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I've noticed a trend
Saturday. 2.23.08 12:05 pm
I'm tending to lean on lyrics more than I used to. I'll use them in away messages, titles for journal posts, myspace stuff...plus I sing them when I walk around in school. Or when I'm sitting in class. That's always interesting.

In my defense, most of the songs are so badly known that it would seem more likely that I had just made it up.

Saw Jumper yesterday. Very cool effects. If the phenomenon was real, I'd be crazy excited over it. It isn't that they just teleport, they actually make a wormhole and pass through it. The cool part is that the break in reality stays for a while after they pass through it. It looks neat.

I don't know what to do. I guess I'll just read. Gotta finish the Chronicles.

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Hey guys
Wednesday. 2.20.08 11:26 pm
There's an eclipse tonight. The next one will be 20 days before my birthday during my first year after graduating high school.

Good night.

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You wish!
Monday. 2.18.08 9:02 pm
Wonder of wonders, I'm back!

Many thoughtful posts have been pondered in my mind, but all were lost. Sucks for you.

I've managed to read the first two books from the Chronicles of Narnia today. I plan to keep the pace up.

romanticocabrita: Rar. Didn't do it for the likes of you.
wiseguysupreme4: Well, any amount of gratitude I felt towards you for it has vanished.
romanticocabrita: -evil cakcinling and such-
wiseguysupreme4: It makes me that much more bitter.
wiseguysupreme4: You wonder why I'm bitter.
wiseguysupreme4: This is why.
romanticocabrita: I'm just happeh.
wiseguysupreme4: I'm not even going to ask why.
wiseguysupreme4: Because I usually do, in case you don't take note.
wiseguysupreme4: And you never ask me. So. I'm not gonna ask.
wiseguysupreme4: I'll probably keep reading instead.

Yes. Yes, I will.

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There's a thing
Saturday. 2.16.08 6:00 pm
about posting on the internet. Normally, when people travel somewhere new, it's exciting. It's a big deal, either because the destination is well known, because the culture is so different, or both.

However, since I'm posting on the internet, there are sure to be people (maybe virtual or imaginary, but this is still just a theory. Shut up.) who already live in that destination and don't think it's a big deal. Maybe they're sick of it.


So, I'm in Florida, and pretty excited by it. The weather is sunny, maybe a bit too bright, but the temperature could not be more PERFECT. Well, it could, but that's just because of wind chill. Whoo.

My cousins are the greatest. Niko is 2, and Valeria is 5. I have to say that they're very cute. Plus, they love to play and are totally fun to hang out with.

I wish I wasn't leaving on Monday.

Oh, and the plane ride here was a jerk. They overbooked and almost kicked my mom and brother off. Then, then I had a seat between a nice girl and an Ausie, and Mom made me go to the back with her. (I'm an ignorant American, so I'm automatically facinated with foreign accents. Another thing the interweb makes light of.)

Please excuse all my typos. I know they're there somewhere. I'm not using Firefox, so I can't spell check EVERYTHING. I rely on that far too much.

*Edit* Actually, I think someone said Niko was three. Now I'm all confused.

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