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Mind over stomach
Thursday. 3.7.13 7:17 pm
I thought I was hungry earlier, but laziness and avoidance kept me inside and after waiting a couple hours to go out, I realized I wasn't even hungry. So I'm staying inside until it's actual hunger. I will be going grocery shopping tomorrow. If I can hold off till then, I'll probably end up saving some money. We'll see what happens.

I complain about my neighbor every once in a while to various friends and it's usually the same shit over and over so when one of my friends text me with a sarcastic remark, I retorted and now I feel bad. I really should stop complaining about my neighbor unless it's for a legitimate {new} reason. Otherwise I sound like a broken record and that gets annoying. Unfortunately because of the way that I am, I will probably avoid mentioning my neighbor ever again to this particular friend.

Other than grocery shopping, laundry and buying a new pair of pants and shoe laces for work, I have nothing planned for the weekend.

I'm getting tired again. I think after I watch a show or two from my Hulu queue, I think I'll call it an early night.

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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Just a video to share
Wednesday. 3.6.13 7:34 pm
Cute video

Nothing of consequence happened today that I'm inclined to write about. Just this video to share.

Enjoy the laughs. {For some reason the embed won't play in this entry ... sorry about the inconvenience.}

Until tomorrow. . .

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Halfway there
Tuesday. 3.5.13 8:18 pm
I have two more work days left this week ... unless I pick up the offered overtime for Friday, which I may do. I could always use the extra money. I have until tomorrow to decide.

Work was busy today. Tuesday and Thursday usually are; no idea why. I was glad to be out of there, even though it was 20 minutes after my scheduled time to leave.

I finally had Jimmy John's for the first time. I got the tuna. It was tasty. I also got a pickle, which was also tasty. I've been addicted to pickles since I was 2. According to mom that's how old I was for my first experience with a New York deli pickle and I could barely fit it in my hands. I've been stuck on pickles ever since.

I am going to watch another show on Hulu then call it a night. For some reason I want to go to bed early tonight. I'm not really that tired, but I don't feel like staying up late. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep well and not wake up a bunch of times in the middle of the night.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Monday. 3.4.13 8:29 pm
The food that I have consumed today include the following: Safeway ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with aioli sauce, 1 1/2 Safeway browines, 5 Tagalongs and 5 Samoas. Nutritious right?

I really need to go grocery shopping.

Last night I was in bed by 9 and was out before 9:30. I woke up at least once, but didn't look at the time and went back to sleep almost right away. I like the idea of not seeing what time it is when I wake up in the middle of the night because then I get the illusion that I can sleep for a lot longer. The only time this becomes a problem is if I get up to use the bathroom; I can see the time on the microwave, even without my glasses. On the weekends it doesn't matter because I can sleep however long I want.

This coming weekend we lose an hour ... or take back the hour that was gained in October. Which will probably mean that I will more tired than normal that particular Sunday. Oh well. I can always nap after work.

Looks like school is going to have to be put on the back burner again. I don't have much left over from my tax refund, but I am finally caught up on my bills. It's a good feeling. Guess I can attempt to start saving up some and hope that I can go back during Summer quarter.

I have a bruise on my leg just above my knee, but I have no idea where it came from. I have a theory ... I lean on that part of my leg a lot when I'm on the computer so it's possible that the constant pressure caused some bruising, but it's just a theory. There's no visible mark, just sore when any pressure is put on the area. Guess it's a habit that I'll need to break.

Alright, I am gonna go ... do something for 20 minutes. I told Jacob that I would bring him to work tonight and we don't have to leave for a little while so I've got time to kill. Luckily I'm tired enough that I'll hopefully have no trouble falling asleep once I get back home.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Sunday. 3.3.13 8:52 pm
Just because it's kind of a fun date, I felt it necessary to use it as my title.

I'm finally home after my long weekend so I can get back to my boring life. It's funny how even a futon can be really comfortable after staying elsewhere for a few nights. I don't think it's even the fact that it's comfortable, but that it's just simply mine. Only once was I ever in a bed that was waaaay more comfortable than mine and it was only for one night in a rather expensive hotel room.

I'm calling it a night early because I'm drained from the busy weekend.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Saturday. 3.2.13 8:43 pm
How is it, when I'm at home, I sit on my ass doing absolutely nothing, but when I am house sitting for someone, I am the busiest I can be? It doesn't make sense to me. This weekend, I actually didn't plan on being busy, but that clearly isn't how it went.

I got to my friend's place later Thursday evening, got about 3 hours of sleep between when they finished packing and when they got up in the morning to leave {there was 4 hours in between, but my phone rang and I had a small issue falling back asleep.} I left when they did and went home around 6am, napped until around 10, went grocery shopping with Jacob then went back and hung out for a little bit. We napped some ... well, I napped, he played video games. We went out for dinner and I got back to my friend's place around 9ish. . . or 10ish? ... I don't specifically remember. I just know that it was way later than I planned.

Then today, I got up around 8 {I refused to get up at 6 when I initially woke up,} hung out till 10, then left to go meet with the friend who I had to reschedule with from last weekend. We went to the park, went on a 3 mile stroll then went back to her place for games {Golf and Mexican Train} and food {burgers.} I stayed much later than I was previously anticipating. I think it was because I felt bad for not being able to last weekend, but it left me getting back to my friend's place much later than I planned. I still had to do laundry {which is in the dryer now} and I showered a second time; her shower is amazing. I may have to shower here again tomorrow after work. As soon as the laundry is done, I will be folding it up, getting the dogs fed and in bed then will be going to bed myself.

Tomorrow morning, I have to be up a bit earlier than I'm used to because I need to take care of the dogs before I leave for work and I have to leave for work much earlier than I'm used to. I may have to hide somewhere and doze for a little bit. I'll be bringing my freshly laundered clothes with me so that I can drop them off at home before I head back up here. Absolutely no plans whatsoever after I get back up here, though. I will be hanging out until they get back from their trip; probably around 7 or 8. I'm hoping to be back at home tomorrow night sometime before 10; earlier if possible, but it all depends on when they get home and how bad/good traffic is.

Anywho, I need to check to see how much longer the dryer has until it's done. I really hope my clothes are dry so that I won't have to run it through another cycle. I am exhausted and just ready to collapse for the night.

Until tomorrow. ..

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