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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
It's a squirrel it's a rat it's a cicak!
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Damn it. The maintenance department made fun of me this morning. The staff has been telling tales of me not being capable of differentiating a rat and a lizard.

It all begins in the morning around 8 am. I was sitting alone in the office as usual and starting to warm up to finish my work, and then I had an unpredictable incident happened in my office. I heard an extreme loud noise in my room: a rat poo-ing in my room. Believe me I know how it poos because my ex-colleague was grateful enough to demo the sound of a rat pooing. And thanks to her I was able to identify the mysterious sound this morning. It was so loud like I put it max on my speaker. Hearing it sent me off to a panic state. And then I heard some scratching sound.

I was thankful coincidentally I was chatting with a colleague from another department: maintenace. She immediately referred me to call the manager and I did with the opening:

"Good morning I was referred by bla and I believe my room is invaded by a rat."

He laughed. Oh well, according to the department, it IS impossible to have such pest in the building. And I thought it IS impossible because there was no hole for it to squeeze. Unless it could squeeze throuh a less than 0.5cm gap. Oh well, the maintenance people came ... and was quite reluctant to investigate because it IS impossible for a rat to penetrate the wall. So the guy moved the cabinets aways HOPING to see a rat, but it turned out to be lizard. The guy laughed. And reported to the boss that it was a lizard. No rat in sight.

My friend who was on the office messenger was laughing while reporting to me that people in her department were making fun of me "... there's a squirrel in her office...". And I thought it was plain stupid to laugh at me. What is the big deal of having pest in the office? It is NORMAL. I explained to this colleague that it is normal to rats in buildings so why the hell are you all laughing at me? That IS because they have never heard how rat makes noise. I find this STUPID. I felt like I was thrown back into primary school when I tried telling the class that Ais Kacang (shaved ice) is served with ice cream. Everyone in class said I was HALLUCINATING.

Like Penelope Cruz said in the Gothika movie "How can I trust someone who thinks I'm crazy?"

My colleague was still laughing at my 'folliness' till I got so pissed off that I told her to tell her colleagues "that they forgot to add that there are GHOSTS in my room... not only those damn squirrels. Tell them they are a fortunate bunch to enter a room that is often visited by GHOSTS." My colleague stopped laughing after reading the word GHOSTS.

Because she knows this is true. But she doesn't really want to tell me more about it. She simply replied "No ghost stories." I don't have either except seeing a spirit standing beside my student and some shadows running across my table.

Speaking of which, I wonder has anyone else in my office spotted this supernatural beings before?

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Saturday, November 7, 2009
I just had some discussion with a person that works for an international agency about sustainability. The conclusion is things are not great at all about the world's environment state. It is bad.

It's time to realise my dream of saving the world....

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Why are you not itchy?
Friday, November 6, 2009
My mother is a clean freak. And that says a lot of things about my growing up. I guess I don't need to go in depth about it eh?

There is one thing I never understand. More of I cannot understand. How can some family not clean their floor for over a month? I have friends telling me that their mother only mops the floor once or twice a month. I cannot believe my ears because did they not notice their feet are black? My mother mops the floor every week. It has to be every week if not my family's feet get itchy. My feet has been itching since yesterday but today's worse because the itchiness climbed to my ankle level. And my mother just didn't mop the floor over 10 days. Are my feet that pampered or it's just an indication that the floor is really damn dirty due to the dust?

If the floor is dirty and how come some people cannot detect? That is why I'm reluctant to enter people's house unless I'm wearing socks. That is because I have a sensitive cleanliness detector on my feet. It's a tradition for my family to wash our feet before entering our own house because of the dust and stickiness we got by walking outside of the house. Don't you all feel that too?

Do you all also apply soap to your feet after applying to your body parts? It's like I'm asking you all whether you all brush your hair comb with soap. I remember friends laughing at me for being 'stupid' for washing my hair comb with a brush and soap. They told me my method is so 'ma fan' (troublesome in Cantonese) [or stupid?] and their method is the easiest: comb the wet hair with the comb under the shower. But can't you see the comb is black?? Try brushing the comb with soap and rinse it under the running tap water and can't you see the water is black in colour?

I just spent some midnight time to sterilise my room floor even though my mum is going to mop the floor tomorrow but my feet can't wait. They have been itching all night. And there is no way for me to scratch it while I'm sleeping. And now the itch stopped. Thank god.

I'm finally able to do my report in peace. Good night.

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So in sync
Thursday, November 5, 2009
Have you came across anyone that could be so in sync with you? Before you could pop out what is on your mind, the person opposite you has just said whatever you wanted to blurt. Yes? Yes... I came across this kind of people before. It is no other than Jolenesiah. Today we were so .. on the same wave length. I was telling my other friend on MSN ebuddy that I was going loco which I said it in Malay: "Sakit jiwa." And coincidentally Jolenesiah replied my message with the same word: Sakit jiwa. How spooky is that. We are physically separated geographically and yet we could read each other's mind online. Owh. Our psychic must be the envy of some people.

Well, I guess you all don't know something about me and Jolenesiah. I know some of you know we both have been friends for over 12 years since high school. Our parents think the reunion of the two of us will scare all the chickens and birds away ... which is impossible since chickens are already dead ... And the last thing you really don't know about is that we both chat with each other everyday from Monday to Sunday from morning as early as 7.30 am to as late as after 12 am, depending whether Jolenesiah's head hits the keyboard or not. Our chat has got no off days. And hell yea. We chat for over 12 hours!!! HAHA.

Thank you to internet for saving us money on chatting!!!

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Everyday is a holiday
Tuesday. 11.3.09 6:52 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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A w e s o m e !
Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Some of the comments made by my students in the evalution forms made me very happy. And one of them is "Ms Renee is awesome." It was such a short and sweet statement. I'm now on top of the world.

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