful dilemma bestowed upon us. Think about it. We are told that we all have total control over our decisions. We control what happens and effects are thus calculated and estimated accordingly. We can manipulate, change, or do other things otherwise. We are all so “Special” since we have many choices to choose from, compared to the animal instincts. We can choose to eat or not if we are hungry, drink or die of thirst, and so on. But is it really free will? There is still a concept that our future is written. How do you do that when you have free will? To know your future and what you have to do it has to be expected already. Your decisions are all fixed and set before you commit to them. Does this all still make sense? Let’s take a step further

Culture Culture Culture

On a general term, culture is the way we do things, but it gets to the color or expression of our identity, all to the last drop of our individuality. People can expect you to do things because they know your characteristics. There is a tendency for us to have a type of taste, action, and characteristics, that makes us unique like everyone else. Then you start to realize that hey, your type of people, sharing your favorite songs, like the same type of clothes you like, like the same type of food, and so on, and so forth. Wow, looks like they know what type of music will be bought and what won’t be appreciated, same goes for your choice of food, clothing, and so on. Looks like they have your choices there controlled for you. But let’s take this instance to the next step.

We act based on what we know and what we have experienced. These things have typically become uncontrollables for us. These ideas shape how we think and do things. There are so many subliminal effects out there that we don’t know it is directly influencing us. The Romans believed that Gods influenced them on falling in love and such. What’s the difference with the present? You have the tendency to fall in love with women of such characteristics because of what you might have read, saw, and such. Even when you plan to go against your first idea, all part of it, all calculated.

The story of life has been in motion for millenias in this planet now. Causes and effects are happening ever since it has been there. There is always a chain of events. Small things tend to have this idea of expanding its effect as time passes. These causes makes us do certain things, and so on and so forth. What ever gave us the thought that we actually control destiny? We never did. Gandhi would have had experiences in his life which might have convinced him to be a hero. Same for Hitler and his decision to Germany. The story of their lives caused them to do such. Even our planning was an effect of a cause we might not have known of. Strange as it seems, sorry but we are just running on complicated instincts.

What’s the point?

With this short article which I wrote out of my complicated human instinct, I just want to discuss this idea that we don’t really act on our own. Ever tried to look out of a window on a building in a city? You would notice the same mechanic life that has been going on and on. Life, School, work, marriage and family, retirement, demise. There is the essence of having to survive set in human beings is no difference from that of ants and such. It just looks complicated.

I do not intend to get people to think that they can now slouch off and say “I don’t want to work forever, heck, it is in my instinct after some occurrences in my life causing me to think as such” but I cannot expect what effect will come out. We are all moving as puppets, it is amazing how much we do think we do it on our own. End of the day, the main point of order here is the soul, the real us. Maybe we might have the instinct to seek it, if it was caused for us to do so.

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Concept of Soul and some theories on tradition and prayer
Monday. 10.16.06 1:28 pm

Several things interest me about the soul. Different discussions bring concepts that the soul is inseparable to the human being. People believe that rationality and decision-making comes from the soul. They also believe that what we see and feel now is the soul seeing and feeling. The whole concept of life rests on the idea that it is the soul doing all these things and the mind is a mere memory storage facility.

We have to actually separate the soul from the body, and the soul from the mind, to further understand the soul. The soul does no action, does not feel anything, and is not what we currently feel or see. What we see comes from the fact that our eyes are connected to the brain, and our brain processes images that we see. Processes sound we hear, and even emotions come from mind processing.

How do we decide? How do we act on emotions? How could emotions come from something that does logical computations?

- Our brain has the function to actually take things in a current situation and come up with a decision. The input-processing-output theory gets into place. We have used this concept and put it into computers, which is still millenniums away from human beings.

- In the case of emotions, human beings are programmed to actually react a certain way on situation, this is known as instinct. We learned that crying actually calls for help, which is similar to a dog yelping. The sound we emit when something hurts us (more of a shout) is a needed instinct to call any nearest being to assist us. Further discussion on this is on the Free Will Theory.

