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number of kind souls~
yeah its moi..

Fat ugly ger called*Jacqueline* aka *Xinyi*

U can find her in the *Eastern part of Spore*

Landed on *18th March 1985* with a smile => not a cry!

Graduated from *Red Swastika & Maha Bodhi Primary Sch*
*Manjusri Secondary Sch*

Currently still at *Singapore Polytechnic* => she cant wait to graduate!

Working as *Part-time Beauty Consultant*

Achieving a *Diploma in Biz Admin (Major in Mktg)*

Aspire to...
obtain a
*Degree in Biz Mgmt* or *Social Science*

work in *Hotel Industry*Food & Beverage Industry*Schools* (being a teacher was her childhood dream, but mayb not now..)

Finally..have *Her driving licence* {wahahah}

Happily attached to *Her bunch of sch & work frenz, & of cuz her family*

Loves to *take photo*daydream *& Picture how her future will be like* =>I'm a Pisces you see!*bio-ing at branded products* buy diff kind of watches*

Will love to *get married at de age of 23*design my own house*have many kids-preferably 4* (hehehe)

Favourite singers *Trademark*U2*Five For Fighting*Matchbox Twenty*Elva*
*Cyndi*Fish Leong*Red Hot Chilli Peppers*SimplyRed
*Firehouse*Sixpence*Air Supply*Avril Lavigue*Tatu*Linkin
Park*FIR*Sammi*Joey Yung*

Favourite movies
*How to lose a guy in 10 days*Shrek 2*Looney Tunes*
*A walk to remember*Finding Nemo*Prince & Me*Taxi*

Favourite food
*Durian*Potato*Strawberry*Mango*Most noodles (not rice pls!)*Fish*Vegetables*Jackfruit*Soursop*

Favourite drink
*Grass Jelly*Lemon tea*Green Tea*Apple Tea* Aloe Vera*Sugarcane*Soyabean*Peach Tea*Passion fruit*Gin Tonic*Vodka* (no Coke for me pls!)

Dream car
Nissan March

@wants to be [email protected]
@wld love to cook for her future [email protected]
@can be [email protected]
@cries [email protected]
@believes in fate & [email protected]
@loves tube [email protected]
@likes to [email protected]
@loves [email protected]
@used to [email protected]
@drinks but do not [email protected]
@shop, shop & [email protected]
@loves Winnie the Pooh [email protected]
@hang ard at clubs & [email protected]
@plays pool but not [email protected]
@treasure all her love ones tho she may not show [email protected]
@dislikes liars, backstabbers, cheaters, insincere [email protected]

Friendster: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]

^Her msg to everyone^- Life is short, enjoy while you can, and treasure all ya love ones! May ya life be filled with excitement, blended with happiness! Rem to smile, cos de world will SMiLe with you (at least i will..)! -
check it out =)
~Wish List~

- 60 Christmas cards
- Glitter pen
- refil for 2005 organizer
- CD Rack
- SMOMA CD featuring jazz music
- FIR's album
- Shiseido eyebrow shadow
- H20 eye purification
- Crumbler
- belt
- Adidas cap
- Lancome eyebrow pencil
- Maybelline's new lipstick colour
- Esprit brown leather watch
- Breil watch (blue)
- CK new range oval watch
- Shiseido concealer
- Black pants for work
- Michael Negrin necklace (with Enamel Rose)
- Casio Baby G (pink)
- Black covered shoes for work
- Tony & Tina Herbal Glitter Eye Pencil
- Gucci "Envy Me" Perfume
- Shiseido eyeshadow (Jewel on Veil)
- Victoria Secrets Gift Certificates
- Cross Necklace
- Recipe book
- Loreal Studio Line Mega Fixing Spray
- Eyefrost Eyeshadow from Red Earth
- Chanel Precision Eye Definer
- Jelly Pure Eyes P-2 & Styling Rouge Lipstick (from Kanebo)
- Denim Corset from Sisley
- Georg Jensen ring
- Burberry bag
- LV pouch
- Nokia 7200 Black cover
- Urban & Co Membership Card
- MTM VIP Card
- Fitness FIrst Membership Card
- Jitterbugs Membership Card
- IPod Mini
- Mambo dress tube
- Lver tube top
- jade necklace

