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human psyche
Wednesday. 11.26.08 11:09pm
mood: need a pick me up

It is late, and I should be getting to bed...but today has been a full on day just jam-packed with meetings. Some important people came to visit from National Office so there was a lot of consultation with them regarding my cases..

My boss and also the Director of OHS has advised me to go to EAP. Which stands for Employee Assistance Program, basically it is a privately own business that provides counselling and psychology services. They think that case managers can often get isolated, and caught up in their work that they require an OUT. A place to vent and just be a mean bitch...rather than a pleasant, caring, sensitive case manager. I find that being pleasant for too long can be rather tiring...

And this suggestion of the EAP, made me wonder is my psyche really that weak...do I have to unload on a shrink? I am usually very good at keeping my calm and looking after my mental wellbeing...but I think with the HR team concentrating on recruitment and training, I feel on my own with my cases and can't wait for the new APS6 & EL1 to jump on board. So we can have an OHS venting meeting. lol. I have seriously considered this use of EAP, and should not be afraid of the stigma attached to it. If I believe their is a stigma attached to it, I will just be a horrible role model in my workplace because it is my job to look after people's health and encourage people to go to these "beneficial" services.

Anyways... I feel a lot my day takes it out of me...I am a wreck when I come home. And I feel it is unfair to Sofia for me to be this exhausted. I need to be on top of my game to be proactive in all aspects of my life. But...yes...I have come to the conclusion that EAP is something I "need", friends are great...but they don't have to listen to what I have to say about work. hehe. I always treated my blog as a way to release my tension...but maybe this is the next level...

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Saturday. 11.22.08 3:52 pm
It has been 3 weeks now since I have started in my new role. I know I tend to talk a lot of about work now but it is really one of the more "dramatic" and "crazy" moment of my life right now. I must admit last week I was feeling kinda down and a lil depressed because I couldn't understand what I was doing, and also everything around me at work was negative. Even the start of this week involved a few dramas with my compo cases and I thought dealing with students were a drama. This is even bigger! I really don't know what I have got myself into. So Tuesday I was off, "Sick"...more like stressed out and really low immune system cuz I stress had made an impact on my body.

Towards the end of the week, especially on Friday I was on a roll I was doing a lot of catching up on my cases and actioning a few things that had remained stagnant for 3 months. So it was also the first time I got praise from my boss that I was doing a good job and they were happy to have me. I honestly felt like a blind man in the dark - none the wiser. And I could not turn to anyone in my team because they know so little about the role. The lady who previous filled the role, has not bothered to come and teach me. So I took to upon myself to learn the ropes. I hope you can understand why I am stressed.

Anyways...enough about work. My parents are in Malaysia right now, and it has been quiet around the house. My brothers only come home to sleep leaving F, Sofia and I very relaxed and playing "house"...it will be good practice for when the real thing is built next year. I miss my parents, and especially my mum because she is someone I talk to and unload my frustrations.

F also bought 'Guitar Hero- World Tour'...and I have been vocalist and drummer. I do pretty well keeping in tune as a vocalist...and always wondered my life as a sing star :) It is a great way to loosen up after a big day at work. The office Christmas party is coming up and I am contemplating of joining them this year. It must have been 2 years ago when I went to the first one. I guess $65 can be a lil pricey..and for some reason I feel as if I am scruntinised as a mum who is going out without her hubby and having fun. Like it's something I am not entitled to do anymore. I wanna have fun...but I have guilt too. Funny how I said enough about work....but it's back to work topic again!

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Sofia at 15 months
Monday. 11.3.08 4:39 pm

It was Michelle's last weekend in Perth and she would be flying back to Port Hedland next week. So Gail cooked an Indian fare and we hung out at her house. It was pretty good, brought Sofia along to mingle with her aunties and uncle Jason. It was so much fun, especially getting to chat and catch up again. I just can't wait to have the house built so I can invite my friends over for a cooked lunch on a Sunday arvo. I feel kinda bad though when I bring Sofia because I have to give her my attention and I don't get to catch up with my friends properly and discuss "adult" topics. hehe.

I have to find the medium on where I can be myself and a mum without being "too boring" or "too grown up". Sofia was a good girl though, and on the way back in the car I asked her questions like "How was your day?" "Did you enjoy yourself?" and she would reply in her own baby language. But it is fascinating that she actually responds in some sound that makes sense to her.

