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I'm Lost!!!!
Friday. 5.14.04 1:34 am
ZigJustice2021: i dunno!!!!
AntiChangeLoser: !!!!
ZigJustice2021: i need a plan!!!!
AntiChangeLoser: yes you do!!!!
ZigJustice2021: where are you going!!!
AntiChangeLoser: i don't know!!!!
ZigJustice2021: you need a plan!!!!
AntiChangeLoser: yes i do!!!!
ZigJustice2021: you're as lost as me!!!!
AntiChangeLoser: yes i am!!!!

((AntiChangeLose = Kollin, Zig_Justice = me))

I really don't know what is with all the exclmation points... But apparently we are going to start a business together... It will be great, we will be unstoppable!!!

Look out business world!!!!

AntiChangeLoser: i happen to be very skilled in the art of sitting on my ass

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Social Anxiety
Thursday. 5.13.04 11:15 pm
I guess my car is parked a long way from the main building, oh well I guess I’ll just have to walk. I always have to walk a long way, but that’s ok as long as there aren’t a lot of people. Yeah, in case you didn’t know I’ve got some severe social anxiety.

Alright I’m at the end of the sidewalk now… Oh shit! theres a bunch of people standing around talking… Now my legs feel funny and I feel kinda shaken up… kinda unsure of where I’m going and where I’m stepping. It’s almost like my legs went from auto to manual in the blink of an eye. My torso seems like it is swaying and I can’t conrtol it… Oh shit I’m gunna look like an idiot.

Ok I’ll just have to focus on walking and not wobling around too much. For some reason it’s really hard and it’s almost like I can’t control myself… I wonder if this is just due to fear. It has to be, it only happens when I am walking by people, especially people that I know… but not too well… kinda like aquantences.

So anyways, I’m controling each leg individually and it feels weird… It’s like walking all of the sudden became not second nature like it used to be… My torso still feels like it’s swaying… I’m already past them, but I know they can still see me, and I’m still walking like a three year old. I’ll be okay once I get to my class and sit down.

Well the truth is, this happens to me a lot… I dunno why, it’s just weird like that. Must be that social anxiety kickin in full force. Even after I sit down, I hardly move a muscle… I think I want to be a hermit…

Yeah... I got problems...

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Stupid Modem
Thursday. 5.13.04 1:11 pm
So if you are wondering why I haven't been on AIM, and why I haven't updated in a while... it's because my internet was down. Or so I thought. I haven't done anything on the internet in two days... that's gotta be some sort of record for me.

Anyways, it turns out when my mom said she restarted the modem a couple times she was mistaken. I had jsut took her word for it too, I dunno when I started trusting her computer literacy. Anyways, I shoulda never trusted that she restarted the modem... she can't even make her own folders in windows!

So anyways, The Time Warrner cable guy came and restarted the modem... and everything worked fine. I was pissed, I felt like an idiot because that's all he had to do. I mean, I have taken 4 semesters of CISCO, I should be smarter than this guy anyways. So yeah, it was embaresing.

The lesson learned: I shall never trust my mother with anything computer related

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Cell-Phone Fun!
Tuesday. 5.11.04 1:25 am
So I got Ashley's cell-phone sitting here on my desk... I don't think I can just not do something with it. There are so many possibilities... so many things I could do that would make her upset. She really is too attached to to her cell-phone... most people are.

The way I think of it, it's her fault for leaving it here. I mean... what did she expect? To just get it back, no strings attached? I've got to have some fun with it before I give it back. You know... message some people during the day... delete some phone numbers... Who knows... The sky is the limmit.

Cell-Phone Fun!

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Van Hellsing
Sunday. 5.9.04 1:52 pm
What can I say about Van Hellsing... That movie really let me down. I had such high hopes for it too. I guess it was the overwhelming amount of cornyness that ruined it for me. Still, it's sad to see a movie with such potential be ruined by bad acting and a poor script.

So yeah, there were alot of annoyances in this movie. Well maybe not alot... just reaccuring ones. Anyways, Frankenstien's monster was extremely annoying. He had a very flamboyant and whinny voice and he was screaming and yelling through the whole thing. In my opinion, Frankenstien's monster should have had a deep raspy voice and he should have been far less whinny. I couldn't stand listening to his voice throughout the movie.

The second most annoying thing was the chick... I dunno her name... wasn't important to me. Anyways, she was just insanely corny. I think most of this was due to bad acting, the rest was due to the bad lines she had to say. Oh well, she did get less screen time than most heroins.

The third most annoying thing was the ending... I actually thought the ending would be good too. The ending battle between Van Hellsing and Dracula was quite good. However, When he killed that chick and started howling at the end... that was just way too much cheese for one movie. Then after that when van sees her face in the sky... that didn't help make it any less cheesie either... Overall, bad ending!

This movie won't be on my list of DVDs to buy!

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Friday. 5.7.04 2:52 am
Just as my night was turning really crappy from sitting here in my 85 degree room, I went down stairs and got a box of Quaker Oh's. Well there isn't anything bad I can say about this cereal. In fact, this is probobly my favorite cereal of all time. I like alot of cereals... but none seem to be quite as good as Oh's.

I don't know what it is in the middle of these things, but it is really good. The box says the stuff in the middle is grahm crackers, wheet, oats, and nuts. I really don't see any of those in there... but whatever. It doesn't matter because whatever it is, it is good

Oh and did I mention these little beauties taste twice as good with milk?!?!

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