~Courses learnt/learning~

- Yoga
- Pilates
-Japanese language
- Belly Dancing
- Exotic Dance
- Salsa
- Piano

~CHILL...cool webbie:~

- Victoria Secrets
- Guess
- French Connection
- Zara
- Esprit
- Gucci
- Burberry
- Ralph Lauren
- Georg Jensen
- Tommy Hilfiger
- Christian Dior
- Charles & Keith
- Lancome
- Estee Lauder
- Bobbi Brown
- workout
- Forever 21
- Levis
- Funny T-shirts Design
- Delias shopping
- DrJays shopping
- FredFlare shopping
- Cosmetic shopping
- Bath and Shower shopping
- Estrella shopping
- Kawaii-neh
- Lip gloss shopping
- Roxy
- Nike
- Adidas
- FleshImp
- bikinis
- splash hawaii
- Women's Secret
- The Life Shop
- PinkPeony
- Rouge online
- Urban Nymph
- Luxe Ideas
- Mavrik Jewelry
- Suzz
- Purple Anemone
- Wynhost
- Bohemian butterfly
- Junk Funk Munk
- RoseOfAsia
- FieJapan
- Singapore Bikes
- Chain of Beads
- Revolve Clothing
- Cocoon Dreams
- Abercrombie & Fitch
Impt Dates..
6th - Lihe
7th - John
12th - BTBM Test
14th - MMIT Test
17th - TTP Test
19th - Poly 50
20th - IAF Test
21st - Werner
23rd - Father
27th - Wilson
28th - UCCD CA1 Submission, BD BSG Test
31st - Vivian

4th - Angeline, BD Phase 3 & MMIT Part 1 Submission
8th & 9th - CNY
14th - Valentines Day
16th - LayKuan, Wenna
18th - BTBM CA2 Submission
23rd - Jonathan
24th - BTBM Presentation
25th - BD Executive Summary
28th - Mummy, Vikki, Suria

2nd - UCCD Presentation
3rd - IAF CA2
4th - Cindee, UCCD CA2 Submission
7th - TTP Presentation
10th - Jennifer
11th - Stella
17th - Dennis
18th - Me, MMIT Presentation
19th - BD Final Presentation
24th - BD BSG Report Submission
27th - Shufen
29th - UCCD Written Test

1st - Bridget
3rd - MMIT Open Book Test
5th - Sister
6th - Niki
9th - Shawn
10th - Terence
14th - Doris

7th - Sujuan
15th - Yuwen
16th - Wynn
17th - Joyce
24th - Brother
28th - Laiman

16th - Xiaoyi
27th - Jieshan

14th - Bryan
29th - Cuijuan


7th - Xiuwen
15th - Sharrel
19th - Cindy, Terenz
27th - Huiping

2nd - Xintian
6th - Minyee
11th - Roanna
13th - Yeow Tuck
17th - Jiayun
28th - Nicholas
29th - Gabriel

3rd - Yingyun
8th - Weilin
10th - Eugene
11th - Samantha
13th - Lynette
17th - Novem
21st - Lynn
29th - Kelly

1st- James
15th - Qiwen
19th - Peilin, Tingfeng
25th - Selina
27th - Maybelline, Peiling
28th - Suryanty
31st - Tricia, Claryn
my inspiration..
Entry 1
Life is like a rollercoaster
Sometimes feeling at the top
Sometimes feeling at the bottom
Really happy to be with you
I love to see u laugh, see you smile
Life is full of ups and downs
Sorrow and happiness
Being with u had made my life splendid
just wanna tell the whole world
you are the greatest!

Entry 2
Dun leave me for you friend
for i'll never leave you
for my friend

Entry 3
Sleeping under your arms
is all i wanna do tonight...
the warmth...
the security...
is really priceless!