- More and more emotions could be discussed, more and more theories could be discussed on how it works and how it is different from our concept that the “soul” is doing this all. But the basics can be looked upon. The brain takes certain needs into consideration for our main goal, survival, and does whatever necessary to achieve survivability. Survivability is a complex situation, it also includes, aside from staying alive, perpetuity. This then brings in a bigger array of needs that has to be fulfilled. We look into being the best and to perpetuate the best. We look at herding, looking at levels, level criteria, and so on and so forth.

- End of the day emotions is another math, it is pre-programmed. It stems from a basic need, a deeper cause. But we don’t really realize it, because we have not put this into words yet. Philosophy puts things we don’t understand into words, then from the unconscious it becomes conscious, it starts to exist to us.

What is the purpose of the soul? It gives each and everyone a destiny. Soul carries the Karma which gives each and everyone a story. It brings us to the concept in the Upanishads on God. Paraphrased, it says “God suddenly existed, and he was scared, for he was alone, but he then, in an instant, realized, that there is no reason to be scared, for there is no one else” and then, taking a paraphrased discussion in God’s Debris “God got bored, there is no challenge being God, you can tell your future, you are already perfect” and thus he created something that tries to perfect itself. HE created the entire universe with its own story. The world is developing, the world is perfecting itself, this, to amuse God, who, without the world, would be bored looking around in darkness, who would be bored for the lack of challenge.

Consider the world and Karma as a room filled with balls. Consider that there is no gravity whatsoever, there is no friction, nothing that would slow the balls down. Imagine them hitting each other, cause and effect, the ripples or effect of hitting certain balls and on and on. At our level, we would find it difficult to actually predict what will the balls hit next. But what if we know the math and science? Then we would know what will happen next. This is just like the same case of human beings where we just don’t understand what will happen next because we don’t have the math, but it is already fixed. We don’t know when we will come out of this room but we will get there, so far we are just going around, hitting and getting hit. Cause and effect.

Another concept would be what is a soul? Soul is God. We are God, not the body, but what plays the story. We just don’t realize this because we are currently the mind, and the mind is so engrossed it forgot it is the soul. Imagine the concept of being so engrossed to a game that you forgot you are there outside, you forgot reality and think you are the character, the same is with the soul. It cannot realize itself while the mind has so many things to process. The mind is a crystal, any color near it, it reflects in its entirety, it would be very difficult for the mind to stay away from any processing and then only realize that there is a soul. In the Upanishads, it was discussed that this concept of death, where as each bodily function shuts down, as the mind lets go of everything, it then sees the soul, or doesn’t, if in its last moments it is still distracted.

Does possession, then, exist? No. Souls don’t carry memories or processing power, a person with another soul would live a different karmic life, but would not think differently, because the soul could not bring in the past stories and put it in the person’s brain. What we think is possession is actually a form of dual personality, but for the third world countries. This would be too complicated to discuss over this article, maybe next time.

On tradition and prayer

Does it help if we pray for someone?

God will not necessarily grant something to someone just because we prayed for that person; it is more on the psychological factor that counts. Like many traditions and prayers, the intention of going through such an extent makes us react differently, or causes subliminal changes. Funerals and such helps comfort people, prayers for world peace shows intention, these prayers and traditions are needed to give reason for people to restrain themselves from committing crimes otherwise uncontrollable. Like previous discussions, Knowledge in itself is just gas, it is the match that is the reason. We all have reasons to let out our rage, vent out our feelings, but that is just one of the options in solving a problem, we needed to give these reasons a negative aspect to stop them from being the best decision to stop something, and this is what religion does for us; it gives us that needed factor. Aside from preventing crime; its prayers raise intentions of peace and affection, and brings in psychological factors to help a person live a happier life. In some cases, it means people have to be left ignorant of the whole concept of rationality and life. Human beings need stories to keep them from finding out the hidden factor, we are all still children and we cannot necessarily accept the above, we cannot accept that our fate is already mathematically computed and set. We cannot accept that prayer won’t do much to the dead but would at least help us sleep at night. We cannot accept that some traditions are there just for the sake of our psychological sanity. We cannot accept that some things are put to existence because we are not capable to decide things on ourselves without leaving a great mess. Let’s face it, God gave us rationality but we are not necessarily prepared for it. We are not prepared to make decision on our own completely. Take away religion and we have chaos. God had to put marriage to instill a family, which will aid in the development and advancement of society. Otherwise, we will have pregnant women all over the place and children left uncared, worse, we wouldn’t really exist.

