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Age. 33
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. filipino
Location , CA
School. Other
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Material Items I've Been Eyeing...
-Cyclo DS cart
-Nikon D60
-Free Line Skates
Events I would LOVE to attend
May 10th
Meg & Dia Signing at Mission Valley Mall

May 22nd
No Doubt, Paramore, and The Sounds
@ Cricket Amphitheater

May 26th
Kaylyn's first Bday!!!

Electric Daisy Carnival

Comic Con San Diego

Vans Warped Tour
This is what I'm thinking.
AHH!!! writers cramp!

visit these much fun!!!
how's the weather?
The WeatherPixie
ball and circle?
57th day of 2004

I did it in 23 seconds.
I deserved a B+!!
Take the How Dexterous Are You? Quiz!!

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i don't know
57th day of 2004
i'm cold!!! lol hmm... i let earvin kennan Charissa and albert (a little) read my journal and haha earvin is now using my journal as his also. lol he knows hoo i like and all of that lol. i'm sleepy nowz i guess that's all for now. heh! hmm...

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51th day of 2004
wow!!! these past few days were FUN!!! haha I think i'm starting to like this one guy named Andrew! haha i dunno but we flirt a LOT!!! yes we like to discuss mayonaise heh i said to him today "I like your mayo the best!" haha hmm... i wonder if anything is going to happen between us... i dunno doubt it... i guess dat's all for nows!!!

OH!!! WAIT!!! smilies!!!!!! must show off lmfao!!!

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the revenge of the pooper scoopers!!!
48th day of 2004
mood: you tell me muahaha
watching: American Idol

i think after Mae told me that she had to pick up doggie poo in the back yard i guess that reminded me of a pooper scooper and I since then have been facinated by the words... hm... is it me or is American Idol getting sorta chessie?? o whoa didn't expect those words from a contestant "Simon Cowelle is sexxyy..." whoa pooper scoopers!!! heh for me things are sorta looking up. But i still don't have the friends i used to have cuz of that certain "incident" but i'm ok hanging out with the guys at the Basketball courts. hah they crack me up!!! Aww... no Mae... me no want you grounded... sadness upon those words. i'm becoming too lazy to use the smilies. well except the last part when i'm out. the guy in the tight black shirt is a dumm dumm lol i wonder when i chould tell my parents. ::sigh:: i don't know anymores... pooper scoopers! i hope i have fun tomorrow at lunch with the guys. I hope Charissa feels better after running those 7 laps. g2g

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41th day of 2004
mood: pissed i guess

gosh... i dunno anymore... i dun't want ppl to know like this... this is wrong ugh... o well depressing month...

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o geez...
33th day of 2004
mood: very nervous...

o gosh.. i sorta told her but i wrote it in code on my desk and she wrote it on her hand and now she's at home decoding it... ugh.. i hope this doesn't ruin the friendship i've established with her....o gosh... nervousness.. great i'm scaring myself... i won't how she's going to react until tomorrow and i hope it's a good reaction i'm soooooo hoping it is... i guess that's it for now i'm out

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31th day of 2004
mood: so darn bored...

gosh... i'm so bored waiting for Annalee to get home from her cousin's house and for my dad to come homw with the pizza... o wow... so boring... blah blah blah blah heh hmm... gosh my love life is unreasonablely boring... ugh... no one wants to love me.. o wells i guess i'll live my life loveless. o i think my dad is home g2g nowz

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30th day of 2004
mood: borededed
listening to: the computer's droning noise

yes!!! i am too lazy to do anything... blah i've tried writing here everyday and i usually juss make it to the date then give up. gosh... i'm lame o i know what my question of the year is!!! Would u get a tatoo??? heh i would but that's when i'm 18. gosh... i lost the ability to keep my mind on this because the the simpsons are calling my name!!! lol ok imma go watch them nows. and would u get a tatoo???? i'm outties

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