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Age. 27
Gender. Female
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Location lubbock, TX
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Wednesday. 9.29.04 10:04 pm
Fuckin' shaking. I hate it. I hate it all. I'm soooo sad. Will won't hang out w/me anymore. Becuz he duznt wanna break me and Blane up. It's this whole gay thing about Will bein' my best friend and all and me hangin out w/him a bunch. I'm finding it hard to type.


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Monday. 9.27.04 4:45 pm
You know I've been going to O.L. for over 6 weeks, yet I still don't know where the hell the bathrooms are. And the rain makes me hafta pee. And it's gonna be a very rainy fall. Lucky me, eh?


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Friday. 9.24.04 10:03 pm
The first tournament is tomorow. Blane may be there. That's all I have to say.


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the fair is here!
Thursday. 9.23.04 7:36 pm
And I must call Blane to see if he can go on Saturday! Off to call him!

Not home. Erg! I will call him later. But what if he has caller ID? Will I seem obsessed? I am going out w/him though. But still... I can't believe I actually called him. lol

Well, that 58 on a test is starting to not look to bad for some reason. I'll tell my mom about it later, just say it only counts one grade. And I'll say a number is better thatn a zero... Shut up! I can do that if I want!

Erg! I HATE grades!

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Monday. 9.20.04 10:13 pm
I procrastinate. Shut up! I know I do! I don't need you, yes, you of all people rubbing it in my face.

lol. JK.

But I am. Monolouges. Due tomorow. Poems. Four of 'em. Due Wednsday. Fun stuffs.

Off to do homework. Yup. At 10.14 PM. lol

Power to the Slackers! Woooo!

Oh, let's just face it.

Slacking SUCKS!

much luvs

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cut corn
Saturday. 9.18.04 10:43 pm
We got kicked out of the maize! Me and Will cut through the corn [Blane didn't go =[ ] and we got found out and kicked out of the maize! lol It was hillarious but we were really scared at the time. haha. We only got to stay a few hours lol but it took us forever to get through because we back tracked alot because of the cutting we did. It was hillarious. And, omg! it was soo funny!

Will was like 'Ali I'mma hit you in the boob!'
Sabrina: Titi Titi Bang Bang
We all laugh
Will snorts when he laughs
Makes us laugh harder
Makes Will snort agian
Me and Will and Ali couldn't take it anymore so we just sat down and laughed sooo hard!

And, we were running, Will and I, away from Ali and Wendy and Sabrina, just to play around w/them, and Will tripped on a corn stalk and landed on me and we both fell so, of course the others caught up w/us.

Gotta be one of the funnest days of my life!

Haha I just noticed I went backwards in order of events happening. lol


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