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Nikki Santoro
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Age. 47
Gender. Female
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Seahawks vs Lions
Tuesday. 11.18.03 9:54 am
Mike and I went to the Seahawks game this weekend. The final score was 35-14. Seahawks won. Neither team scored inthe second half. Yawn. Here is a picture of Mike at the game. Isn't he cute!

Anyway, we left the tickets at home and didn't realize it until we got to the stadium so we had to drive back home and get them. What a pain in the ass. Oh well, at least we won.

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slow weekend
Sunday. 11.16.03 9:22 am
Mike is sick. He has been coughing and whining since Thursday. Plus I think I am coming down with something so we haven't done much this weekend. All I have done since I got home on Friday is a bunch of housework and watch tivo. Yawn!

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Not a good football day
Sunday. 11.9.03 3:04 pm
Seahawks lost to Redskins 27 - 20 today. For those of you who don't watch football, the Seahawks are doing well this season and the Redskins are the joke of the NFL. What a shitfest! The Giants also lost to a joke team, the Falcons. Without their superstar quarterback, Vick, the Falcons have sucked it up this season. The Giants recently broke the Vikings winning streak and has been playing unpredictable football this season. I'm watching the Raiders play the Jets right now. I am not a big Jets fan but I really hate the Oakland Raiders. Raiders are ahead in the 3rd and it doesn't look like the Jets are coming back. Oh well, there's always soccer.

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feeling better
Thursday. 11.6.03 9:05 am
I am feeling better now that I have talked to some good friends. Thanks Mike, Marianne, and Paul! Marianne told me all the ways I should have told my doctor off, Mike made me put together the numbers the doc was throwing around to see that they made no sense, and Paul just told me I look good. You guys are great!

I also went to see my trainer tonight and he agreed that what my doctor said made no sense at all. He told me that most professional athletes don't even work out for 500 minutes a week. We added up all the time I spend working out today and it equals 7 hours. Hold shit, I can't imagine working out any more than that. I need to sleep and work sometime. Anyway, Ben pepped me up by telling me that I am getting stronger, running faster, playing soccer better, losing weight, and my clothes are fitting looser. Then he asked me how I am feeling. I said I was feeling great so he said to "screw her". Very cool! Thanks Ben!

There was also a very strange woman working out near me tonight. She had a small towell tucked into the top of her shirt like a bib. What could that be for? Could she really sweat that much? Is she afraid to sweat on her clothes? Or does she wear too much makeup when she works out that it runs down her face and onto the bid while she is sweating? Very strange whatever the reason.

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today sucks
Wednesday. 11.5.03 2:36 pm
So I had a check-in my my doctor today to see how I am doing on the weight loss program I have been on for the past 12 weeks. Apparently my progress is not as good as they would like. I have been losing about 1/2 a week but that really is not fast enough. She told me that I need to increase the amount of exercise I get in order to lose more weight. Right now, I play soccer twice a week and run 3 times a week plus lift weights 3 times a week. She says this is about 300 minutes of exercise a week and I need at least 500 minutes. I guess she has no concept of a full time job.

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simon and garfunkle at the key
Sunday. 11.2.03 1:41 pm
Last night Mike and I went to the Simon and Garfunkle concert at Key Arena. Now this is not the kind of concert we would usually seek out tickets for but some friends from work had two extra. We met Mike Schack and his wife and Rick and his wife at Floyds BBQ before the concert for some dinner and beer. I have to admit their wives were not as I had pictured but both were very nice. Some very drunk guy came up to me and Mike's wives to chat us up. Drunk college football fans are funny!

The concert started off pretty poorly. I don't think Art Garfunkle has had a reason to sing for years and you could tell. Luckily the Everly Brothers came on to sing a few of their classics. They were awesome! Paul and Art came back on and sang some of their old hits including my favorite Sound of Silence. All I can say is that Paul Simon is an outstanding song writer. I didn't remember all that all of these really great song were done by Simon and Garfunkle. Bridge oer Troubled Waters was also very well done. What a great song!

After the concert I got to thinking about what songs would make my top ten songs of all time. Here is what I have come up with so far (not listed in priority order):

  • What a wonderful world - Louis Armstrong
  • Crash - Dave Matthews Band
  • Sitting on the dock of the bay - Otis Redding
  • It had to be you - Harry Connick Jr.
  • Wonderful tonight - Eric Clapton
  • La vie en rose

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