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Sunday. 3.3.13 8:52 pm
Just because it's kind of a fun date, I felt it necessary to use it as my title.

I'm finally home after my long weekend so I can get back to my boring life. It's funny how even a futon can be really comfortable after staying elsewhere for a few nights. I don't think it's even the fact that it's comfortable, but that it's just simply mine. Only once was I ever in a bed that was waaaay more comfortable than mine and it was only for one night in a rather expensive hotel room.

I'm calling it a night early because I'm drained from the busy weekend.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Saturday. 3.2.13 8:43 pm
How is it, when I'm at home, I sit on my ass doing absolutely nothing, but when I am house sitting for someone, I am the busiest I can be? It doesn't make sense to me. This weekend, I actually didn't plan on being busy, but that clearly isn't how it went.

I got to my friend's place later Thursday evening, got about 3 hours of sleep between when they finished packing and when they got up in the morning to leave {there was 4 hours in between, but my phone rang and I had a small issue falling back asleep.} I left when they did and went home around 6am, napped until around 10, went grocery shopping with Jacob then went back and hung out for a little bit. We napped some ... well, I napped, he played video games. We went out for dinner and I got back to my friend's place around 9ish. . . or 10ish? ... I don't specifically remember. I just know that it was way later than I planned.

Then today, I got up around 8 {I refused to get up at 6 when I initially woke up,} hung out till 10, then left to go meet with the friend who I had to reschedule with from last weekend. We went to the park, went on a 3 mile stroll then went back to her place for games {Golf and Mexican Train} and food {burgers.} I stayed much later than I was previously anticipating. I think it was because I felt bad for not being able to last weekend, but it left me getting back to my friend's place much later than I planned. I still had to do laundry {which is in the dryer now} and I showered a second time; her shower is amazing. I may have to shower here again tomorrow after work. As soon as the laundry is done, I will be folding it up, getting the dogs fed and in bed then will be going to bed myself.

Tomorrow morning, I have to be up a bit earlier than I'm used to because I need to take care of the dogs before I leave for work and I have to leave for work much earlier than I'm used to. I may have to hide somewhere and doze for a little bit. I'll be bringing my freshly laundered clothes with me so that I can drop them off at home before I head back up here. Absolutely no plans whatsoever after I get back up here, though. I will be hanging out until they get back from their trip; probably around 7 or 8. I'm hoping to be back at home tomorrow night sometime before 10; earlier if possible, but it all depends on when they get home and how bad/good traffic is.

Anywho, I need to check to see how much longer the dryer has until it's done. I really hope my clothes are dry so that I won't have to run it through another cycle. I am exhausted and just ready to collapse for the night.

Until tomorrow. ..

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From the phone
Friday. 3.1.13 9:23 pm
Since the website doesn't seem to want to load on the computer, I am doing this from my phone. It's rather annoying, but I don't want to miss a day because the comp is being dumb.

I will try again tomorrow. Hopefully it works and I'll be able to type more than just a short bit.

Until then ...

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Final minus 1
Thursday. 2.28.13 8:01 pm
I will be leaving my house in about an hour and a half, staying the night at my friend's place and will be back sometime tomorrow. I forgot that I have shit to do this weekend and it's better to get it all taken care of on Friday than to put it off. Plus, I had to reschedule my plans with the friend I canceled on last weekend so I will be busy on Saturday anyway.

Nothing of consequence happened at work today. Although, I did receive more calls than I wanted to respond to . . . meaning more than 5. I have a limit of 5 that I'm okay responding to on my Friday and that limit was surpassed. It just means that I actually have to work rather than hide out and sit on my ass. On a normal day I am more than ready to leave when 2pm comes along, but since I have to come back the next day, there's really no real sigh of relief. However, come 2pm Thursday afternoon, I am usually fed up and couldn't leave any faster than if someone yelled fire. Although ... if someone yelled fire, I would probably stay to find out what happened. Go figure.