Entry 4
Somedays, some nights
I just cant stop thinking of you
Somedays, sometime
I just cant stop missing you
And every minute, every second
I jus cant stop loving you!

Entry 5
that's my character
that's my hair
thats my life

Entry 6
In my mind
there is only one word to describe you
In my life
there is only one person who tries hard
to make me happy
In my heart
there is only one SPECIAL YOU

Entry 7
It was you
who made me grow
It was you
who made me learn
It was you
who made me strong
It was you, my dear
who made me what I am today!

Entry 8
My life is not interesting
without ur hugz
My life is not interesting
without ur kisses
My like is not interesting
without ur lurve
I wanna make ur life interesting
so i am giving you
my love by my

Entry 9
My tears just flowed naturally
dun ask me why
coz i am not sure myself
many thoughts just came to my mind
Dun try to make me happy
cos i know its all a lie
dun try to make me smile
cos i jus dun wanna try
all i wanna do is CRY

Entry 10
Made many mistakes
in this life i undertake
there is no turnng back
the crack is always there

Entry 11
Had a sudden urge of going
back to school
Being with my frenz who are
so-called cool
Looking at some guyz simply
make me drool!

Entry 12
Born into this world
as a healthy ger
Like everyone else
I'd a love of my life
My only wish
was to be his wife
but fated as it might be
our luv couldnt withsatnd time
Monday. 11.15.04 11:53 pm
wooh~ eventful dae!

met viv @ Parkway for shoppping! lolx..its me lah. not her. haha. she was gonna b late so i cancelled de idea of takin cab (cos im gonna b late too!). lucky it was a public hol..so there's tis bus nearer to my hse tt goes directly to Parkway. hmm.

viv gave me tis suddenly! i dunno why..thanx ger! :)

was sourcing for tis sports bag. so tt i can bring for my trip. but dun seem to b able to find it. i 4gotten de brand also. argh. shrugs. wen to look at tis Breil watch tt i saw on de mag also. aiya, turn out tt de watch aunty i always look for, her shop dun carry tt brand. only Emotus has. so nvm..hmm. shall KIV. ~watch freak~ lolx..

ooh, i bought a book from MPH too. its called "Conversation With God". gee. its recommended by my fren, so y not giv it a try ya? she said it'll help me understand things better..so ok lo. dun mind reading. mm.

was planning to go town after tt so we took a bus down to de nearest stn, which is Bugis. viv pretty face..lolx..

Bugis xmas deco..lolx..

buahahah...we ended up shopping there for awhile. but din buy any stuff. jus window shopping k? lolx.. we settled our lunch at de Foodcourt. i ate my Hokkien Mee again! nice wor~ walked ard in Seiyu lookin n smeeling perfumes den left to town..took a bus down..i dunno y we din tk train also..gee, viv's idea. bleah.

de bus stopped right outside Taka, caught de pic of tis every-year-xmas-tree.

i popped by to sae hi to Wynn since he's like askin me to go n visit him dunno ever since wen. he's workin there mah. selling children toys..lolx.

viv was tinking of buying for her ex..lolx..

ended up standing there tokin for quite awhile. hmm de toys r so much cheaper than Akira's one. last yr, work for Akira, so hard to sell, cos de price was pretty steep. boo. lalala~ stupid wynn, ask me to stay n acc him until he finish work. hmph. which is like, 5 more hrs? wa lau.. -.-"

after tt, we got a drink at Yakun. yes, its teh-ping (again). wahaha...de queue was long, so we took some pics. haha.

buahahha, we walked into Mont Blanc and Tiffany & Co. not as bad service as LV as usual. dunch worry, i din buy anythg. lolx..

viv was complaining liao (haha) so we took a bus down to Suntec (raining somemore!). gab n wil, i noe u gonna kill me after readin tis. SORRY!

waiting to buy de tix..

our faces (again)..lolx..

