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Tunnel F--- @ the Picture Show
Saturday, 11/1/03 - 3:12 pm
Beat: Saving Sebastian - The Green Valley (Full band version)

I went to the Haunted House with Lucy and Irma. It wasn't scary but it looked cool in the inside. The chainsaw massacre guy and the straight jacket guy looked awesome [Aaron's influencial word]. I didn't get scared a bit but the other 3 people in our group was freaked. They ended up getting lost in the pitch-black maze and stayed in there for a longer period. Later that night we went to Youth Group just to talk to my brother. "Maiki" [his name for today] was there.. He made my day. He looked really hot.

Around 11:30pm we went to the theatre [theater?] to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show with a live cast. It frickin funny. It was me, Irma, and Lucy's first time watching with a live audience so we were marked virgins. Jenn and Sammi [also a virgin] were there too. We had to do the "Tunnel Fuck." They made us stand in a line and we had to spread our legs so the cast members could crawl under us. They also pushed a big inflatable phallus through the tunnel. Haha.. Funny shizz. They also made people do funny crap too. There were so many weirdos there. And I've never heard the words fuck, asshole, and slut used so damn much in one night [it was morning 12-2:30am].

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Contest Layout One
Thursday, 10/30/03 - 2:07 am
Beat: Fame Theme Song

Well, this will be my first contest layout.. It's not quite done yet. I haven't included the gifs, image map, etc. I'm getting sleepy so I'll deal with the rest and others tomorrow.

Theme: Kristin Kreuk: Sexy

Colors: 000000, FFFFFF, E04644, B3ACA4, C6817B

Vector Art: Kristin Kreuk [by me]

Graphics: On Photoshop [by me]

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Pants On Fire! [No liar here]
Monday, 10/27/03 - 7:50 am
Beat: Dashboard Confessional - Ender Will Save Us All [Still listening to my old DC CDs.]

Monday-Thursday.. nothing but school. I've been having some really great dreams lately.. =o)

On Friday, I went to Bakersfield with my mom and my sister. There was a minor fire on the 126 when we went. On Saturday, we went back home and the fire on the 126 freeway got bigger and fire fighters had to close down the roads so we went on an alternate route. On the alternate route, we where on the 118 freeway and there was another fire. It was in Simi Valley. When we got home, we learned about the fires that are going around southern California.. not good.

That night, me and my sister not to go to the movies but just rent some videos [Matrix Reloaded, Charlie's Angels, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, and Better Luck Tomorrow] from Blockbuster, so we could also watch the news about the wildfires. I'm really scared because two fires are not very far from here, the closest probably around 50-60 miles.

Sunday, at one point of the day, it got really dark outside because of the smoke from the fires. The sun was red [it looked really cool], it was hella [no pun intended] hot outside from the Santa Anna winds, and the air was bad because of the smoke and ash. It really sucks.. esp. for the people who lost their houses.

I decided to just go on with my life so I went to a concert with my friend Irma over at the Livery Theatre. I went to support West Swell at their concert [good job Aaron, shakinnn!]. They were really good. Oh yea, the other day I had a dream about Aaron [hmm.. it was a nice dream though..]. Susan D. was awesome too. There were other performers too, some awesome some-- eh.. That's about it.

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Saturday, 10/18/03 - 11:18 pm
Beat: Dashboard Confessional - The Hint Of Sharp New Tears [I've been listening to my old DC CDs. HAH!]

I went to the rally today. It was fun. Me and Dana made new friends from Long Beach. We thought these two guys were college guys but they ended up being younger than me and Dana. Mike and Mark [brothers] look too mature for their age. One was 13 and the other was 16. Mark is a big flirt. He asked me if I had a boyfriend but I ended up embarrassing him by saying I was too old for him [it was merely a joke but I could have sworn my brother and Marilyn thought something was going on with me and Mark]. They are just really cool guys. They have the biggest appetites [inside joke]. Mike had like three burgers and my half of a burger. Mark probably had a lot.

Ci All Male did really great on their performance and so did L.O.G. Modern. A lot of stuff happened, but all here's some scrambled thoughts.. Umm..free box of In & Out burgers. Fellowship after. Dancing without music. Sheep joke. 50 cent= Geeh-you-knit. Denny's. Hands Down all night. Mr. Antisocial was there. Guitars. =oD ..and oh yea, me and Irma drove around for 30 minutes looking for a party and ended up doing nothing and just going home. The End.

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