Sofia is becoming more sociable and does not cry as much now when she meets my friends. I can enjoy my time without being by her side all the time. However when I give my friends a hug, especially Jason she gets quite annoyed, as she does when I hug F. It's funny how she doesn't like me hugging men, even her own father! She does worry too much when I disappear...like going to the toilet! Sofia will sulk because she thought I left without letting her know.

I miss her more and more at work now. She is almost 1 and half and getting taller by the day! I feel like I am missing out on so much, and I could be teaching her things and playing with her. I cannot help but feel guilty if she does turn out to be a secure child. She is almost running now, but constantly falling over. She will try and climb things and opens every door and presses every button she has access to. It is a dangerous time!!

She knows how to say Papa, duck, woof woof (for dog), ta...I can't wait to talk and find out what opinions she has of the world.

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First week in the new section
Sunday. 11.2.08 2:59 pm
I must say honestly from the start..that I could not wait for this week to be over and enjoy the weekend. I felt so absolutely drained from learning new things about Occupational Health and Safety and Rehabilitation that scared me a little too. I guess it is normal to feel this way...after knowing everything about one area for 2 years, to be put into a new area I feel so stupid and out of sync. Even with a new team I have to try and fit in with the ways they interact...but then they have minimal interaction! I am not used to it and miss my old SMU team terribly... at least with them I know where I stand and I can talk to them about anything that comes to mind.

I hate this feeling...or do I hate this new move?? I'm thinking was it a big mistake to break away from my comfort zone into something totally new. People I don't identify with and kinda feel as if I am walking on egg shells around them. I even have to catch myself before saying anything totally dumb!

I'm a bit frustrated in this area too because it is not a "nice job". I am the rehab person, the one who helps with workers compensation and those are always hard, and sad cases. Also my new boss has not given me proper training, there is no one to "hand over" cases to me, and I am learning on my own. On top of that, she expects me to have new ideas handy and to present to new inductees about what 'OHS' means in the department... Come on,...I know shit all... I am just reading from a f*&king powerpoint slide. Don't blame me if there are more injuries after my presentation lol!

I dunno...I know I studied HR, but do I like it? It seems like such a corporate ant role...that I don't want to be stuck in. I think the people I work with make a big difference. And at the moment I don't get much out of the team I am with. Rach is cool...but then she is not really in our team as she is with Training. I hope that F will finish his degree soon so we can do something together that we are truely passionate about and love...

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Capital City Trip
Sunday. 10.26.08 8:53am
I had a really great time in Canberra, I like the city because it reminds me a lot of Perth but it has more of a 'corporate' feel. As everyone that passes by seems to be in a suit or trolleying around a suitcase. Anyways I brought F and Sofia for 5 days to enjoy my Medina Serviced Apartment and to go shopping whilst I attended the 2008 Comcare conference. It really gave me a good starting point to what my new job wil involve. The main themes were "culture" and "management" plays a big part in safety.

The highlights were definitely the Dinner, where Safety Awards were given out. I joined our DIAC team in celebrating their OHS efforts. I met up with a few of the big heads, Craig Farrell, Allison Larkins and the Secretary of DIAC, Mr Andrew Metcalf himself. Carmel McGregor could not make it however. Also the Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard would have showed up if only her "portfolio wasn't so large". lol! So she sent in a rep to make a speech on her behalf. But yes it was strange...I didn't feel the slightest bit embarrassed or nervous to be around these important people. I am usually on my best behaviour anyways even under the influence of alcohol. haha. I was happy to dress up, have a nice meal, laugh and joke with National Office people and network. So I feel more comfortable calling them up for advice in future. Tracey Bell who is the Director of OHS, was a funny lady...I can see that she is an amazing boss, very humourous, chatty and care free, but good at her job.

The nights events was so funny. I ended up on the wrong bus that did not take me to the Medina but instead to the Crowne. It was already midnight so I caught a taxi instead of walked it in my heels. But damn those NatO people can get damn naughty, by the end of the night our table was the loudest and most "friendly". Shane Jacobson, aka Kenny was the MC of the night and provided some much needed humour to lighten up "safety" awards night. He was hilarious, I was glad to get a photo with him. But Craig Farrell thought of him as his "mate" and kept asking him to come have a chat...alcohol is definitely a social lubricant. lol!