*Singapore Motorshow 2004*

Maranello Ferrari

911 Carrera

Alfa 147


Dragstar 1100

Es 300

Evolution v111

Fzs 1000 Fazer


Harley Davidson

Honda s2000

Honda Sports Concept

Hyundai Matrix

so big bag! yes, it attracts attention! but inside only poster lo.. nid so big bag? lolx..there's one orange one, which i personally felt it was nicer. not so huge somemore.

did u see a difference?

they also sell this..hmm

cute?! buahaah...

i like de inside!

A 2+2 Open Sports Car with Midship Hybrid System!

i like tis! It uses electronic signals to transmit de driver's steering, brake and accelerator actions to the wheels!

hee, de boy's so cute!

Impreza Subaru


Lancer Turbo



Maserati Coupe


Mazda 2

Mazda 3

Mercedes 1907

Nissan Latio

Peugeot 206cc

Rinspeed Flash


Subaru Forester

Subaru Impreza

Subaru Wrx



Toyota Vios



Velocity 2


met John there, wif his frenz. heh so qiao hah. so we had dinner togeda. wif his 2 other frenz. he's stil as funny as last time..lolx..had a nice tok wif him. viv, my fren all very nice rite? buahahah...well. i found out sth also. which made me feel quite pissed off now. hai. assholes~
lalala...jon n dennis (its his fren..)called me last nite. heh surprise. lolx.. sry man, din join u guys. busy entertaining ppl. wahahah... had a chat wif dem on de fone. wooh. din felt any pressure tokin to dem. everythg seem so natural..no stress! i mit up wif u guys wen i get bk from my trip k! dun worrie, sure got gifts! hee.

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Sunday. 11.14.04 11:02 pm
nice? geez.


hav u ever wake up tinkin tt everythg is soooo damn bloody wrong? like, 'tis is not wad it shld be! y is tis lidat?' omg. prolly im undergoing de depression mode again. im not being myself. i hav weird thouts recently.

i tk de same route to de station everyday.. i seldom tk de bus..so de 'walk' is always de same for moi..today seemed somewhat different cos some thouts were in my mind. it jus seemed different kae.

at de rd junction, i din even look out for de cars, n jus simply cross lidat. i wld normally turn my head at least once. but tis time, i tink i assumed tt there weren't any cars, or wadever..i jus crossed, wif my head lookin straight. den wen i reach de stn while waiting for de train, i actually tout of walkin over de track. yes, it did came to moi mind. but i dun hv de courage. so i very pei fu those hu can bring themselves to do tt. basically my mind was jus wandering ard i tink..

wen out wif my parents n sis in de late aftnoon. wasnt in a very gd mood, but haiya already told my mum i'll go out wif her, so ya, i wen ahead wif dem.. headed to Somerset cos father wans to check out de currency rate n mum said there got a lot of money changers. so off we wen..

sian. bloody crowded. i hate it. i knew it. but wad to do? argh. squeeze wif de crowd lo..lolx.

seem like de exchange rate wasnt as gd as de one my father changed at parkway i tink..guess he'll go bk there n change liao. anyway, after tt we shopped ard @ Centrepoint. Ive been to town often, but seldom go to Centrepoint. n de moment i step in, he came to my mind again. even de McDonalds at de Basement made me tout of him. cos we ate there once. hah. n Centrepoint was de place where Bryan Wong & co saw us during Valentines Day for some variety show dunno wad quan ming zhong dong yuan.. de U channel one..well...ok, im nt gg to tink anymore (if nt i noe nic is gg to ask me to eat chilli).

bought some stuff den we walked down to OG Shopping Complex. hmm i seem to b always gg to OG recently. lolx..cos mummy sae de 20% disc storewide is stil on..till 15 nov. hmm. saw my half-aunty there..gee.. i tink its half-aunty la. i also blur, cos erm, my grandpa has more than 1 wife..lolx..not sure myself too. somehow related la.

wanted to buy cosmetics, but erm on 2nd touts, beta dun, since im gg overseas liao. ltr kena more scolding. mummy wen to check out de luggages..bought 1 in de end. mummy wil b in charge of all this logistics stuff. lolx.

had dinner at tis restaurant called 'Mushroom Pot'.

