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Age. 34
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. A European Medley!
Location Radomyshl, Ukraine
School. Seattle Pacific Univ
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I just thought you should know...
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This will be absolutely meaningless to you
Monday. 4.14.08 11:34 pm
...but I'm posting it anyway. It's a clip from a popular Turkish comedy show, and my friend (or my boyfriend's friend, really), řevket, is in it. Skip to the end and join in my mirth.

Awwe. He's so awkward. The only part I understand is "seni sevyurżm" (spelling most likely wrong), which means "I love you."

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My Favorite Time: Revisited
Sunday. 3.30.08 11:27 pm
I guess people call it twilight. I don't know why, but the word doesn't seem to do it justice. Naming something so fantasticly nebulous like the time between day and night cheapens it, in my perspective.

But the wordsmiths of yore had something right, its magic has something to do with the quality of light. The melange of solar and electric, best experienced at a leisurely step.

It's my favorite, and I like it best when it comes later in the evening, like eight or nine. It was around eight tonight, and it caught me by surprise, which made the experience even more fabulous.

Thanks to the US Congress, Daylight Savings Time was moved up, so instead of eperiencing my wonder hour in May or June when it's warm, I found myself in the cold March drizzle, carrying grocery bags down the hill, fingers frozen into gripping attitudes, staring all around me at the beautiful Queen Anne homes awash in blue. I think it matures early in the city, because of all the street lights.

I smelled my smells, but they're a little different in early spring, more raw, I think. And my sounds, though there were very few. Twilight is hatching from it's winter shell now.

I couldn't open my door fast enough. Though I was sad to leave my urban paradise, I had to hear my song, and it wouldn't be perfect much longer anyway.

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Wooo! I got a 4.0 for Winter Quarter
Wednesday. 3.26.08 1:13 am
Just thought I'd share. I'm pretty proud of myself. If I don't royally fuck up Spring, I'll graduate magna cum laude :).

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It doesn't get wittier than this.
Wednesday. 3.19.08 9:59 pm
My roommate and I were driving through Spokane (Spokanistan, Spokompton, Spokamsterdam... take your pick), when I heard this song. Best thing I have heard since Kindergarten. Listen for my favorite line: "So get up out my face you doo-doo head dummy."

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The Cell Phone Cowboy
Saturday. 3.8.08 4:24 pm
My boyfriend is seriously the master manipulator of phone conversations. Even if I call him, he can have the thing wrapped up in under five minutes.

Take today for example. He didnít call me last night like he had said he would, so I called him around noon to see what was up and subtly let him know that I wasnít thrilled by his etiquette. The second we had exchanged greetings, he took off talking, all about what he was going to be doing that day and how much he wished I could be there but that I should probably spend the day studying for my finals so we could spend all day Sunday together. I tried to ask him about the funeral he went to yesterday but he said we could talk about it later, and before I knew it, we were saying goodbye.

I think he knows heís in trouble.

The thing is, he wouldnít be in trouble if he would just STOP DOING THAT!!

I have needs. They are simple, and few.

1. I need a good nightís sleep. Not every day, but most days. Five out of seven, Iíd say. Since I usually sleep very deeply, you neednít worry about making noise if you need something from the bedroom or waking me up with your alarm. However, if you force me to push back my bedtime, be prepared to feel my fiery wrath.

2. I need to eat at regular intervals. If I am hungry, I am not going to be able to focus on the words coming out of your mouth, nor do whatever it is you want me to do. Let me have a snack, wait ten more minutes, then fire away.

3. I need affirmation in my relationships. I only need to connect every week or so with my parents and my best friend, because I am very secure with those relationships. I need to connect with my roommate several times a day because we share the same small space, and have to be really in-tune to each other to avoid pissing each other off. You, dear boyfriend, are only required to connect with me once a day. If you are busy, in a bad mood, not feeling chatty, etc., all you need to do is let me know, then tell me when I can expect to be able to talk to you. More importantly, when I come back to talk to you, you had damn well be ready to pay attention to me. Why? Because you are very important to me, and I hope Iím important to you. When I donít see you, I need to hear your voice. When I canít hear your voice, I need some other sign that youíre alive, like a text or an IM, singing telegram, smoke signal, ANYTHING. I assure you, Iím not picky.

I donít think these are unreasonable demands. If they are, please let me know. I am open to negotiation, but not capitulation. Animal, vegetable, mineral, here this: if you interfere with my needs, I will confront you about it.

Now, back to the matter at hand. What am I to do about T Squared? Iím going to try and call him back around six pm when I donít expect him to be busy. Then Iím going to ask him if heís busy and let him know that I want to have a talk, so he has an escape route if he is in fact busy, or just doesnít want to deal with me. If heís ready to talk great, if not, Iím going to be absolutely firm about setting down a time to talk before I hang up.

Then Iím going to try and delicately explain need number three.

Wish me luck.

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I am so stoked
Friday. 2.29.08 6:57 pm
Three months until Paris!

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