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Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. asian
Location Torrance, CA
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oil sykes from bmth

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by randomjunk
Thank you haha. I only changed it because my old one broke and I couldn*t find the picture I used for it again.
by middaymoon
I dig the new profile pic, suits you well

by randomjunk
Nice to know you still visit, middaymoon.
I still exist
by middaymoon
mostly as a lurker

by randomjunk
Good at the moment! How are you?

by AmbyrJayde
how goes it?

by randomjunk
Hi AmbyrJayde

by AmbyrJayde

by LostSoul13
I do, too, RJ

by randomjunk
I love and miss the little community we had here.

by monkeymeister
Someone mentioned livejournal/xanga and i was like “what about nutang”

by undisputed
yes. yes it does.
oh hi
by nik
Oh wow this thing still works?
by PureRidiculous
i came.i blogged. thanks for being there for me in my formative times. I think being formative right......now.
by Helena
I remembered my password AND i*m still on the island!
what do you think?!?! advicee..?
Thursday. 11.30.06 11:56 pm
i cant tell if my best friend likes me or not, we talk on the phone all night and laugh and stuff, he thinks my japanese is cute, he could live in my hugs forever, the idea that i had to watch the cooking channel cause i dont know how to cook was cute, and how just things about me are now "cute"! ummm yeah? what.. im confused!

recently he has told me that he has these secert feelings towards me and he isnt ready to tell me yet.

me: do you hate me?
him: no it's far from that
me: did i do something wrong?
him: no, but if i tell you this it will change things between us
me: is it a bad thing?
him: it depends on how you take it
me: when will you just tell me?
him: not now because i dont feel the time is right
me: no just tell me [im persistant haha :) ]
him: i'll tell you in four months probably
me: what...??!?! well i guess it isnt important, just forget about telling me
*** silence***

him: grrrrrr!! [frustration], i want to tell you so bad! its just i dont have the courage to tell you
me: then just tell me im ready to know
him: if i tell you a big relief will be lifted off my chest
me: then tell me now, because other than that i guess i dont want to know, or even need to know beacuse you dont want to tell me

**blahh blahh blahh goes on**

then it comes to the part where we say goodbye, and forsome reason he gets really sad when i say bye to him that he doesnt like to say it back. and when he does he sounds so sad it makes me feel bad for him.

me: come on say goodbye to me!
him: no, i cant....
me: why not?
him: because, i cant say bye to you anymore its too hard for me to say it now

** hmmm im thinking why....??**

what can his secret feelings be?? my guess so far, he like me...

do YOU think so too?

p.s he has a girlfriend

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PANTERA. if you hate metal don't click here
Wednesday. 11.29.06 7:24 pm

dimebag, has an awesome gift. even if he's gone he's loved so much


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Hidden Music Track on your computer
Monday. 11.27.06 1:11 pm


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Monday. 11.27.06 10:22 am
ITS FINALLY RAINNING!!! YAY! I HOPE IT RAINS ALL DAY TODAY!BECASUE I LOVE RAIN OK... im done now its time for school.... grrrr

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Thursday. 11.23.06 5:06 pm
watching: gutaiar hero
listening to: cheating on the church -graveyard BBQ
mood: RETARDED haha, bored

well today im going over a friends housee sooo.. eyah GOODBYE EVERYONE!!!

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Sunday. 11.19.06 12:52 am
yesterday i went to disneyland!! it was so much fun!
i went with my friends janessa, honey, and tracy. we went on so many rides. i think the best one was space mountain.. its like you go up and then you see all of these stars and it seriously looks like you're on space! im so happy that i live in california cause disney land is only a half hour away. i know you're jealous! its strange how some of the rides in disneyland seriously looks like an acid trip! hmm like the log ride has a whole bunch of neon glowing mushrooms and theres some alice in wonderland looking rabbits and stuff haha pretty funny.

the best thing about going to disneyland is that it seriously is the happiest place on earth. .. why?? because so many HOTT GUUYS GO THERE!! HAHA SEERIOUSLY! they make waitng in long lines sooooo worth it!! i had some smiles at me. and some eye snipers haha pretty sweet

theres this one ride in california disney and it's called soarin' and basically you sit in a chair and like this overhead thingy pops up blowing air down on you so it feels like you're really flying through the air and the thing lifts you up in the air and i looked down and far below was people on differnt rows and stuff. and theres a point where it takes you through an orange grove and you can actually smell ORANGES!!! its crazzzyy! yeahhh pretty good times. execpt the fact that we didnt go on tower of terror. i wanted to go on that ride the first moment we got to disneyland... but no. they decided we'll go there last. and we ran out of time cause we had to leave early for hula practice... =[ damn hula practiceeee and we were all exhausted.. the most tierdest ones [ is that even a word?]

this tree is sooo huggeeeeeeeeee!!

enterance to california disney


Honey and I

can you find me?!??!?!

haunted mansion

nightmare before christmas theme

pirates of the caribbean area..

janessa and i

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