recommended by my mum n sis. hmm not bad. its quite unique i tout. dunno how to describe, jus go check out urself kae? hee. ordered de beef ball noodle set and seafood paper steamboat set.

de tibet ribs and mushroom roll something..

their tofu also delicious. gee. if u realise, i luv eating toufu. lolx..

wads even better there is their dessert. wooh~ they serve non-fattening ice-cream: gelato! so many choices..and the menu has de description of wad each item contain. i ordered tis peach flavour one..

how it looks inside..de middle is chocolate! =P

its reali yummy but i was pretty full liao, so ya, jus force myself to finish it. shall try de other flavours de next time we visit tt plc. de biz was pretty gd..means kinda popular yah? hmm.

de nite scene was so beautiful. its enchanting. all de xmas lightings..and de xmas songs they played in de shopping centres. *christmas spirit* there were many ppl waiting to tk fotos..some were kids..some were families..some were couples.. everyone seem so excited. de kids reminded me wen i was young..heh my parents use to bring de 3 of us out also, gg ard n takin pics..memorable childhood.

i wanna b excited too, but i dun feel de excitement tis yr, unlike de past few yrs..whr there wld normally b some plans as to where to eat, n whr to hav fun, b it wif him, or wif frenz. tis yr..i tink de mood kinda spoilt cos of de stupid change in de academic yr. sem2 starts on 13 dec, which means spending xmas in skool? tt sux rite? omg.

hai, tis yr seems to b pretty jialat. wen sth goes wrong, all goes wrong. i jus gonna hope for next yr to be better. otherwise, u'd prolly see me on papers liao. de dae i hav de courage to..ahem..

wanna see de fattest, ugliest ger ? -- thats moi.
i feel sooo fat tt i dun even feel like gg out!

*depression mode*

P.S Bon voyage Joyce! - one of de PIGS gonna fly to Beijing tml for attachment! gd exposure gal! :) wil look forward to ur arrival! tk care *smiles*

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boring ok..
Sunday. 11.14.04 10:00 pm
The Mr Right Test
Note: Scores are rounded to one decimal place and therefore may not total 100%

You scored 60% Air
In romance, you're drawn to the qualities of an Air Sign. You're turned on by a man's intellect and sense of humor more than his net worth or fine physique. You desire a mate who will match you wit for wit and keep you up all night talking. Air Signs prefer to keep things light and even, so if you want love that's playful, you might be most turned on by a Gemini, a Libra or an Aquarius mate. Read more about these Sun Signs to discover more about their motivations and desires.

You scored 20% Fire
In romance, you're drawn to the qualities of a Fire Sign mate, someone ambitious, ardent and active. You don't like hesitant men -- you like a guy who'll take a chance and make the first move. Impatiently passionate, you need someone who will show you a good time -- and the world. You have a good chance of finding happiness with an Aries, a Leo or a Sagittarius man. Read more about these Sun Signs to discover more about their motivations and desires.

You scored 20% Water
In romance, you lean toward qualities exhibited by Water Signs. You seek a mate who is kind and compassionate, not afraid to feel, someone to whom you can really bare your soul. You appreciate romance and sentiment, and though the man you long for may be a bit shy or innocent, he is very, very generous and open-minded. You'd probably love to be with a Cancer, a Scorpio or a Pisces lover. Read more about these Sun Signs to discover more about their motivations and desires.

You scored 0% Earth
In romance, you lean toward qualities exhibited by Earth Signs. You're turned on by affluence and opulence. While you crave status and security, you also want a man with a sensual streak as strong as his stock portfolio. You like to take things slowly and make informed decisions, so you may find a Taurus, a Virgo or a Capricorn lover to be the sexiest match for you. Read more about these Sun Signs to discover more about their motivations and desires.

