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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
i want...
Wednesday. 7.18.07 2:10 pm
i want...

`a new NuTang layout
`to make my own new NuTang layout
`a job
`to get a job that's NOT in the food business
`more money
`lotsa money
`to go home for the summer
`to go home for the summer with LOTS of MONEY
`to go home for the summer with lots of money to go SHOPPING in PESOS
`to see my friends && just chill
`microsoft office 2007
`3 bottles of bailey's
`my yaya (housekeeper) back [i just love her!]
`a better mp3 player
`my uncle to come home and call samsung so they can repair/replace my dying mp3 player
`a laptop cooling pad
`a kiss from my sis
`a hug from my sis
`a hot hot hot boyfriend lmfao
`a hot hot hot gay friend ;)
`a body shot please
`to go downtown && go clubbing!
`to turn 18. SO BAD.
`a car -how ambitious! lol that reminds me...
`my g1 license
`a monthly GTA pass
`my friend not to get mad at me and two of my other friends because we were an hour and a half late for the movie we watched ytd
`friends who don't get mad because we were were 1 1/2 late for the movie because we got LOST in mississauga
`to go to the beach but what the heck beaches here in canada is not worth it
`to go to Wonderland again && ride the TopGun && the Nightmare
`my allowance though... :(

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so tired but wth =]
Wednesday. 7.18.07 1:33 am
mood: sleepy ZzzZZzzzzZ

so tired todae.
went to dixie mall. the outlet mall of gta. lotsa cool CHEAP stuff which tempted me very much leaving me with only $5 in my bank account.
which is very sad when you think about it. :(
i really need a job. :((
anyweiz, we watched harry potter orderofthephoenix && i hafta say it's not as action-filled as the others and still snipped most of the parts in the book (as usual) but worth my 6 bucks. oh wait. wasn't my six bucks since my friend just treated me hehe ;]
i love the fact that tom felton finally got a better haircut!!! thank god!!!


&& i'm loving helena carter being bellatrix. perfect! just perfect!

although the role seems a bit like a carbon copy of her morgan le faye role in the film Merlin. anihoo whatever :)
then like around 1030pm i went with my parents to my tita (older female family friend) to give my resume. which would hopefully be forwarded tomorrow morning @ Future Shop's factory which will hopefully land at the Hr's desk so she can call me ASAP! :)~
weh i dun know what else to do. prolly sleep. nyt. mwah. :)~

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to expound on my happiness lol =]
Monday. 7.16.07 12:32 pm
Because i was too excited yesterday, i completely disregarded to explain about how i suddenly came up with the precious toy :)

It's a custom for girls to have debuts on their 18th birthday right? You know, 188 candles, 18 treasure, the works... but since i could not have a complete debut (my other friends still back @ home), i just asked for a laptop instead. :)
So yeah here i am, a week before my birfdaii, happily typing on my laptop wheee :)

And since there are suddenly visitors in our house right now, i hafta go lol :)~
mwah mwah mwah (hehe it's like i suddenly wanna kiss everybody lol)

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finally! :)))))))
Sunday. 7.15.07 6:12 pm
Finally after all my hard work, i finally have my very own LAPTOP!!! :)))
I AM SOO HAPPY!!!!! :)))))
mwah mwah mwahhhh :))))))

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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