On science
An abstract to development

With the concept of perfection, it is by instinct of survival that we have to be the best all the time. This concept has brought in what is acceptable, what is being envied, and what is being fought upon.

But perfection of ourselves mean that we should go faster, we should be able to think better, and so on.

Technology is an extension of ourselves. Outside development compensates for what we want to improve on ourselves as human beings. We wanted better communication, better speed, better memory, better strength, and so on. These extensions play the role we need, these tools make us more superior, even if it is not our body. We try to possess more land to play on territorial instinct, but now land has a multiple, which raises a value depending on where the land is, pretty much like the fertility land complex animals play.

Whatever discussed above is merely a means to jumpstart topics for conversation, these topics can span books of thoughts, but it gets boring to type.

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Concept on accident and theory on Déjà vu
Monday. 10.16.06 1:27 pm

In the discussion of the following, I would like to bring in several key concepts that would apply on these ideas. Firstly, the idea of chance means lack of knowledge on variables, control, and other influences on an expected item. To elaborate on this, there is no such thing as a 50/50 in a coin toss. When the coin is on the hand with heads facing up, a full spin will make it heads again, a half spin would make it tails. Spinning would depend on how strong was the effort used to push the coin into the air, how strong was the air, which was the heavier side, and other such factors. Without knowledge of this, we don’t know what to expect. It is through knowledge that we know the effect, the outcome. In some scenarios, we do know someone so well that we know what makes them tick, what makes them happy, or sad. If we are very good we will know what will be the answer or response of that person when a statement is said. But it would be difficult to do so, since we are not with that person all the time, he saw things that would influence him to decide otherwise from what we know. His answer is expected, if we know what factors are involved in what he will say.

Bringing the concept of free will, and the concept described above, how is it possible that accidents don’t happen by chance? Things do happen as predicted, things happen because of oversight and negligence in one of the many factors. For example, A man comes to a Religious channel praising God for saving him from being run-over by a truck. In this situation, he slipped from a banana peel and started darting through the road, but fell on the middle of the road, between the tires of the truck. It does sound all so coincidencial but we didn’t look at the fact that the person was eating a banana 20 minutes ago, has a history of bad shots and bad personal and overall hygiene, tries to shoot the banana peel but misses, and leaves it lying on the floor. The person who was walking was on the phone, distracted by the conversation that he didn’t see the banana peel on the floor. The person slips, but with the angle of the road and the person’s height/weight, the person falls on a certain distance on the road. The truck was actually a container truck who was on a certain lane out of law and habit, this whole string of “coincidences” are controls needed to ensure the idiot’s safety. But aside from this, truck accidents would typically happen due to negligence to change tires, or check on brake pads and such. It is no accident when a certain situation happens frequently, it is negligence. God does nothing of the sort to intervene to some people and let others alone, he would be considered unfair. He has to let all things go and watch from above, let karmas run and let things pay themselves on their own. The story was written a long long time ago, it is a mathematical equation of billiard balls hitting each other when and where and how that is running. It is all pre-programmed. And that is the most amazing thing, that we all have some strange story happening to us as part of the whole mathematical equation God installed in this system we call Earth.

On the system of Déjà vu, for those who have experienced it, it feels extremely supernatural. But what if we already had knowledge of the controls and variables, and the whole math, but not on the conscious side? The whole certain part of our unconscious, which runs the basic processing we use when we decide, does the math for predictions. It knows the controls and the situations; it probably just brought it up. At some point it may seem extraordinary, but how much of our minds do we really know? That is, up to now, something we are all trying to discover. The best way to discover this is through replication, and this is where the computer comes in.