G-Rated Gal
While it's perfectly okay that you're not vying to be a siren, you may be stifling your sex appeal (and your sex life) by denying your sensual side. Maybe you compare yourself to actresses or friends who are the image of erotic perfection and decide, I'll never turn a guy on like that, so you reject that M.O. entirely because you don't feel comfortable with your body or your flirting finesse. "Chances are, you grew up with a 'good girls don't' mentality," explains Hallie Potocki, author of What Do Men Want? "You may be afraid of acting sexy and embarrassing yourself or of sending suggestive signals to guys and not knowing how to handle the consequences."

To hit that blend of racy and respectable, you need to discover your desirable side (yes, it's there) and take a few risks. "Indulge yourself with body oils, perfumes and silky underwear. Play up your sensual personality at home where you're comfortable," recommends Shirley Glass, Ph.D., a psychologist in Baltimore. Once you start feeling in tune with the more libido-friendly you, add a little va-va-voom to your day -- be it a compliment to the cute guy at the gym or smoldering eye contact with a stranger. "Challenge yourself to be bolder," says Potocki. "You'll gain confidence when you see how positively people respond to the sexy new part of you -- and you'll wish it had come out sooner."

Try de survey here!

What is your friendship style?

Note: Scores are rounded to one decimal place and therefore may not total 100%

You scored 50% Lone Wolf
You're an independent, intelligent free thinker who cherishes her individuality as well as her friendships -- people love being friends with you because you inspire them to self-reflection and self-improvement. Your friends may not see you every day, but they know you support them and care about them, and you share your knowledge and your gifts freely when asked. People look up to you because you understand yourself well, and you understand your own needs for stimulation and personal growth. As independent and forceful as you are, though, you may sometimes leave a buddy out in the cold. If you're worried your friends may find you aloof, improve your dependability with some Reliable Advisor qualities.

You scored 20% Loving Sister
You're an affectionate, sensitive, intuitive sweetie who takes her friendships very seriously -- people love being friends with you because they know you understand them. You nurture your friends, which is a constantly-renewing gift: you're the first one to step forward with chicken soup if they're sick, tissue if they're crying, and a phone call if they're lonely. You love being cared for yourself, too -- not that you'd ever admit it. It's not surprising that you build such strong bonds with your friends, loyal and steadfast as you are. Be careful not to pamper your buddies too much, though, since it can drain you of much-needed energy and encourage otherwise good friends to take your big-hearted nature for granted. You might incorporate some Lone Wolf traits into unbalanced relationships that take more than they give.

You scored 20% Reliable Advisor
You're accomplished, thoughtful, and generous, a font of wisdom and constructive criticism -- people love being friends with you because they know you've got their back. Your trustworthy nature and balanced, fair judgment make you a superb confidante and mediator, and while you may sometimes feel that your friends turn to you for advice about everything, you'd never let down anyone you cared about. Besides, your friends know your opinions are too valuable to do without! Your insight and loyalty are in high demand, but be sure to make friends aware that you're not just Old Faithful. You're the leading actress in your own life -- if some relationships make you feel more like the trusty sidekick, put a new face on your friendship by adopting the some of the attitude of your Bright Spark buddies.

You scored 10% Bright Spark
You're a kick in the pants, an inspirer, an activator -- people love being friends with you because you're full of energy and fun ideas. You aim to make the people around you feel happy and comfortable, and you nearly always succeed. You have a wide circle of devoted buddies and admirers, and you take vicarious pleasure in their successes and accomplishments while inspiring your friends with your own passion for life. Although you may sometimes resent the pressure of being everybody's muse or ray of sunshine, you try not to let it show -- but do listen to those voices in your head that urge you to slow down and savor your friendships more fully. Consider deepening your friendships with a dose of the nurturing that your Loving Sister friends bring to their relationships.

