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Hey Kendal
Monday. 3.10.08 10:45 pm
How are you doing?

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Blah, and blah again!
Saturday. 3.8.08 4:40 pm
I've gotten back into the Super Smash Bros. craze, just in time for the third installment, BRAWL. I've got Melee on the GameCube, which I've moved to an upstairs TV (if I want, I can play them downstairs on the Wii.)

I want someone to play with, but my brother is far too good. Plus, everyone wants to play Call Of Duty 4 on the 360 downstairs. I'm all alone!

I'm going to go on an adding spree with my Sansa. You can't go wrong with Ratatat.


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Man, she really sucks
Tuesday. 3.4.08 10:46 pm
I was in a totally happy, albeit bored, mood. And I wanted to take a picture outside. But I can't plug in the flood lights because Mom thinks that somehow I'll kill myself through electrocution.

It DID rain earlier today, (it's not anymore,) but think about this. The lights are going to be wet. OK. The outlet is dry. Both ends of the extension cord are dry. Doesn't it make sense that I can plug in the wet side first, then plug in the dry side?

Doesn't it make sense that electricity doesn't "short circuit" unless the new circuit is actually SHORTER? It's not going to bypass those nice metal contacts just because the plastic is wet.

I had a whole plan set up to get some pictures (I don't feel like explaining now), and I'd changed out of my normal clothes and everything, and she just says NO. wtf. If I'd said it was for homework, she'd let me climb out on the roof again. But NO, it's something I WANT to do instead of being TOLD to do it, and that's not a good enough reason.

That's why she never sees the product. If the effort isn't appreciated, then what's the point?

This reminds me of the time when I was doing this project at school. I ended up doing most of the work on the power point, and when I was showing it to her, she kept complaining that another boy's name came before mine on the title slide. Right off the bat, "Change the order, blah blah." I said no mostly because there's a difference between passive dislike and actively saying, "Hey, I think you're a jerk." It's called politics. Changing the name isn't a big deal, but we'd set them in alphabetical order to be fair. I'M not going to go behind someone's back. JERK!

I did doing most of it because I HAD FUN doing it, and she just won't take no for an answer. I ended up just shutting off the show, taking my flash drive, and going upstairs before the thing was even near half over. I don't think she would've gotten the point otherwise.

That was only a week ago. Apparently she's already forgotten.

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STILL super cool
Friday. 2.29.08 11:49 pm
Just hung with Katie and a few of her friends. We tie-dyed shirts. Mine will be awful. There weren't any greens. :(

But it was awesome and I'm so glad I went. From about 5 until almost 10! There was some Guitar Hero. And everyone got along and it was just a super swell time. Plus her dogs remembered me. And adored me in the usual manner.

My subjects.

On a side note, I am horrified with humanity a little. I was browsing through comments on a video for youtube, and someone had pointed out rather rudely that the video was non-existent (it was just a song with a black background). The uploader, code-named DEEK, responded with the customary "Go eat a battery" attitude, which is understandable.

But the first guy, code-named ABU, goes back and explains that he's sorry, but his mother had just died and he hoped that Deek would understand that he'd been in a terrible way.

What did Deek do? He took a big, steaming SHIT on Abu's apology. He said, and I quote, "im sorri but...

am i supposed to fucking care?

i couldnt give a rats arse

lamo", refering to Abu's mother's death.

Wow. I realize that I am probably thinking too hard about this. It's just the internet. But, still, someone has just come to you over the internet, in public, and confessed that even though his MOTHER had just passed away, he'd like to say sorry for making fun of a video. You don't snub that, first of all, because of common courtesy. But...to make a statement about the death of a close person like that...

I don't know. It just seems completely inhuman to me.

Ah, well, my night was still awesome. SO LET IT BE...slept on.

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