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Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location , MD
School. Other
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May 2018

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005
Ok back from Damascus after a terrible defeat again. Damn those "Chops" lookin' ppl! They were driving us crazy! We don't need them to cheer as we leave. They said that my butt was big! Or as I thought I heard. I thought guys like big butt girls. Oh well these boys are screwed up! Them farm boys!! My hamstring hurts! I think I probably over-stretched it during PE today or I pulled it or something. I am still wearing my stinky volleyball jersey. Joyce swear that guy who was probably manager for Damascus looked like this guy who died like about a year ago in a memorial plaque outside the girls bathroom. Everyone thinks Damascus is haunted and there's ghosts flying around the school. I tried telling and convincing them that ghost don't exist but they don't believe me. We scored a point when the ball hit Lily's head and went over the net catching the other team by surprise. It was funny! I actually got to serve today and it went over the net. I was supposed to be a Hornet not a Knight but I chose to be a Knight. I was supposed to go to Damascus but I didn't. Ewww! My skin is peeling...

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Monday, October 3, 2005
I feel pissed this whole weekend. I cracked after work on Saturday night and I was really pissed all day yesterday. I am bored and there's no school tomorrow. YAY! Oh crap today is Christian Coulson's b-day!! Yippeee! My sis went to the hospital yesterday night after what she left on the answering machine saying that she had a headache and suddenly felt dizzy and fell off her chair. Why must I be the last to know! GOSH! I'm sick of it! I'm always the last to know everything! I didn't even know about her going to the hospital until I was told by my dad! She didn't bother to text me or at least leave me a voicemail! If you morons decide to tell me last then fine, don't bother telling me at all b/c I won't care even if it is serious or a life or death emergency!! I'm still pissed. I'm HEARTLESS! I got no feeling for anyone and I don't want your stupid pity! See how piss I get easily. I careless about anyone or anything! I hate being last in everything! I don't want anyone to care for me even if I get injured! Why bother if no one cares about me! I hope everyone just crash and burn! I cared about everyone but no one cares about me! I hope u morons just CRASH AND BURN!
I'm just pissed the past 2 days! so don't ask about my sudden pissed off mood. Anywaz I got a giant Jet Li poster in my room and it's soo big that the only space I have left in my roon is the wall behind the door! I got that poster at the dollar store for only a buck! If there's another Jet Li poster, I'm gonna tear down my world map and replace it with more giant posters! I still haven't found the Penguins (from Madagascar) poster! I got a Terps Girls Volleyball poster signed by the team but I haven't found space to put the poster. I also got a Dodge Charger poster but again I just can't find space for the poster. My room is soo small I can barely find space to hang my posters! I'm currnetly very stressed out and pissed so don't tick me off. GOSH! I VERY PISSED NOW AND I WANT TO BLOW UP! I'm currently not in the mood for anything! I can't go anywhere tomorrow and I can't hang out! I'm getting bored of staying home all the time! I don't know what's my parents' problem against Jessi. SHE IS NOT LIKE SUSAN! I don't know what they got against her. It's not she forces me into anything! I hate how my parents judge my friends! They want me to hang out with the type of ppl I never get along easily. I'm never the kid they want me to be. I am me! THEY DON'T LISTEN TO ME! They complain about me never hanging with ppl or calling them. It is b/c they hate my friends! I never judge their friends or said anything mean to them. It's like they can have friends and I can't. I can't do anything in this house!

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bored as always
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
I haven't update much since everyday is the same; school, practice, homework. We play against Poolesville tomorrow and we leave school early! YAY! Still no hope of finding my cell. Whoever is that bastard that found my cell better return it or I'll make sure the rest of your life is hell! And it has happened many times. My internet drives me nuts! It constantly dc me! I'm soo loney! Nobody wants to talk to me. It would hurt and I won't bite! I want this Simple Plan CD. I own a lot of CDs and DVDs. I'm bored so I going to find games to play.

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Monday, September 26, 2005
This has been a horrible time for me this past week. I lost my cell on Thursday after defeating Springbrook. Whoever is that bastard that took my cell with a lil bunny and my name in chinese on it better return it back or you'll regret it! And I'm serious! It's no joke, it's real! But I'm currently using an old phone with the same cell phone number. BUMMER! It's useless now! Lost to Churchill today. It's the worst game I've played this season! I was benched anyways! I started out and got benched for the next match. I'm not doing well in physics and I hate that class!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005
I don't understand my Physics homework! I know how to convert chemistry measurement but regular measurement aint me! I don't know how to convert those units! This is why I don't like Physics! I like Chemistry more! Game tomorrow against Kennedy! I personally think that JV currently sucks! No one communicates! All they do is look around like they don't know anything. I keep telling them to get ready and call the ball! What's so hard about that?! My ex is creeping me out! He talked about the movie, The 40-year old Virgin and his friends made fun of him that he'll be the 40 year old virgin but then I heard him say that he's not 40 and that he was 15. Then I heard his friend say that he's the 15 year old virgin! That was not necessary! I got homework to do and I'm finding the easy way out!

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Thursday, September 1, 2005
One hour lunch is soo horrible! I have nothing better to do except go on the computer. My band teacher made me demostrate how the song Pee Wee sounded like and I did very well. I hate my modern world class b/c everyone there is a moron! Zeke is currently glued to the computer. I have nothing better to say but that today is the scrimmage against Paint Branch.

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