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Saturday. 11.13.04 10:43 pm
*stretches my arms*

the so-many-public-holidaes hav made me lost track of de dates n de daes.. thurs felt like saturday, n friday felt like sunday..totally confuse.. its jus part of my holiday la huh? lolx..

tho hols, i feel super-duper tired cos of some hectic schedule lolx. but i love it tis wae. busy busy. rather than staying at home, like so aimless lidat? (omg, i felt hav offended some ppl by saying tt..lolx..)

head to Raffles Place ..not to work! but to mit darling viv for lunch! lolx..i dun wanna sae im good, but i tink i am! buahaha...ok, out of point. anyway, de yong tau fu at Caltex House is reali good! - yes im a fan of yong tau fu ok! :P

viv wen back to work, den i wen to mit lihe n Ro at Somerset. watched the 'Taxi' which is a pretty good show. funny movie. made everyone laugh non-stop. go watch yah? hmm. by den was already 5pm..had plans to mit pl..but argh cancelled it. den wanted to mit babe to watch de motorshow togeda wif her bf n frenz. but wadever, end up din go. sori babe. hope u understand my situation.

so well. bought some stuff at Kinokuniya. even more broke now. but erm after much tout, i tink it isnt tt bad la, cos im spending $$ to buy cards to send out to pple plus all de stupid stationery which can cost a bomb. den 3 of us wen to CoffeeClub at Taka. they had dinner there. i din ordered anythg cos well, de food there doesnt appeal to me. call me fussy or wadever.. i jus dun like. n im nt reali rich right now. eating there wil like cost me close to a bomb. not tt i dun like cafes, but sometimes, i prefer de traditional food court variety yea. argh. ok, im not makin any sense now.

agreed to go Alley Bar wif dem after dinner but im so sori i din in de end. 1) i dun wan to drink on an empty stomach. 2) i go there also wun buy anythg. 3) i am close to being poor. 4) wasnt in a gd mood after all de shitsss. 5) i jus rem tt i gotta wake up early de next dae for work! these reasons sound lame? or more like excuses? bleah. up to u to believe.

dunno where they wen, but i jus made my wae home. viv n babe, thx for tokin to me, i felt much better! (oops, n also gab, for de advice. lolx)

my stomach was freakin pain wen i gt home, so i quickly grab some food. my stomach pain is coming bk again. which is damn shittt! hmm. was online de whole nite..din c much ppl online..esp him. haven been tokin to him for like 1 wk or so liao..sibei sian. everythg jus seem to wen wrong de whole dae, so argh fark. no mood to do anythg. i wen to slp. was lookin forward to work de next dae tho.

work was suppose to start at 10am but gotta go for some pre-meeting briefing, so had to reach by 9am. got up to hav breakfast at some kopitiam wif my parents..gee, our usual tim-sum daes! lolx..

i was being kiasu. so i ended up reaching Mediacorp like erm half an hr early? lolx.. i took a cab down fr my hse. din noe it'll b so fast mah. my parents told me must walk quite deep in, but actually it isnt very far. so nvm la..lolx..wasnt tt ex also. mm.

waited for Shirly (Lynette's fren) at de recept area (since i was bloody early!) wen for de briefing den stated to rush here n there liao. basically, we were in charge of de kids camp. parents wld bring their kids here for speech n drama class. after like 1 yr of training, its time for dem to perform. they'll b having their rehersals next wk so now its like dde crucial time lor.

hav to giv dem their costumes..make sure they hav de tickets..noe wad they r suppose to do..blah blah. 3 groups to tk care at different timing. was a little blur intially but got de hang of it after tt, thx to Shirly. me being a newbie, she had to run here n there. n its reali far lor! de distance from Point A to B is no joke! machiam like exercising liao. *so sorrie*

wen to de recept area to 'receive' de kids. encounter diff kind of kids n parents. both gd n bad. some r reali nice. hmm. took their attendance den we proceeded to de rooms for rehersals. omg. they reali brighten up my dae. innocent kids. had lotsa fun there. busy, but enjoyable. got one even cum n tel me stories.lolx.. saw many different sides of de kids..de quiet ones, as well as those hyper active ones. haha.

wen i saw them perform, i couldnt stop laughing. some reali hav de talent! cutiesss!! there's tis ger hu enjoy it so much tt she told me she wish they hav lessons everyday instead of once a wk! lolx.. its gd in a way tho, to hear tt de kids enjoy coming to all these lessons. cos its like, it can b quite torturous n tiring for de kid. going for so many lessons..piano..dancing.. violin..blah blah..

