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Saturday. 3.9.13 4:58 pm
I bought the shoes laces that I needed, but was unable to get a comfortable pair of pants for work. I understand that in my profession, the pants aren't supposed to be comfortable; they're supposed to be practical. However, I finally was able to find a pair that was both and what happens? JC Penny stops making/selling them. Ugh! I guess I patch up the hole that's in my current pair and hopes it lasts until I can find another pair that's cheap, comfortable and practical. I may need to travel a little further to a bigger mall.

I'm already starting to get tired, but I must resist the urge to nap. Once it gets dark, I will be changing my microwave clock so that when I look at it, I think it's later than it actually is so that I can get to bed at a reasonable hour. I forgot to change the clock in my car so I'll just have to do that in the morning. Unless something comes up that requires me to leave my abode again today, I don't see it necessary to change the clock until tomorrow. My phone should change on it's own, but just in case, I think I will have Jacob call me.

Alright, I shall go find things to do to keep me awake for at least another few hours. Wish me luck.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Uhm ... what?
Friday. 3.8.13 5:29 pm
I took a few hour nap {which is normal for this time of day} and I had a dream that there was this huge mansion {I'm talking like the size of a small town} that only had cats, dogs and mice in it. This was kind of like the zombie apocalypse, but only in the way the animals attacked and transformed. Instead of becoming zombies, however, the animal turned in to chocolate and the victory party would then eat the chocolate animal.

There was one rogue cat who would help all other parties at the expense of being spared, but would be attacked and turned if caught by his own kind. The cat was holed up in an area out of cat territory, but he was found out by another and brought back to be held prisoner. He was drugged and threatened, but they never attacked him. Fellow mice who had befriended the rogue cat attempted an escape, but they were caught.

And then I woke up. I'm thinking that I was in the roll of the rogue cat at certain times because it was very difficult for me to open my eyes in the dream and when I could get them open, it was only barely and things were blurry. Weird.

So I've got this zit forming right on the outside edge of my bottom lip and it feels like a fucking boulder just sitting there. It itches and I keep wanting to bite it as a way of scratching, but then it hurts and I'm reminded why I shouldn't be doing that. I've gotten these before and it ends up blistering my lip and scabbing over. A very attractive look, indeed. At this stage, it's similar to a burn blister. To me, it feels like it's the size of a huge rock, but others can't see it. Once it blisters and scabs over, I'll just tell people that I bit at my lip a little too much. At least it's not a cold sore. I've never had one and I'm hoping to keep it that way.

This morning was fairly productive. I got in some grocery shopping and bought a few necessary toiletries. I still need to put gas in my car, buy pants and shoe laces for work, but that will all get done tomorrow. I will be going out to lunch with my friend tomorrow and will be in the mall area anyway so I just put that stuff off till then. I transferred some money in to my savings account, but I may have to transfer some of it back. I forgot about having to put gas in my car. Oh well. I'll still be able to keep some extra in there. It's so nice having that little bit extra. Even if it's a little, I know that it's there and it isn't going anywhere. I don't have any bills to worry about until my next paycheck.

Anywho, I think this is long enough. I have to shower anyway.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Mind over stomach
Thursday. 3.7.13 7:17 pm
I thought I was hungry earlier, but laziness and avoidance kept me inside and after waiting a couple hours to go out, I realized I wasn't even hungry. So I'm staying inside until it's actual hunger. I will be going grocery shopping tomorrow. If I can hold off till then, I'll probably end up saving some money. We'll see what happens.

I complain about my neighbor every once in a while to various friends and it's usually the same shit over and over so when one of my friends text me with a sarcastic remark, I retorted and now I feel bad. I really should stop complaining about my neighbor unless it's for a legitimate {new} reason. Otherwise I sound like a broken record and that gets annoying. Unfortunately because of the way that I am, I will probably avoid mentioning my neighbor ever again to this particular friend.

Other than grocery shopping, laundry and buying a new pair of pants and shoe laces for work, I have nothing planned for the weekend.

I'm getting tired again. I think after I watch a show or two from my Hulu queue, I think I'll call it an early night.

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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Just a video to share
Wednesday. 3.6.13 7:34 pm
Cute video

Nothing of consequence happened today that I'm inclined to write about. Just this video to share.

Enjoy the laughs. {For some reason the embed won't play in this entry ... sorry about the inconvenience.}

Until tomorrow. . .

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Halfway there
Tuesday. 3.5.13 8:18 pm
I have two more work days left this week ... unless I pick up the offered overtime for Friday, which I may do. I could always use the extra money. I have until tomorrow to decide.

Work was busy today. Tuesday and Thursday usually are; no idea why. I was glad to be out of there, even though it was 20 minutes after my scheduled time to leave.

I finally had Jimmy John's for the first time. I got the tuna. It was tasty. I also got a pickle, which was also tasty. I've been addicted to pickles since I was 2. According to mom that's how old I was for my first experience with a New York deli pickle and I could barely fit it in my hands. I've been stuck on pickles ever since.

I am going to watch another show on Hulu then call it a night. For some reason I want to go to bed early tonight. I'm not really that tired, but I don't feel like staying up late. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep well and not wake up a bunch of times in the middle of the night.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Monday. 3.4.13 8:29 pm
The food that I have consumed today include the following: Safeway ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with aioli sauce, 1 1/2 Safeway browines, 5 Tagalongs and 5 Samoas. Nutritious right?

I really need to go grocery shopping.

Last night I was in bed by 9 and was out before 9:30. I woke up at least once, but didn't look at the time and went back to sleep almost right away. I like the idea of not seeing what time it is when I wake up in the middle of the night because then I get the illusion that I can sleep for a lot longer. The only time this becomes a problem is if I get up to use the bathroom; I can see the time on the microwave, even without my glasses. On the weekends it doesn't matter because I can sleep however long I want.

This coming weekend we lose an hour ... or take back the hour that was gained in October. Which will probably mean that I will more tired than normal that particular Sunday. Oh well. I can always nap after work.

Looks like school is going to have to be put on the back burner again. I don't have much left over from my tax refund, but I am finally caught up on my bills. It's a good feeling. Guess I can attempt to start saving up some and hope that I can go back during Summer quarter.

I have a bruise on my leg just above my knee, but I have no idea where it came from. I have a theory ... I lean on that part of my leg a lot when I'm on the computer so it's possible that the constant pressure caused some bruising, but it's just a theory. There's no visible mark, just sore when any pressure is put on the area. Guess it's a habit that I'll need to break.

Alright, I am gonna go ... do something for 20 minutes. I told Jacob that I would bring him to work tonight and we don't have to leave for a little while so I've got time to kill. Luckily I'm tired enough that I'll hopefully have no trouble falling asleep once I get back home.

Until tomorrow. . .

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