I must say each day at the conference they were serving alcohol. It was perfect for the seriousness of the topic. And the food was really good. I got to do a bit of shopping at the Canberra centre, but didn't venture out to the burbs. The general feel of the people in Canberra is very bland, they are not cheery, helpful people. So I don't think I could live there, unless I had thick skin. Some were ok, but overall not very friendly service in the shopping centre.

Just landed in Perth yesterday evening. And my body was shattered by the time diff. Canberra was 3 hours ahead! So I was dead when I came home. Happy to be back...and my house has already started building I'm sure. Plus my best friend Michelle is back in town from Pt Hedland...can't wait to have a pint at Lil Creatures today and share some good stories. :)

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SMU team
Sunday. 10.19.08 11:55
I just had to make a lil tribute to my SMU team, cuz 2 years created some very close working relationships. I pretty much shared a major part of my life with them, including telling them about me getting married, having a baby and graduating and just so much drama in my life...they were there to make it a whole lot easier at the work place.

Steve - My boss, he has only been with SMU for a few months, but he blends in so easily. He is laid back but straight to the point and wants each individual member of the team to better themselves and make their working lives easier. I often go to him for parental guidance, because he is a great dad to Neve. And he shares my enthusiasm for kids shows, and everything in awe to do with kids. He likes to talk overs PDAs over coffee, and gets us out of the office rather than stuck to our desks. He is usually a well groomed new-age guy, but this week he faltered and grew a beard. hehe. I will miss his diplomatic and humourous management style. Although I think he will definitely miss my ability to search for legislation for him hehe.

Roz - My dear colleague who shares many stories of Malaysia with me. I even share a fried rice with salted fish for lunch every now and then. She has got me hooked on that stuff. I respect her so much for being a single mum with a daughter, Kim, because she pours so much love into her girl it rubs off on me. And I hope I can be just as dedicated and have a similiar mother-daughter rship that they have. Roz is shy, humble, honest and always teaches me a thing or too. She cracks me up with stories from her "naughty, youthful" days...and think...hmm...Roz can be cheeky and shy at the same time.

Marie - I have warmed up to Marie these pass couple of months, because we are usually the last ones to pack up after work. She is an amazing woman, talking to her always inspires me to be a better woman. Marie is always willing to share her knowledge of life, and it has made me more aware of what's out there, and I am no longer ignorant in the 'adult' world. She has been through some tough times, but always pulls out of it with her positive outlook on life and it rubs off on others. She is one of those people, who holds up a light in the dark. I have also known Marie to be cheeky as well, as Roz and herself are often caught giggling in the corner. She tells stories so well, makes me crack up with tears. I would like to have a couple of wines with her to get up to mischief hehe.

Peter - Peter is the guy I can talk to easily. He is a sweet, respectful man, who can be shy and also opinionated at the same time. I can go to him for honest advice. He tends to attract women, they find him comfortable to speak with, maybe cuz he is a gentle natured man. Then again, he can stand his ground when "pushed". I am glad he is now with the SMU team, after a few months of being "shoved" by the department to various sections. He has owned his spot in Compliance and as a 4 for his hard work and tolerance. He is a geek, but that is why we get along! He is a funny guy and always tends to make the team laugh.

Dale - I see Dale kinda like a brother, he can sometimes get on your nerves when we don't see eye to eye. But I could not do without his jokes and making me laugh. If not for him our section would be quiet and boring. We have been "team prankster" before I went and had the baby. But then when Troy left, there was not many pranks done. I'm happy for Dale that he has finally moved on to the job he loves and that's the field team. He will be good, he can be stern and serious when it is called for, but a larakin most of the time when he is "off duty". We are the youngest in SMU, so we have a mutual understanding of "1980-1990s" humour. Whereas the others don't hehe.

Vivienne - Viv is the new team leader in SMU, only been with us for a few week. She is a powerful women...some how her presence is very reassuring and someone to respect and ask for advice. I have not seen much of the softer Viv yet. But I am sure it will come out when she is settled in. I hope she will be able to cope with the jokers in the team and can have a drink of too, if there is a SMU meeting (that is usually done outside of work).

That's all who's in the team at the moment. Dale and I will be leaving shortly. But hopefully be invited to morning teas and after work drinks :)

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