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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
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stupid stupid stupid ignorant people who use "love" to liberally
Thursday. 2.12.09 9:23 pm
What has happend to marriage?? what has happend to "till death do us part". Now its like "till i cheat on you and sleep with another man" or "till it gets to tough"....... Its dissapointing and its as if there is a subconcious thought in people "well if the marriage doesnt work out i can get a divorce"..... now before you get angry i am not talking about people who their husband beat them and they finally left or other dangerous or harmful situations to the couple or the kids involved in the marriage...... .my parents got divorced because they couldnt stand each other anymore..... i dont even know if they loved each other... i know she married my father because she was pregnant with my older brother.... but saying that they did stay together for 13years........... I am talking about people who get married for 1,2,3,4 years and wake up one day and say "this is too hard i dont wanna be married anymore"........ Now goodness if you find out ur spouse has been cheating on you throw his (or her) ass out the door......... but my goodness people where did the BOND of marriage go?? when did it suddenly become relatable to buying a new car and turning around and selling it and getting a new one......This is just a screwed up and stupid society and im sick and tired of people who are my age (17) or younger telling you how in love they are and then turning around and breaking up with their boyfriend or girlfriend and dating someone else and not taking the word seriously!!!!! Its dumb and its childish and its just FUCKING STUPID! BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND MAKE SURE ITS FOR LIFE!!!

ok im done

but im mad now

lol stupid valentines day its got me all mad :p

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head explosion
Monday. 2.9.09 10:09 pm
i think my head is going to build up so much pressure its just going to bust :[ painnnnnnnn.

oh and i killed my computer and its come back to life and is taking its revenge out on me by not working in strange ways :[

and if i pick it up and shake it it rattles /sobs

i also realized i suck with computer related problems lol

ok on the positive side uhhhhhhhhh my hair looks good lol just got it cut

anddddd yep thats about it

ugh i gotta get more positives in my life......

or switch lives with someone

any takers??

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i miss green
Friday. 2.6.09 1:23 pm
so i was walking today and i looked at the grass and parts of it are green but mostly the light brown of things that have died and dried out........ and then i looked at the pathetic trees that have not an inch of green on them...except for the rare few that have the dark green/brown leaves........it was very depressing....

i miss the pretty flowers and the green grass and the birds and being able to put the top to my car down...... i miss taking walks in cherry park and laying on the picnic blanket in Glencairn gardens....i miss those perfect days that come along maybe 4 times a year....when its just warm enough where your not hot and there is a cool breeze and the sky has those puffy clouds that look like cool whip......i miss going to the pool in the neighborhood and hanging out with friends all day...lol i even miss being able to wear skirts without stupid leggings so my legs don't freeze....i miss flip flops and sand in my toes....I even miss the pollen in the air (no allergies)... /sigh

spring really cant get here fast enough....

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please if there is any justice or mercy in this world....
Tuesday. 2.3.09 9:58 pm
pleassssse let it snow tonight and the sad schools close tomorrow!!!!!

i really cant finish all the work i need done by tomorrow and start memorizing my scene.............

/crosses fingers

/does a snow dance

snow snow snow snow snow snow snow

or ice

ice ice ice (lots of ice tho)


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oh ye of little feelings...how hearless you must be
Sunday. 2.1.09 7:21 pm
I was thinking today (i actually do that sometimes, i know! suprise right.) and i havent dated anyone in.......... two years jeesh........ well im not going to make that a motivation to suddenly get into a relationship... but its been awhile........ not that it hasnt been fun being single.... maybe it has actually been better going through these past two years of highschool single rather than in a relationship.... lol i dunno just ignore me im just rambling on...

So i was out today around the manchester area (movie theater) and me and my friend where walking and these guys drove by and yelled "LADIES"... now usually i get offended by guys yelling remarks at me..... but i actually started laughing.. i mean it wasnt as bad as "SEXY" or "NICE BUTT" or something else rude...... and the whole rest of the day me and my friend would crack up whenever one of us would say "ladies" :] it was funny.......

It was a nice day here not too cold and not too windy :] i had a really nice walk in the park....

oh and i got my oil changed in my car and my tires rotated and my car is driving alot better.... makes me happy!!! and the guys at the auto place where really nice to me.... and not in the creepy way nice just respectful way nice :]

welp going to go watch the game GO CARDINALS!!

lol to each his own

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Im glad we arent all robots
Wednesday. 1.28.09 10:01 pm
i think it would be pretty boring.................

well some things that have been going on..... auditions in theater today!! wooooh hope i got a part i want.... ill record our preformance and post it when it comes up.......

lol i saw this preview and me and my brother couldnt stop laughing when the sword goes into his head (yeah slightly weird and gross but still funny)...

umm besides that im kinda tired... schools hard.......... but i really hope i get the part i want :D even tho the guy that got the guys part is kinda weird it would still be fun.........

oh and i found a castle with my name :]

birthplace of Catherine Parr which is pretty cool :]

and she outlived henry ^-^


welp im off to bed!! night everyone have a good day/week!!!

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