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Not bad
Friday. 1.4.08 1:21 am
I think I'll do another video sometime. But not as long winded. And Dilated WILL LAUGH. I promise you.

Not now, though.


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Worst Movie Experience
Wednesday. 1.2.08 8:20 am
I decided to tell this story "in person." It IS a bit long winded, but if you can read my longer posts you can watch this. Then again, that may not be true. :P

And yes, I do tend to have trouble talking. Sometimes. Lucky me.

If you watched that whole thing, you also get a reward. You get to read part of my conversation with the illustrious Emmuhlie Faye. I trust you guys not to cheat.

emisize: i dont even get how you could get a perverted joke through that
emisize: ...?
wiseguysupreme4: I dunno. It was in response to a perverted joke, and you "winked" after.
emisize: okay
emisize: just to let you know, im laughing really hard rightnow
wiseguysupreme4: What?
wiseguysupreme4: I WASN'T EVEN TRYING!!
wiseguysupreme4: :o
emisize: because im sitting here trying to think of a way to make that statement perverted
emisize: and im coming up with some ridiculous conclusions
emisize: your crazy
wiseguysupreme4: Exactly.
wiseguysupreme4: Whoops.
wiseguysupreme4: Bad timing.
emisize: im now laughing even harder

If anyone wants to know, I have little to no idea what "illustrious" means. So I'm not responsible for your interpretation.

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I'd also like to mention
Sunday. 12.30.07 9:05 pm
OK, an update since earlier today. We had a few relatives come over, just one of my Dad's brothers and his family. The other two brothers are already here, but they're kind of hermits. They're cool, though.

I played Super Smash Bros. for the first time in ages. Sean dominated, as usual, but I still got some awesome moves in. Don't ya love it.

Umm. I got to slice my cake, and gave myself the largest piece I'll probably ever get. The frosting was kind of disgusting, though.

I made a bulletin on Myspace thanking the three or four people who texted or called me to wish me a happy birthday, and since then I think somewhere near 10, maybe even 15 people have commented me. It's pretty awesome.

HEY to Kendal, my most quiet stalker, and Emily, who may or may not be reading this. And I assume Grace is, too.

Night, and thanks!

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Part 2
Sunday. 12.30.07 1:23 pm
Sean started a game of Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker yesterday, and he aims to beat it today. I'm impressed with his progress, really. He beat most of a dungeon when I went to the bathroom.

I'm looking for a post I might have made this time last year, and I found the one about the repeating news clip. Good thing I brought my digital life over here via hard drive. I'm going image diving; I want to see this.

/finds it* OK, wow. I was wearing the same shirt I wore yesterday. And I need to shut up on camera. So annoying.

Well, turns out I didn't post for Christmas last year OR the year before. Which means this is the first time I've ever posted on my birthday. That's right; I'm sixteen. Watch out.

Thanks to NuTang for greatly improving my writing. I have to admit; the old stuff is a little hard for me to read without throwing something.

Last night, Bigfoot told me she wished today was my happiest birthday ever. It probably won't be, seeing as how I'm only celebrating with a handful of relatives and there's nothing to do up here. To top it off, I have a lot of homework and studying to do before school starts, plus I have two days when I get back to make a hard hitting video for Youth Group.

But I'll remember today.

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