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happy april fools!
Sunday. 4.1.07 8:10 am
so this weekend, isnt as fun as i thought it would be. i didnt think i liked him anymore, but when they made out in front of me all day and night in the car, pool, at home i just got so pissed and i couldnt even tlk to him about it because it was about him. ugh i hate that he is my best friend, and i have the BIGEST crush on him.

i am guessing since he or she does not have a nutang i can say their names. so yes, i am talking about Kristin, and Michael.

ugh, asdfghjkl;

they always do this. every time we hang out i never want to stay that long because all they do is flirt and i sit here like an idiot doing nothing because i dont know what to do. sometimes i will get my Ipod out, or i might pretend to look somewhere else. but the thing is Kristin, i think she does it all on purpose, because everytime they are making out she looks over at me to see if i am watching. she knew i liked him when she asked him out. yes thats right she asked him out. just when me and him were starting to talk about dating. but i cant like him i like someone else who i cant mention. jeez now i seem like some whining nag who is just jelous of everything. and i wish i could say i am not but i am begining to think i am.

have to go let my brain rest.

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Sunday. 3.25.07 3:45 pm
this weekend was, well i guess you could say entertaining. it sucks that EVERYONE and their brother had to be born today so my little randevu[sp] didnt go as well as hoped or planned. leigh was getting on my nerves, and megan couldnt stay long because saturday was her brothers birthday. but katie did get to come skating with leigh, shalesa, and i.

it was fun, i do have to admit that your prank/ joke katie was realy funny about telling them it was my birthday. i never did get you back, but i got leigh back. too bad we couldnt find a girl to flirt with her. lmao, oh well maybe next time. then today was sort of spoiled because shalesa's brother was ALSO born today so she had to leave early and katie had to be gone by 3. so katie and i just went swimming for about 10 minutes then got cold. so we layed out. discussed summer plans, and bikini wearing.
have to go out now, shopping.


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Wednesday. 3.21.07 11:50 pm
so yes i am new to this site called nutang. i am not quite sure if i will keep it, but i am going to try it out because some friends of mine got me semi-interseted. but who knows how things will turn out. I might say "HAI i like it i will keep it. or i might be thinking Blah, its boring no one talks to me..."

but on a better note, my day was...interesting. this certian someone i have been likeing somewhat has feeling for me. i guess you could say. well thats what the grape-vine is saying[my own personal source] but i have learned not to listen/trust people unless it comes from THAT persons mouth. or i will just talk to him tomorrow. but i am not the approach-ing type. i may seam loud and crazy, and dont get me wrong. i am at times. But when it comes to guys i am a turtle that never comes out of its shell. we'll just have to see.

friend-wise. i think i am finaly finding my place in highschool. i mean i had friends when i got here yes, because of volleyball and stuff from stms. but a lot of my frends went to rhhs. but now since i have been doing not only volleyball but other clubs and of course theatre i am finding out who my real friends are and who arent. like this one girl, not saying her name because well i dont want to pick just one, but she has become...i could say one of my best friends this year. i can talk to her about anything. its good though, i think ever since britney[my bestie] moved away over the summer. we still talk but not like we used to. i am loving friends, but i badly want summer to come. but before that i want my birthday on may 9th to come. i want katies party to come so i can just have fun with friends, && most of all i want HIM.

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