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Part 2
Sunday. 12.30.07 1:23 pm
Sean started a game of Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker yesterday, and he aims to beat it today. I'm impressed with his progress, really. He beat most of a dungeon when I went to the bathroom.

I'm looking for a post I might have made this time last year, and I found the one about the repeating news clip. Good thing I brought my digital life over here via hard drive. I'm going image diving; I want to see this.

/finds it* OK, wow. I was wearing the same shirt I wore yesterday. And I need to shut up on camera. So annoying.

Well, turns out I didn't post for Christmas last year OR the year before. Which means this is the first time I've ever posted on my birthday. That's right; I'm sixteen. Watch out.

Thanks to NuTang for greatly improving my writing. I have to admit; the old stuff is a little hard for me to read without throwing something.

Last night, Bigfoot told me she wished today was my happiest birthday ever. It probably won't be, seeing as how I'm only celebrating with a handful of relatives and there's nothing to do up here. To top it off, I have a lot of homework and studying to do before school starts, plus I have two days when I get back to make a hard hitting video for Youth Group.

But I'll remember today.

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2008 Maryland Saga -Part1
Saturday. 12.29.07 11:06 am
So, today is the second day of me being in Maryland at my grandpa's house. It's kind of boring, actually. He got a new computer which is running Vista, so that's cool. I'm not impressed with Vista, by the way. Maybe I'll know it better when I've had a MAC for a few months. Heh.


My brother is sleeping in the bed right next to me. And I have an itchy throat. Soon I'll cough too loud, and he'll want to check his myspace. Yech.

There's no Fire Fox on this computer. And the favicon that I stressed out so much on isn't even showing up. Maybe I should check up on that, actually.

The actual brain of the computer is made with plastic sides and lots of blue LEDs. It's pretty frackin awesome. I can see the hard drive spinning. I never had any idea there was so much extra room in there. There's also LEDs under the keys in this hateful keyboard, which makes the letters glow but does not make typing easier for me. I hate these "laptop" keys that don't go down all the way. The mouse also glows, though I had to turn down the speed and sensitivity a ton.

Last night I watched some of Bruce Almighty and some more of Along Came Polly. Both had Jennifer Anniston in them. She's a versitile actress.

I hope I'm spelling everything right. I don't have FF to back me up, for me. -.-

In other news, Kendal is going to spam me with phone calls on my birthday, starting at 4 AM. I'll get her back next year. /makes note in an e-mail to the future.* Also, I played a game on Gamecube called Lost Kingdoms, and it blew. Like a Yu Gi Yoh RPG, but you have to actually aim the attacks and the camera views suck too hard to do so properly. I guess you only play if you have nothing else to do. All the other games are missing. Sean cut holes in his new beany, and I personally think he's going to rob someone with it, if he finds it again. I left my contact fluid at home...I can't remember anything else right now. I'm scatter brained.

Umm...breakfast is going to be late. But satisfying.

My mom wants me to link her to my nutang. Hoboy.

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Halo 3 wallpaper/poster
Thursday. 12.27.07 6:06 pm

OK. This is the finished product of my Halo 3 endeavors. I'm thinking of selling them as posters, possibly even through Deviant Art. (That's where I got the wonderful watermark. :D)

I know it's huge. The biggest version is actually 1280 pixels wide (this is only 1024 by 768)

Is it good? Any Halo fans out there that like this? Click it for the big version in my gallery.

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Finish The Fight
Thursday. 12.27.07 12:33 am
I'm working on a Halo 3 poster using this image:

Judgement by ~middaymoon on deviantART

I took it myself. It will say "FINISH THE FIGHT"

The details are awful. So far I've managed to give the words a shadow to match Master Chief's and made a rough texture for "finish"

I'll do the rest tomorrow.

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