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16/12/08 16:47
I am...

feeling: Excited
listening to: Jing Bai Ni - Zan Mei Zhi Quan

You'll never guess where I am.

No, seriously, you'll actually never guess, so I'll just tell you =p I'm in the library. Yes, I actually got off my lazy arse (actually, more like sat on it all afternoon) and did a load of work. But giving myself a break now after 3 hours because I simply just cannot concentrate anymore.

I swear my brain was gna burst before. I was bored, hungry and my arse hurt like mad. Defo was time for a leg-stretch!

Thing is, I can't work at home though because I don't have any space to start off with, but also I just get so distracted!! But yeah this trip to the library today has definitely been worth it. I will have to do this more often because it seems the library is the only place I actually manage to get anything done :)

Second, I got my ears pierced *again*! When I got them pierced before, my right hole went wrong and closed up eventually after a lot of bleeding, but I couldn't go back to the store and get it redone yet because I wanted to get back into work, but since now I'm going to be off work for another 3 weeks anyways and I badly wanted my ears repierced, I thought, why not?

So I now have my first in my right ear (again!!) and a second on in my left ear! :D

Yes, I'm weird like that. I *have* to have one more piercing in my left ear than in my right =3 I like it that way ^^ But where he pierced it has also pierced some of my cartilage so my left ear hurts a lot more than my right and it's making my first piercing bleed =/

But I don't think there's anything he could do about it. I mean, he did pierce it quite high up, but he would have clipped cartilage anywhere for my second, so I've put my original stud back into my first hole. Doesn't look too bad actually ^^ And I'll let both heal together.

I only got it done on Sunday, so hopefully after a week or two it'll go back to normal and heal properly :)

Third thing: in celebration of my new piercing, I went on yesasia.com and bought *another* bunch of earrings. 5 this time!! 2 Junsu, 1 Jaejoong, 1 Micky and 1 Leeteuk. I'll post up photos some other time, but they really are gorgeous earrings!

Well, looking at them on the site, they look gorgeous at least XD

But I'm so poor now!! I was pretty poor anyways and I just spent another £40 (about $60) on 5 pairs of earrings T_T I'm such an idiot... But they should defo be worth it!!

I just won't eat for the next 2 weeks :D

Should help me lose weight too ;)

Gotta go now~ Ttyl~~~ L8r,


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07/12/08 22:44
I am...

feeling: Weird
listening to: Amigo - SHINee

I managed to get it finished! :D Handed in, all 3000 and something words of it ^^ I've been feeling a little weird atm... I guess it can almost be described as homesickness? Except I'm at home at the moment. I've been so used to living at uni, home just feels weird I guess! And I haven't unpacked everything yet so I'm still looking for stuff and everything's still a bit of a mess, so... =/

This Christmas, I will be catching up a term's worth of work haha. Good luck to me! :)



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[At Least It's Still November]
30/11/08 12:10
I am...

feeling: Restless
listening to: Mirotic - DBSK

After having an AMAZING time at KTV on Friday->Saturday then having a huge panic attack mid-Sat, being so stressed I was only able to bring myself to eat one meal that day, I feel much, much better now. Much better :)

Thank God :)

I'm getting started on my 3000 word assignment due in 4th December but I really don't know where to begin, so I'm gna go back to reading now... Much needed update due but... I'll leave it at this for now...

At least it's still November. Just.



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10/11/08 23:04
I am...

feeling: Tired
listening to: Sarang Haeyo Zhi Dui Ni Shou (Live) - JJ Lin

I'm now trying to get back my flexibility from 3 years ago... I can tell it's going to take a while but I'll get there. Then I'll think to progressing further in flexibility. But for some reason I get a shooting pain up my left thigh that is different from the pain you get when you can't stretch any further.

It's so weird, I'm wondering if I should get it checked out? Because I know if it wasn't for that my leg would be so much more flexible. My left leg has always been more flexible than my left but with that pain I can't stretch as far! Well, unless I stretch it in one particular way that avoids the shooting pain...