tis boy boy, he was late, de i jus jokingly ask him y he was late..den he told me "errr, i had a late lunch.." in a very guilty voice, like hoping i wun scold him lidat..lolx..damn cute..he has chubby cheeks somemore! i like! lolx..

kids r also so realistic nowadays. wen dey noe tt de teacher wil giv dem reward (some potato chips) if they perform well, they immediately became more attentive n did better. is tt a motivation for dem? hmm.

time pass pretty fast. short period, but i miss dem. hmm. im glad i had tis opportunity. thx lyn, n shirly! lyn, sori for not gg to ya bdae party. hope u had loads of fun! happie 21st birthday! de beginning of de adult life! yeah!

saW Slyvester on de way out of Mediacorp. lolx. took bus down to Eunos MRT (its de more convenient stn for us)after work. had a nice tok wif Shirly. jus knew her today, but she's friendly n easy-going - purrfect! she's also from sp..my senior..lolx..so we got common topic to tok.. and er, she told me some stuffs bout certain lecturers.. (hu taugh me b4!).. i tink i gotta beware liao..stil got 1/2 more yr to go. grrr.

anyway, took some pics. gee. but not very clear, cos was fr my fone. lolx.

waiting at de recept area..

bringing de kids..a long long walk..

de kids rehearsing..

they're acting as monkeys! lolx..

their pretty costumes!

de kids..

omg, tis ger soooo sweet! tout she was de quiet kind..but she can b quite chatty also! hehe.

tis is de boy tt has chubby cheeks! cant c clearly tho. gee.

im pretty tired now! hav been out continuously like ever since de hols started? buahaha...tml plans? hmm..lets see tml man..nitey.

anyway gab, thx for saying my blog very lor-soh hor! hmph. u can always choose not to read de lor.. :(

I am Monday's Child

What day are you?

Monday's Child is fair of face
Tuesday Child is full of grace
Wednesday's Child is full of woe
Thursday's Child has far to go
Friday's Child is loving and giving
Saturday's Child works hard for a living
But Sunday's Child is fair and wise, and good and gay

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wide awake..~
Friday. 12.11.04 5:59 am
i barely slept 4 hrs.. i cant slp, so here i am..lolx.. dun wan to toss and turn in bed. started on my xmas mission liao. realise tt 30 cards not enuff. :( i can forsee myself very busy de next few wks liao.. :P

hai, shall go to de gym ltr..i nid break. a loooonnnggggg one..

hmm u agree wif this? :

"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past... Love hurts our feeling, but it's also the reason our soul heal.. One day when u truly fall in love..remember to let the 'someone' know.. to suffer a moment of embarassment is better than letting your happiness fly away forever......."

yeah, tellin de other party bout ur feelins, true, it makes ya suffer a moment of embarassment. erm esp if its de ger tellin de guy. ahem. but it doesnt guarantees happiness yah? argh..tel le, end up if it worsen de frenship, den i rather kp all de feelins to myself. sometimes, some things r better left unsaid huh? :X

my horoscope..hmm:
You're a lover, not a fighter, and at the beginning of this week that serves you very well. On Monday, instead of overthinking some relationship issue, you're ready to compromise. There's more opportunity for improvement from Tuesday through Thursday, and finding the peaceful path to further greatness is a perfect job for you. Take your partner or a potential one and lead them so gently that they don't even realize they're being led. But this weekend, you'll need to step outside yourself and take a stand -- don't be afraid to fight for what you want in the realm of romance now.

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Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)High
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Level 7 (Violent)Very High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Moderate
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

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Friday. 12.1.04 12:53 am
..im suppose 2 b sleepin..but i cant slp.. argh.

k, tis suck. i din expect myself to go thru this stage of saddness again. but den again, i m. rite now. entering de stage of misery again.

argh. sometimes, some things r better left unknown..but den again, human beings r curious rite? crap.

ok, my life is half screwed up now.

..... .......... ............ ......... ............. .......... ......... ........

*tears in bed*

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