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Lazy day
Saturday. 2.23.13 5:48 pm
I canceled my plans that I had with the friend from work because I woke up with bad cramps and decided that laying down most of the day was probably the only way to keep from suffering. It seems to have worked so far. Even standing in the shower for 10 minutes was unpleasant. Sitting up is okay for a little while, but then I have to stretch out and lay down again. So, pretty much as long as I don't stand for more than a few minutes and don't move around a lot, I'm good. Every few months I go through this, where the cramps are worse than normal ... I'm just glad it's not every month.

Because I've spent most of the day in bed, there's really not a whole lot to write about. I've been watching shows on Hulu during the short spurts where I can comfortably sit up. I'll also probably be in bed fairly early tonight in hopes that I'll be fine for work tomorrow. If not, then I guess it's good that it's Sunday and the boss won't be there so I can basically hide out the whole day.

Anywho, I really have nothing else to put down here. Maybe there will be more tomorrow.

Until then. . .

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T-minus 6 days
Friday. 2.22.13 5:13 pm
There's only 6 more days left in the challenge, not counting today. I only missed one day.

I slept fairly well last night after sitting on my ass playing games on my computer for half the day. Although 6 hours is technically a quarter of the day, but whatever. I woke up around 6:30 and went back to sleep until sometime around 11.

The wind is blowing like crazy today and even though my windows are closed and locked, the blinds are moving ever so slightly whenever a strong gust blows.

I have a few more errands to run and I'm waiting for the sun to go down before I head out. For some reason I just prefer driving in the dark. That's probably why I don't mind going out during the day when it's cloudy and rainy, like it was earlier. The sun came out just before I got home from running some errands earlier so I figured I would just wait it out before I finished the rest.

I will be playing Minecraft again later tonight once I get back home, but I have a feeling it won't be for 6 hours again. If I play later, I'll get tired sooner and thus stop playing earlier. We'll see how well my logic holds up. I also have a bunch of shows on Hulu to watch so that might be a reason to not play as long.

Anywho, there's about 20 minutes left until the sun goes down.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Simple and brief
Thursday. 2.21.13 9:14 pm
I've been playing Minecraft for the last 6 hours . . .

Errands to run tomorrow and laundry to do Saturday morning. Then Saturday afternoon I'll be hanging with a friend from work. The plan is to meet up at a park and go from there. Part of me doesn't really want to go, but since I've already agreed I am now obligated.

Work was busy, as most Thursdays seem to be. We had an electrical/mechanical failure in one of the smaller buildings that started our morning out. It only inconvenienced us by the fact that we had to patrol that building more often than normal. Nothing really came of it other than that.

Anywho, I need to lay down. My back is killing me from sitting up at the computer half the evening.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Wednesday. 2.20.13 7:46 pm
I've come to the conclusion that there's a higher power that's keeping me from getting a new job, which means that, for some bullshit reason, I'm still needed at my current job. If a handful of my other friends can find new jobs and I'm still stuck where I'm at, clearly it's not for a lack of employers who are hiring. I have taken the last couple weeks off from searching, but I'm going to resume my vigorous search starting either this weekend or next week.

I forgot that I made plans with a coworker for this coming Saturday. I have no idea what we'll be doing, but I'm sure it won't be a boring day. I'll just have to make sure she knows that I can't stay out later than 8 because I need to work the next morning and I'll need sleep beforehand. And I have laundry to do in the morning so meeting up around noon is probably better.

Wow. . . I got involved in Minecraft and completely forgot that I had started this entry. . . over an hour ago.

I guess I didn't really have much else to write about. So I'll end this here.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Losing darkness, gaining light
Tuesday. 2.19.13 8:46 pm
I seemed to have forgotten that the winter solstice was back in December so we've slowly been gaining daylight hours since and it just hit me this morning that it's getting light out way earlier than I thought. Perhaps it's the fact that I live in Seattle and it's usually cloudy first thing in the morning, but still. There was a clearing in the clouds at sunrise and it was very light on the horizon even before 7. Soon enough it'll be light out before I even leave for work.

I think I'm getting sick. I feel like I'm dealing with a sinus headache and have been since about halfway through my shift. At first I thought it was just a headache from dehydration, but then the headache spread to most of my upper face. If I put pressure on my nose, it relieves the tension some so that's what leads me to conclude it's a sinus headache. I really hope I'm not getting sick, but it wouldn't surprise me. Nearly half the other guards have had colds over the last month or so. I guess I just up my vitamin C intake over the next week and hope for the best.

I guess I don't really have anything else to write about. I've been sitting here just staring at the screen for the last 5 minutes. I can always add to this if I think of anything else.

Until then. . . or tomorrow. . .

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Monday. 2.18.13 8:38 pm
So Jacob set up a server for us to play Minecraft on and we've been using Skype as a way to communicate while playing the game. It's a fun game to play when you have others to play with and goals to accomplish. Unless you're really into creativity and designing stuff, single player isn't really all that great. Especially since the things you get on single player can't be brought over in to multi-player.

Anywho, work was as boring as expected it to be, with the exception of urgent care being just as busy as I expected it to be. The last two hours of my shift could not have gone by any faster. I was ready to get the hell out once my relief got there. I usually am ready to leave the place, but when it's busy and I have to deal with idiots complaining about it being busy, I am never happier than when I can pass on the proverbial torch to the oncoming shift.

Three more days then the weekend. No plans as of yet, except the usual laundry. Grocery shopping needs to be on that list as well.

Alright, I need to actually get to bed at a reasonable time today.

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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