Anyways, I've been watching some pole dancing (again) on YouTube and it really makes me want my flexibility back!! So yus... Going to work hard for it.

Had my first shift in Fusion kitchen today... Didn't really have time to guy-spot... There's only one window that has a very, very limited view. Although we can see the staircase he would walk up from.

When I first started it was sooo busy it was unreal! So just got to work immediately. Head down, weigh noodle portions. So if he ever turned up at that point I wouldn't have seen him anyway...

It doesn't matter though; I have faith. If we are meant to be, there is no way I would never see him again so I just have to be patient. I have another shift on Wednesday from 10am-4pm. The lunch shift, which means I can have a better look out for him :)

Finally, I had to repost my previous post because some random newbie left an empty comment, which was rather strange and emboldened the rest of the comment box so I deleted it. Then ended up with -1 Comments because the page just did a self-refresh... Really gna have to speak to Dave about that self-refresh. It's so strange!

Anyone else get what I'm on about? =3

Okay... Now I really have to do some work. But I really cba... This is so strange... How am I meant to write an A4 page on 'someone I know' in German? I can barely do it in English! Who the heck has that much to say about someone they know?! Unless I have to literally give the person's autobiography as I know it!

I think I may have to do Ani :)

Or myself. I mean, I'm supposed to know myself pretty well, right? But I'll have to make up a random name though. The teacher'll never knooow! >_>;;



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[Half The Day Has Passed Already...]
10/11/08 17:35
I am...

feeling: Hopeful
listening to: whatever it is my hallmate seems to be watching (I've no idea what it is. Atm it sounds like some strange old lady singing very out of tune)

And still no sign of him :(

I'm beginning to think he doesn't attend this Uni. But then again I'm sure he wouldn't eat out that often. Besides, at lunch time I was working upstairs from Rootes Restaurant, so even if he did go there to eat again I would have missed him I guess :(

Nevermind... Maybe I'll see him later? Going off to work again in a minute so if he does go there'll be no way I can miss him!

While I didn't see him, I did see a group of other people I sorta know eating at Fusion again and honestly it seems like every single time I go I see them there! Do they live in Fusion or something? o_O

Oh well... Will keep you guys posted!

Oh I've temporarily taken down my pole too; getting my room cleaned tomorrow and it would not do to have a cleaner come in and go 'how am I meant to clean with a pole in the middle of the room?!'

Plus they might just whack the hoover into the pole and scratch it. Yes, that is the main reason I've taken it down. It cost me £140--of course I'm gna be careful with it!

Will blog again later ^^



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[If Only I Knew You...]
09/11/08 22:07
I am...

feeling: Frustrated
listening to: Everything - Lifehouse

Have you ever seen someone walk into the room and suddenly nothing else in the world seems to matter anymore? Some random stranger... walks into the room... and time just stops?

I really wish I knew him.

What's his name? Where's he from? Which uni does he go to? How old is he, when's his birthday, does he visit often? Or is he here, at the same uni as me? Is he in a relationship? What kind of girls does he like?

I know I'm probably going to sound really shallow but I was sitting in Rootes Social the other day with a friend, waiting for our food to arrive when he suddenly walked up the stairs onto the same floor as us.

I couldn't stop looking at him; he was the most gorgeous guy I'd ever seen in my life.

And when he looked around, our eyes seemed to have met for a second and I forgot to breathe. He went into Rootes Restaurant though. The second he left my friend and I were both exclaiming how hot he was haha.

We went into the Restaurant to see if we could find him again and we did. So we subtly walked past them. And when I saw him again... Our eyes met again and I can't stop thinking about him.

I want to see him again.

I want to know him.

I probably sound really stupid! Oh well... I can't help it >_<;; I looked away when our eyes met though and he looked back down (he was eating at the time) but... Can't help but think there was something there--wish there was something there, even if it was just a figment of my imagination.

I haven't seen him again since. I start working again tomorrow. I want to see him again. Hopefully I'll see him again. And this time, I will just go up to him and talk to him, regardless of what anyone thinks. We'll see :)



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