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Halo 3 wallpaper/poster
Thursday. 12.27.07 6:06 pm

OK. This is the finished product of my Halo 3 endeavors. I'm thinking of selling them as posters, possibly even through Deviant Art. (That's where I got the wonderful watermark. :D)

I know it's huge. The biggest version is actually 1280 pixels wide (this is only 1024 by 768)

Is it good? Any Halo fans out there that like this? Click it for the big version in my gallery.

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Finish The Fight
Thursday. 12.27.07 12:33 am
I'm working on a Halo 3 poster using this image:

Judgement by ~middaymoon on deviantART

I took it myself. It will say "FINISH THE FIGHT"

The details are awful. So far I've managed to give the words a shadow to match Master Chief's and made a rough texture for "finish"

I'll do the rest tomorrow.

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An addition to my Holiday Post.
Wednesday. 12.26.07 7:34 pm

I guess this is funnier if you keep up with the shows on the website. Still. These guys are good. Go check them out.

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Sorry, guys.
Wednesday. 12.26.07 1:24 pm
[A post from the future links here. If you clicked a link and don't know what happened, hitting the back button won't help. Hit it twice. When I wrote this entry I assumed you'd read the one directly before. Hence the confusing first line.]

That was completely uncalled for. She isn't that bad. And she didn't say anything bad about the present.

It was a good day, over all. I'd rather not have gone to her friend's house to eat, but they watched Guardian and I was entertained.

60 gigabyte hard drive for my pictures. YES.

The Orange Box pack for XBox 360, featuring Half Life 2, episodes 1 & 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2.

Mario Galaxy for the Wii.

A Halo 3 shirt

Some sweaters and nice jeans.

Camcorder!!! YESYES. 30 gig hard drive, drop sensor, infra-red night vision, touch screen, 40x optical zoom, one touch DVD burn...I am very pleased.

Anyone else get anything good? One of my friends got a CAR. Sure, it's a piece, and she can't drive, but it's a car.

: )

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