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11 September, 2009 07:53 PM: Web page's temporarily plain! I haven't had extra time to cuztomize a new one. Will be updated soon :)
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I Love Mentholatum
Monday. 3.2.09 1:21 pm

I'm using

So fresh!

Feels good.

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I Forgot I Had Tuition Class Actually
Saturday. 2.28.09 8:01 am
NO! How come I forgot I had tuition class yesterday? At 4.00 pm! This was the first stupid thing I had ever done in 2009. Couldn't believe it!

I was doing some stuffs for my mum at that moment. It was 4.15 pm and I still did not notice I had already missed the class. My phone rang next and it was Teck Kok -my school fellow of course. I missed the call for the first time. At first, I was like: ?, Why does Teck Kok call me? He knows I don't like people misses call me. I sent a message to him then: Yes Chong Teck Kok? (How stupid I was to say this thing.)

Now my phone rang for the second time and I missed it too. I was still utterly in the dark about the matter. So I called him and I was told it was tuition time!!! I was astonished right away! God, this was too stupid!

Again, it rained yesterday, just started at 5.00 pm. Yes, we had to cancelled our plan. It was too bad I still could not start my "Grow-Stronger" plan. However, it won't stop my desire to go on the plan.

Yesterday wasn't good, I have to say!

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We Expect For The Same Thing
Saturday. 2.28.09 12:07 pm
I met Reyvent last Wednessday. He was going out to the street and I was standing in front of my house. Then I saw him suddenly. Of course we chatted for a while. We had so many things to talk about. However, God was forcing us to fisnish the conversation quickly. It rained when we chatted happily. That was absolutely bad.

While we were chatting, I found out that we were expecting for the same thing, i.e. we were finding somebody to go on a jogging, probably exercise. We were so coincident. We have made a deal to do it today, later at 5 pm.

You know, I have always wanted to go out for an exercise. People said exercises can build up the muscle and This is one of my goal -


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Monday. 2.23.09 4:33 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Acne Pop Out On My Face
Saturday. 2.21.09 12:04 am
Well.. well.. well.. It has been almost two weeks I haven't been blogging, so miss NuTang!

Those headachy homework is keep increasing these days and it is totally driving me crazy. What happen to the teachers? They seem agreed to give the homework all at once. But at least they give us time to get them done. There are still a few books waiting for me to complete.

The weather is kind of abnormal this two weeks. It is like a furnace in my room. So I am like a chicken which is grilling under a grill. Yes, I know it feels funny. I was covered with sweat all night. The most dislike thing is my face has popped out so many ance.

When my friends saw me in school, they asked me: Hey! Your face has become so serious.

Then I replied: Yes, I know. And I then show them with an unhappy expression.

I have oily skin and so I get ance easily. Though I haven't had that much at the same time. This time the hot weather made them all out. It is very awful! My face wash doesn't help at all, to say nothing about my face cream. So I need time to get rid of them -may be one week, 15 days OR one month? Sigh.. Has any one of you tried that before? You know, face full with ance, you fail to do everything, you have less confident of yourself. That is me now!

Hopefully I can say bye bye to them as fast as possible.

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Dissatisfied With The Bus Driver
Thursday. 2.19.09 4:56 pm
It is really furious to talk about the bus service nearby my house.

As usual, I was waiting bus to somewhere just now. I had been waiting at the bus stop for an hour and I was standing. I couldn't sit because the seat was steaked with bird shit.

At the moment, I have plenty of BIG question marks on my head.
  • Why did he does not want to stop?

  • Why did he want us to take the next bus?

  • Didn't he know that us passengers were in a rush and would be late if he didn't not stop?

  • Didn't he know that us passengers had been waiting for him for such a long time and were tired enough to continue?

  • Couldn't he considerate for us kids?

  • How could he do that on us?

  • How could he be that lazy and selfish?
I have nothing to say now. Unbelievable, absurd, speechless ...


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