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I graduated from Lemon University. I'm a Lemon Alumni.
Thursday. 1.24.08 7:50 pm
I need to find ways to NOT spend all my time doing nothing at all. I'm lethargic and maybe more than a bit lazy, and I need to get my butt outside or something. Get a job. Prioritize.

Sometimes I really just want to shout at people. All the people coming to mind are girls, incidentally...

STOP kicking the basket under my desk, my backpack next to my desk, and my desk. Also, you breath kind of loud and talk to yourself during class, but I don't actually hold that against you. But really, having to say, "I'm sorry." every five minutes kind of screams that you aren't.

If you're going to get me back for poking you, for CRYING OUT LOUD, try to avoid potential kill zones. And don't be a dork about it. (Hehe, just thought I'd let you know.)

Stop AVOIDING me. And if you're not avoiding me, make sure I know. Because I'm a paranoid, and it sure LOOKS like I'm being avoided. (EDIT: Remember when I said I can tell when people are blocking me on AIM and not just offline? Yeah. I guess you forgot that fun tidbit.)

Now I'm actually trying to think of people to e-shout at. Nice.

Homework is starting to pile up, and I still need to get organized. Oh, man.

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Wednesday. 1.23.08 9:19 pm
In case I somehow forget, the recording below is from a phone conversation I had with Boyman. No I don't ever need her to make that noise for me again!

So, a new semester in school means for me 4 new classes. Chemistry 1, Spanish 2, American Government and Economy, and Programming 1.

So far, I have no complaints, except that the new lunch setup isn't nearly as Steve-friendly as the last one. It's earlier, but it's right in the middle of one of my classes. So when the class ends, I have a whole OTHER hour and a half to go through. And all my friends from last semester are in different lunches, except for two. The awesome factor is just too crappy.

Today, on the way home from school, it was just me driving and Sydney shotgun. We noticed that my friend AJ was in his truck behind us as we were about to enter the neighborhood. I slowed down to about 10 mph on a 35 mph curve, then stopped for a solid minute in the road before turning into the entrance. Once in the neighborhood, I got right in the middle of the road with my big gold minivan, and CRAWLED. Then I suddenly gunned it to his house and parked across the entrance to his driveway. He pulled up next to me and opened his window to tell me to move, and I sprayed him with my windshield fluid.

I told him I would go. We were both facing a cul-de-sac, so he went ahead and I was to follow. Instead, I executed two points in a three point turn, so by the time he came back around I was still taking up about half the road. I stared backing up until I hit some of his bushes, then made the final turn and left.

Sydney will probably be riding with me more often. Hahahahahaha. And maybe AJ will learn to leave school before me.

Here are some interesting baby videos, for your viewing pleasure.

I'm back.

Oh, wait. Thanks, Jenni!

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I prevail!
Wednesday. 1.23.08 6:55 pm

More later.

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*waiting for a title to present itself.*
Monday. 1.14.08 6:18 pm
God, if only I had the stones to tell the telemarketers and such that "Mr...Stephen Hopper" is DEAD AND BURIED, and you can shove it up your ASS!


So much is happening to me. Or, not happening, more likely. There's a lot to say, but I'm going to go on a hiatus of sorts. I'll keep up in my school journal.

I really, really hate the revelations I've been getting recently. So I'm going to sort them out. There are a few addictions I need to beat senseless.

There's a story I'm working on. Short. Some of it is for the benefit of the Literary Magazine at my school.

It's mostly for me.

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