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The Grass Is Greener

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Oh, but it was.
Thursday. 4.16.09 12:15 am
Went to AP Tour last night. I'm just gonna say this--I freaking hate crowd surfers. I'm sure it's fun and all, but I don't want your tailbone in the back of my head.

It was awesome, though! :D I took way too many pictures . . . another reason I hate facebook--My computer can't do the Java uploader, so I have to do it 5 pics at a time. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

So, yeah. That's pretty much the highlight of my entire month. Hehe.

Oh my gosh. Now I really want pizza hut . . . . dunno why. But still. Sounds soooo good!

"Do the Helen Keller!"

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"Do you not know I've had diarrhea since Easters?"
Monday. 4.13.09 12:06 am

Yep. It's Easter. I've been quoting Nacho Libre all day.

And I've had, say, 7 chocolate chip cookies today? Yeah. Sounds about right.

So, since our family is out of children to throw in the yard to look for Easter eggs, we settled for eating cake, pie, pie and cookies all afternoon. xD Hah.

Story from today that entertained me:
My baby nephew was in our house today, so, of course, my momma went all g-ma on us and was talking in that high-pitched baby voice... however, the dog totally thought she was talking to him, so he was all jumpy and hyper every time she opened her mouth to say something about the baby. xD "What a cutie pie!" Heh. Don't know about you, but I laughed. :P

PS-- Fast food joint paper ketchup cups make for excellent shot glasses . . . when used with non-alcoholic beverages, of course.

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A broken fortune cookie means bad luck.
Sunday. 4.12.09 12:07 am
WOW! I get on today and find myself with 9 welcome-y comments! :D Yay!
Now to just get the hang of how things work around here. . . .

The sister, the mother and I watched the first 2/3 of Star Wars IV . . . Drank hot cocoa/cheap cappuccino mixture stuff out of Storm Trooper helmet mug. ^_^ I LOVE that thing.

OH! And got a dress. That doesn't really matter, though. Heh.

Just a few of the oddly quotable things out of people's mouths this weekend...

"Instead I make babies, not bombs!"
"Sex... definition... reference to females.... Yes! I am the sex!"

OK. Two sentences isn't exactly "a few". . . I dunno. I'm bored. And tired. [Heh. Figures.] Aaaaaand tomorrow's Easter Sunday. Definitely not going to want to wake up.

The bunnies....

The Peeps....

The sugar.

Found that bad boy at the creek! Yeauh!

I ought to go do something productive . . . *shifty eyes* Hah! Who am I kidding? xD

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Who's a n00b?
Saturday. 4.11.09 1:49 am
mood: ridiculous
I'm a n00b! [Just imagine that in a kid's show-type format... with screaming kid's voices and everything.]

So, yes. I've made it. After my sister's long procrastination of, "You need to get a NuTang!", she finally bestowed me with the honor of an invite code. Hallelujah!

Anyways. For future reference, please forgive the majority of the lack of intelligence that anything I say will most likely portray, seeing as how I'm pretty much always tired and/or brain-dead. I'm always either not getting enough sleep, or getting too much sleep. Either one, it's the reason for my poor mental acuity. [So I use big and fancy words to make up for it, of course.]

OK. Ending it here. Sleep calls me away. :]

[4 days 'till AP Tour!!! :D]

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