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If only I had wings . . . by invisible @ NuTang.com
Time is ticking by too slow
Saturday. 12.4.10 11:10 am
In about 45 minutes I will be getting on the turnpike and heading towards my love. A nice 7 hour drive with my baby. She was amazingly good for me the last time We went up to visit Tyler. I'm praying she is just as good on this trip. When I dropped her off to see baby daddy, She cried :( Her little eyes glaring back at me... She wanted me, and I couldn't be there.. it makes me sick.

Mommy dearest is going to be very busy in two weeks and cannot watch Khloe. I think Tyler wants KB and I to come up either way. So.. next weekend we will all come down as a family, and sunday afternoon all drive back. I'm excited :) I can't wait to see him. I know it's only been a week since I've seen him last, but it feels like FOREVER.

The parents are home from shopping. I'm gonna go help with.... stuff.


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Changes and Birthdays
Friday. 12.3.10 6:52 am
So.. I'm still going up to see my husband next week. It was planned that I come back on Friday as always for Khloe's baby daddy visitation. However, Instead of coming down alone, Tyler wants us all to come down as a family for the weekend. Baby daddy can have his visit, and then Tyler and I can head back home Sunday afternoon. He wants me to ask if my mom will watch Khloe that sunday night through friday night, I'm not sure what she'll say honestly. Tyler just wants some hubby and wifey time :) However, that time becomes precious and limited once you become a parent. We'll have to see what happens.

If my mom does agree to watching KB, we'll come home late friday night/Saturday morning. KB will have another baby daddy vist, and then the next couple weeks are free :) Tyler will have two weeks off for Christmas break. This break will be very special because come this time next year Tyler will probably be deployed :( God, I hate the thought... But, it's his job. I know he'll be ok.

It's 43 degrees outside and im FREEZING!!!! I looks like a cold Florida winter.. Although, Every year for as long as I can remember theres always one night that hits the recorded for been the coldest night ever in Central Florida. From what I remember it never use to get the cold this early in decenber. It would feel like this towards the end of December/January. Ugh.. How will I survive!?

It's mommy dearest's birthday. She's 50. Which means in March my dad will be 54. Old people.. lol I must admit however, my parents do not look they're age. Especially my mother. No one would ever guess she was 50. And I'll be 21 in February!!! AHH!! I think I've mentioned that in several blogs now lol.

Ok... well off to do... stuff. - GASP! KB is sleeping! Nevermind I'm going to sleep :D

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Thursday. 12.2.10 10:45 am
I'm not leaving untill Saturday but, I can't help it. I want to pack now! I am always excited to see my love. He is currently in an unplesant disposition, and I am praying to God nothing horrible will come of it. We'll just have to wait and see what happens..

Last night Tyler told me it was less than 40 degrees outside. I pretty much own nothing to keep me warm with the exception of the National Guard jacket I stole from him. It's suppose to be even colder next week. It shouldn't be this cold in Florida!!!

I found out yesterday the insurance company I have through the army has already set up KB with a Dr. here. So, I'll have to set up an appointment with this Dr. so she can get her shots and a rutine check up. As far as I go, I have a plan for that :) Tyler agrees that it will work so, I believe all will go well with my situation.

Thats about it.. I think. KB is doing great as always and there not really anything else new going on. So... PEACE :)

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Monday. 11.29.10 9:01 am
Tyler and friends had to head back home last night. I miss my love already :( However, this weekend is one I'll never forget! The concert was amazing! Most of the bands did great, and it was so much fun. Disney.. come on lol. How could you not have fun at Disney with Tyler. It was one of our friends first time, and the other the second time.

Blah Blah.... Tyler wrote me a check for gas money to go up there this upcoming weekend. I am totally estatic! Khloe needs to get her shots taken care of and I need to go to a lady Dr. :)

Today, I need to make some phone calls and maybe take a trip to the bank. So.. off to start the day..

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Long Weekend/ UPDATED!
Thursday. 11.25.10 10:46 am
My love is in town :)

KB was adorable this morning. When she woke up and saw Tyler she got the biggest smile on her face and said "Dadda!" She loves him so much :)

He brought some friends with him who acctually just got married lol. Today everyones coming over to my parents house to celebrate Thanksgiving and KB's birthday. I'm not sure if we're doing anything tonight, but for the most part it's going to be a chill day.

Tomorrow ss the Mayday Parade concert!!!! I'M SO EXCITED! Tyler forgot the tickets at his apt. >.< But, he paid with his card and has proof of purchase and blah blah. So, it shouldn't be a problem.

Saturday.. Idk lol. Whatever happens, happens/ DISNEY!!! ha ha ha I think its tradition now!

Sunday, they'll all be leaving in the afternoon :( Hopefully Tyler can get me up to his place soon so Khloe and I can get some Dr. appointments taken care of.

For now, I'm enjoying the time I have with my Husband :)

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Ask for password
Monday. 11.22.10 6:16 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Someone like me
Thursday. 11.18.10 10:05 am
For the first time in my life I've met someone like me. It's nice to have the recognition that I'm not crazy! It's interesting though.. It has intrigued me to open back up to this unplesant disposition. Once again, I am seeing the world through these eyes that have seemed to haunt me through the years. However, he has given me a light about. I don't see it as a curse, but a blessing. Something I can use to my advantage to help people. I'm not going to get a big head about it like my mother. I'm just testing the water to see how deep I can go. I want to break this shell around my heart and break free. I'm so afriad to let anyone it. Even my husband. No one has seen how deep it goes. But, he has taken an intrest in finding out more, which makes me want to learn more. I'm hoping I can learn from him and try to understand all of this. Maybe there are more people with this gift than I thought. Maybe, instead of hiding I need to be more open to people. But, I don't want to try to hard. I don't want to be like my mother. I just want to be me, but there is so much about me I don't know. Just maybe, I can find out with his help :)

My husband will be here again next week Thursday through Sunday. He's bringing some friends down and I'm excited!! We're going to a concert next friday afternoon/night with Mayday Parade!!! AHH! So awsome! We'll probably throw Disney in there somewhere. It's like tradition now. I can't wait :)

Khloe's first birthday is on Wednesday... It boggles my mind to think she going to be a whole year old. She's growing up so fast, and so close to walking! The suspense of her first steps is killing me. My little girl :) I love her so much.

I guess thats it.... yup

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blah blah
Monday. 11.15.10 10:26 am
This past weekend was awsome! Didn't start out so well on Thursday when I thought I had pink eye. However, nothing could have brought me down. Tyler and I didn't do anything drastic and crazy this time, we pretty much chilled. He got concert tickets from House of Blues!!! When he comes down for thanksgiving week were going to this badass concert with Mayday Parade and 9 other bands. Woo!! I can't wait.

So, on Vet. Day just about everyone was handing out free food and stuff. Tyler didn't abuse that previlage like I'm sure a lot of service men did lol. However, his mom told us about a commercial she heard on the radio. It said certain hotels were giving out free rooms for that night to service men only. Tyler made a few phone calls and got a room booked!!! It was so awsome!! We were able to have some alone time ;)

Friday night we went and saw Vannah!!! :D

Saturday and Sunday we pretty much chilled with friends and family.

I can't wait untill he comes down again. He might have a few friends with him! Maybe we'll go to disney or something. And Tyler, his buddy, and my dad were talking about making a trip to the gun range to have some fun. With my husband, who knows? lol

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