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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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Very tired ar ...
Tuesday. 3.8.05 11:24 pm
So tired!

I bought an ice-cream before home, yummm ... mango and strawberry favourites. I love the strawberry but not mango, because it tasted too much like mango.

Too tired to do anything. I sit in front of computer but do noithing, don't want to sleep, but can't do anything. If I sleeo in afternoon, then I can't sleep at night. I went to shower, see whether it make me feel better, and then I feel hungry. I guess I was too hungry, and all my feelings go to the tiredness, so I can't feel hungry. Since the shower removed my tiredness, and I can feel the hungry.

I got chiarra's call that she wanna change group, because we can't make the agreement for Deborah's class. Doesn't matter, 5 people are also enough.

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Saturday. 3.5.05 10:05 pm
I can't believe I can made it ...

I can't believe I can made it ...

I can't believe I can made it ...

I can't believe I can made it ...

I can't believe I can made it ...

I can't believe I can made it ...

I can't believe I can made it ...

How could I did it?

I woke up at 11:30 for ballet this morning. It was my first time made it, although I had tried many times.

On a saturday MORNING!

The combination is similar to weekday class, but a bit easy.

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no class today
Friday. 3.4.05 10:18 pm
Although I wake up late and arrived 10 pass nine this morning, I wasn't hurry, because Donna told me that she may be late as she has appointment to doctor.

I saw Julie was talking to Nicky outside PSU house, and she told me class had been cancel becuase Donnar was sick. We couldn't go back home as we have meeting with Erica, but it was early, so we went to Town Hall for shopping. Lisa called us when we were on the way to Town Hall, near World Tower, and she'd come over to join us.

We received Leo's call when we were in the female toilet of David Jones (there is a resting room inside), and he'd come to join us. It was hard to believe he came to school so early. He said he couldn't get online last night, so he plan to brainstorm the questions to Erica with us.

It was hard to believed that I bought so much clothes in a morning: a one piece dress; a mini skirt; and a jacket. I saw a pretty heels in ninewest, but too expensive, and a bit high. I think I'll buy it later, even it is $150.

We left Town Hall at 12pm and see Erica. She doesn't seems help, or she needs some communication with Michael. Anyway, we got the style guide we need, and a UTS yearbook.

Then Leo went home, and Lisa, Julie and me went to KFC for lunch.

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most tired day in a week
Thursday. 3.3.05 10:46 pm
I was half hour late to class as I woke up at 9am, but there was no one in the classroom, and I thought I go to the wrong room. I walked up to level three, and saw everyone (including morning and afternoon class) in the computer lab. So I went in, and they were solving the problem of groups in Deborah and Julia's classes. I had my breakfast in the room, I want to eat it when we go back to Deborah's class, because Julia doesn't like people eating in class, but I was too hungry.

We had successfully added Iku in our group, but Lena had to leave by other factors. We watched the videos from last semester people, and saw my friend - Beack's one, was about traveling in Sydney.

We went outside to discuss our ideas of the production, and we came out 11 ideas in total: Chiarra - Jackass; people spitting, and strip clubs; Iku - Police story; Steve - Superstition, and New age fashion; Me - Recyling in Sydney; Lisa -Young "yuppies" and Julie - Taxi drivers, Anzacs days, and metrosexuals. Actually I mentioned the jackass's one at first, but don't know why it became Chiarra's later.

However, Deborah thought they are too hard to make it, but she buys the ideas from steve and lisa. Everyone voted on the New Age fashion, but Iku and I think the yuppies are more interesting to work on. I asked Steve to be confidence to himself, he commended his idea is boring immiediately after he mentioned it. So, we asked him to further explain, and he thought we were about to scold him and asked us to forget his ideas. And now, what comes up is almost everyone (including Deborah) agreed his idea, and proved it is good.

Iku joined my group in julia's class too, but Brandon left us. We were working on the details and background of our company. We want it is a established media company, and the event is to focus on University Students, and support to World Red Cross Day. We need research to why university not donate blood, and why they should play a part, also whether they shall support the donation if it is hold in university. Time goes on quickly, it was 4:15pm when we finished to talk to Julia, the sky looked dimmer, just like winter time. Julia gave us another brake, but most of us didn't need it as class'd finish at 5:30pm.

I went to bed after arrived home, felt so tired as this wasn't my body, wake up at 10pm.

We have a meeting to Erica, the university staff, I should have to talk to Lea about the questions, but he wasn't online (so his MSN nick is 'never online'??). Lids wasn't sure about the questions either. So, Leo, it is all about you, tommorrow, thank you.

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Blood Donation
Wednesday. 3.2.05 10:51 pm
Suffering in menstruation pain.

Don't want to leave my bed this morning due to the pain.

However, I first woke up by hearing the heavy rain, I didn't want to leave my bed, as I don't like to walking in the rain. And the second time I woke up by Lisa's call, and I saw the sun came out, I wondered the rain was in my dream, otherwise how could the weather changed so rapid.

I arrived school at 12pm, and met Pru outside the classroom. He asked me not to go in the class, because it was broing as some people talking too much and delaying the discussion time, and should be finished late.

There was no seats left inside, so I sat on the floor. The first thing I did is to ask Lisa about the weather this morning, I must have to make sure I wasn't in dream.

We went to Jap cuisine after class, had my favour Chicken Katsu curry rice, again. However it tasted differently this time, and I couldn't finished it. Let me try to remember: Lisa had Fried Rice; Teri had Katsu Chicken don; Steve and Sarah had noodle; Julie had Tofu and Fried noodle; Chiarra had Tura don; the other two (here referred to Dilen and Brandon) had McDonalds.

We took taxi to the blood centre after lunch, Chiarra wasn't feel well; Sarah is under 18; and Julie got food poisioning last two days, so they couldn't donate blood.

I've got a Key tag from ARCBS, with my blood type at the back, it looks pretty that I don't want to use it.

Lisa was the first one went for assessment, but she can't donate at last, because she has a lower haemoglobin; mine is good and healthy, I've got 122, I think the same as last time.

Steve was tried his best to make fun during the waiting time. However, he wasn't fun at all, and actually a bit annoying.

I drank Chocolate milkshake and ate a hotdog after donation.

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the bus has left before me
Tuesday. 3.1.05 7:00 am
One of the most disappointed things in the world is you saw your bus leaving, and you were about to stop it, if you run a bit faster. I missed the bus this morning, because it thought it'd stopped. You know, sometimes the bus looks like it is stopping, but it is not, and this is the case, sounds complicated, anyway, I missed the bus this morning.

I went to buy breakfast even I was late, and I met Teri in front PSU house. There was not much seat leave in the room, too many people enrolled morning class.

Mike talked about University life, asignments, etc. I don't really sure what was the topic. We guess Mike has nothing to teach in first two week, so he talked about these stuffs, and think week four will be better as the presentations start.

Btw, Mike was keep looking to my side, but I guess I didn't talk loud. (O///O)

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