I'm so thankful for easy fixes. My vehicle insurance company is so nice {minus my agent, which I will be changing tomorrow} when it comes to me needing help with something. Due to my financial issues over the last few {+} months, I had to let my car insurance lapse this month; I opted for that over being homeless. I explained my situation and told the person on the phone that since I had received my tax refund I could pay the past due balance. It was just enough to get my insurance back up and running with no penalties. I can legally drive my vehicle again. I'm so glad that it was a painless fix and that I didn't have to pay any cancellation fees or deal with any penalties from letting it lapse. I think because it only lapsed this month and I was able to pay the full past due balance, that might have helped, but whatever it was I'm very thankful.

Even though the NuTang February challenge is over, I will still be continuing my personal challenge of one entry per day per month, with an allowance of one missed day per month. It was nice seeing NuTang so active over the last 28 days, even with some people falling out toward the end. I hope that some people are able to continue with a semi-daily post, but I understand that life happens. It was a fun challenge nevertheless. Perhaps this can be rekindled another month later in the year. .

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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Mythical hotties
Wednesday. 2.27.13 6:13 pm
I dreamed that my mom, my sister, her son and I lived in a small village. My mom went over to the neighboring village to say hi to an old family friend and after a little while, I went over to let her know that dinner was ready. I was previously unaware that this family friend was living in the neighboring village so I had to look on the mail boxes to find the guy's name. It had also been years since I had come in contact with said person. When I got there, I was invited in for a moment and realized he had two sons, one a couple years older than me and the other a quite a few years younger. The one closer to my age was very attractive and I ended up staying to flirt, completely forgetting about dinner.

Sounds like a great dream right? Here's the plot twist ... the family friend doesn't exist in history as a family friend. He's actually a neighbor that owned a farm behind our house in MD. The interaction was very little, although he did help out some after my dad passed away. But there was no kind of interaction that would warrant calling him any kind of old family friend. So this mythical attractive son? No clue if he actually exists. I remember him as being an older gentleman who had a wife and dogs, not kids.

I told my friend about this dream and he started asking if I was close to him, if I knew his email, Facebook, etc. after which I had to explain the situation. My other friend suggested that I have a subconscious crush on this guy ... except that he doesn't exist. I have no idea what the dream meant, if anything, but it was a nice change from recent dreams, which have been more on the rather unpleasant end.

Work today was boring. I'm hoping for the same tomorrow.

It's raining right now; surprise surprise, but it's a nice sound against the window. It's making me sleepy so I may go to bed early.

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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Comfort food
Tuesday. 2.26.13 8:59 pm
I nearly killed an old man at work today.

You know that fine line between pissed off and livid? Yeah, I was there. I reached that level. Long story short, this 90 year old dude had me searching the parking garage for 30 minutes only to tell me that he remembered he had driven a different car today. The additives include insisting on coming with me {normally it's a lot faster to locate someone's vehicle if they're not trying to 'help'} and regaled me with WWII stories and how he had come in to the hospital because he had passed out ... great, I'm helping an old ass man who has no memory and has issues staying conscious back to his car...

I already have a short temper, but the fact that I was sent on a wild goose chase for 30 minutes and had to deal with him following me around not letting me look anywhere besides where he was convinced he had parked, but insisting on letting me do my job the whole time. I was ready to put a key in his eye.

After work I stopped at the store and purchased pizza rolls, two chocolate Easter bunnies {the larger of the golden wrapped ones from Lindt and a $1 baby binks one,} some store-made brownies and a box of Morning Star chickin' nuggets; the latter being just because they're delicious. 20 something pizza rolls later, the binks bunny and a brownie later, I was finally calmed. On top of all that junk food crap, I did one better. . . I took a nap. No wonder my metabolism sucks ass. Don't get me wrong, I don't eat like this often; it's been months since my last splurge like this, but today at work? Just a chocolate bunny would not have been enough.

Anywho, I think the cold that I thought I was getting a week ago is making another attempt. I've been sneezing all day and my nose has been stuffy for the last hour or so. Luckily I only have two more days of work ... but since I won't be home this weekend who knows how well I'll be able to sleep. Then again I like being at my friend's place so I may sleep just as well as I normally do on my weekends. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

Alright, I think I'm going to work on a puzzle in my book then call it a night.

Until tomorrow. . .

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