Computers replicate our way of deciding things, but it is millenniums behind our brains (for others, maybe years only) but computers don’t learn things on their own, we have to tell it what to learn. It still does not have the whole mathematical aspect that we all know, and cannot recognize items as well as we do. Computers are also not yet programmed to prioritize perpetuity and survival, something that each and every man has in him. But with this realization, we will understand better that we are unconsciously doing math in our heads every second of the day. This math does things we don’t really understand. This math knows what will happen based on cause and effect, just as how some good billiard players can do elaborate stunts on the table and know which ball will hit what. We have to be open that we haven’t discovered this yet, and that much of the world has not been discovered yet. We still have millenniums worth of time needed to understand things better.

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Sales Pitch Emotions
Sunday. 10.15.06 2:01 am

Let’s try to dwell into some aspects of sales and see how it correlates to the previous discussion on free will. In this idea we’d like to see how the person actually falls into the premonition to jump into the deal which he might later on regret going into. While no gun is pointed on your head, some of these deals would actually make you realize that you would have been better off with that bullet instead.

Let’s review a simple process discussed in the past; the world is governed by cause and effect. The method of it going from cause and effect is process. Process involves weighing the best solutions on the given problem based on knowledge, which is based on experience extemporaneous and external, external would come from stories, theories, and discussions. End of the day, you would realize that for some deals you didn’t actually decide on the solution, they did it for you.

The usual pattern is to know what the person is in need of, the stress factor and gaps in the person’s current period needing to be filled. Typically, the best market is hope. This is the main reason why Multi Level Marketing and plans work. To be quite frank, I do find the rates on these plans to be pathetic. Let’s face it, Anything lower than the hurdle rate is just as bad as putting the money in savings.

People have gaps in life that needs to be filled, this is their immediate concern or priority. The typical ideas are both fear of death and money. Others would also come in but the first two are in the more general perspective. Religions and MLMs sell hope. Even other deals with ridiculous rates sell hopes. It is not that we are lazy, but we would rather do something with the least effort needed, in short, higher efficiency, it is the rule of nature.

During the discussions on money matters, many deals are being discussed with only the pro’s of the item in topic. For this matter, we are only told the size of the market, the potential size, and how much we may earn. At the height of all emotions, we tend to actually forget the whole concept of looking at the negatives. It is extremely important for us to also stop focusing on the end result of the optimistic episode and look into the process proper.

While dreams may be the motivational factor in reaching for the stars, we have to actually visualize what vehicle we will need and how we will be able to obtain such. Without taking this into consideration, chances are, we will lose all effort in actually trying to achieve the goal.

But while some processes are difficult, others are just impossible. Multi Level Marketing actually scams people into the whole “amoeba episode” in exponentiation of growth. Through the simple use of math, we do realize that at some point each and every person on Earth is a member of the system. Even worse, how do you convince the latter that there is chance for growth when they’re the last non-members? It is impossible and practically stupid. But how do we fall to that trap when we ourselves know it is ridiculous? Too much pro’s over con’s. Emotions, greed, and the simpler way of doing things actually get into the way.

But this is not only about Multi Level Marketing, or stocks. But this is for all items and investments in general. If we take into consideration investment deals brought up to us, do we actually do some research on what we might get into? The instinct or drive to get into something is not just gut feel, successful people have observed some particular ideas or items we might have not in taking the deal into consideration. Some aspects would be the changes observed in the place during a certain period of time, or the current market sentiment. We actually have to know something about what we are getting into before jumping in. We have to do our own research and not take the seller’s word for it.

Some possible ways to cure this would be to first postpone the decision making to at least 2 days from when you heard the talk, this way, you could actually forget about the talk and remember the facts. Emotions would be erased the next morning and due diligence can take over and research on the project. If you are actually forced into making the decision on the spot, remember that end of the day you are still the boss and you can say wait.

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The Fine Line Between Genius and Insanity
During the nocturnal hours of earthlings, with people either in moonlit vocations, alcohol cravings, or travelling through dreams, thoughts from an insomniac (like me) would be inputted in computers like these (quite an amusing little contraption) to try to twist little humanoid minds...

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