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About Me:
Hi2U. I am just a 17yr old kid who is just like any other teen you can find in your neighbourhood. This is my weblog which you are viewing. I think that behind every cool kid there is a weblog. Really! =))

I would not want you to call me an eavesdropper thus just take it that im listening to some emo/punk-rock music instead of conversation between the maid-next-door flirting with her bangla boyfriend.

I have a strong objection against people who thinks i am of bankrupt intellect so i am listing a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here even though i may or may not read some of them.

Since I can’t list my porn collection here, I’ll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.

It felt good.
Tuesday. 7.17.07 12:14 pm
Today i went ALL OUT! just to prove someone wrong.


I feel damn good. Damn damn damn Good. =DD

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Revanche kills Megatron. Nono. Void Reaver.
Monday. 7.2.07 10:50 am

Yuhui edited the picture. Let me see if i can recall who is in this group.

From Top:
Icyykelly (Keegan) -- Top DPS, must be his idea la, thats why he get to be Optimus Prime
Zmadamechloe (i think la) -- dont know him at all. Nothing to say.
Heinous (Winson) -- 2nd in DPS, Bumblebee kinda suit him. Given the way he play. Jump here and there. SO MUCH ACTION!
I dont know who is Ironhide.
Kaimelar (ME) -- Zero DPS =((... Pew pew healers not allowed. BUT! My totems! BLOODLUST(my secret weapon) and more totems! and me heals!

I think my group churn out the most Damage. Zeekee and Purehealer was in my group but got switched cuz they died before i can bloodlust. =(( If not Zeekee, Purehealer, Icyykelly, Heinous + Me and my totems i dont see why all 4 of them cant be the top 4 dps in charts.

After 6-7 tries this fag has died. Revanche is the FIRST singapore guild on dragonmaw to kill it and 5th on the list in our server to kick his ass.

6-7 tries is actually very little. Guild like , they tried for 2 days which means like 10-20 tries. We could be faster but as everyone knows, Revanche is draggy, we procastinate. STILL WE KICK ASS.

My 12 dollars worth of LAN shop ain't wasted. Home internet sucks at the moment =((

What actually happened on the day we down this little chunk of metal. (Kaimelar is me, Evelione is weiyi)

Kaimelar to Evelione: Wy, can we kill him before 11.30pm? I don't want to take taxi home tonight. Very expensive.

Evelione to Kaimelar: Depends on the raid. See how lor

ALl these is BEFORE the raid start. Havent kill this thrash can yet at that point of time. Actions starts coming in. Fireballs are flying like meteors, Shadow priests! PUSH MINDBLAST HARDER than they ever did. Warriors working hand in hand to trade aggro in a well mannered way. I was chain healing and patch healing like i never chain heal before(Hope i didnt spoil the 'G' button of the keyboard. Bazuki will come after me if i did.) And jeri the 300pound paladin didnt WHINE! Come to think of it. He didnt whine. In fact it was Xeqtor and his stupid irritating spamming to drink arcane pots which is kinda useless. dont know why he still spams that warning to drink it.


Evelione to Kaimelar: Before 11pm !!! Happy anot!

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Sunday. 7.1.07 2:43 am

1500Hour. Daryl went to BigO to play Arena with Xing and Arronax.

1700Hour. Joshua went to BigO with some fella named Shawn (don't know who is he)

2000Hour. I, myself went down to BigO cause of raid and ome internet problems.screwy net is bad..

When i reach LOL! i saw joshua sitting beside daryl see-ing him play Arena. Then i was like EH! WHY ARE YOU ALL HERE ALSO. Then play play play till 1plus then head home.

Raiding is still alright 29% of a new boss. Improvement. Only problem is people dont know how to run away from bombs =((. And i ordered the wrong macdonald order !!! ended up giving away free McSpicy to joshua. From wipe till res i only got 5mins! i rushed down to the counter and order i blurted out a string of orders and then when i pay money i realised i got one McSpicy. The cashier is to lousy to know how to void my receipt and give me a new so i told her never mind as i have to rush up to raid. But i still Dont Hate macdonald. <3

We used to stay on the same street called Holland which stretches from Pandan Valley to my House with daryl in the MIDDLE. Now i have shifted but we are still "on the way" home if we take a cab but NOT "On the way" home if we take a Bus.

Its like coincidence to see both of them at BigO. SUper coincidence.

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How much are you being Con?
Tuesday. 6.26.07 1:06 pm
I have decided to check how much actually i can save if i didnt buy from those Manufacturers themselves. Instead go DIY. Those who don't know can just get the guy at the shop to fix it up for you and its free if you purchase your stuffs there.

The X Company.

Genuine Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium

AMD Athlon™ 64X2 Dual Core 4000+ (2GHz, 2 X 1 MB L2 Cache)



DVD Dual Drive

128 MB nVidia® 7500LE Graphic Card

19" LCD Monitor

The Total they charge is $1,299. As quoted by the company.


Let's See if you build the machine yourself.

Genuine Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium $149

AMD Athlon™ 64X2 Dual Core 4200+ (2GHz, 2 X 1 MB L2 Cache) $269


250GB S-ATA HDD $99

Samsung Super-Writemaster DVD 18x (Got brand and better) $49

XFX 7600GT 256MB DDR3 DVI (The one above suck too much) $179

ViewSonic 19" LCD Monitor $299

Total Price: $1,109 ONLY!

You saved a total of Nearly $200 dollars. Prices should be lower as the Processer in this case is BETTER and the graphics card is WAY BETTER.

Many people say that going to buy DIY computers are geeks or gamer and stuffs. BUT no. all wrong. So many DIY shops already plan a system out for you. with that 300dollar more you can make your computer Much better like adding to 2GB ram for just another $65. or Change it to 500GB harddisk for maybe just a little more amount and it still all fall within your budget. Best of all is that you know what you are getting and anything wrong just go back to the same shop. Also if next time you wanna change any parts also easy, rather than you buy from a manufacturer, you dont know the parts in it, and if you want to just upgrade maybe a ram or harddisk space they will overcharge you and stuffs.

If you were to ask me to guess if i were to follow the specification each by each and make an exactly same computer, It would more or less be around 900+ pricing. Because the processor 4000+ not in the price list and the 7500LE 128mb is bullshit actually. The 7600GT 256mb if the price is $179, i think the 7500LE 128mb is only worth less than a hundred. Serious. No joke. Its that sucky.

Like shihao, com idiot. I just follow him to the shop and look through and tada a computer is built. Cheap and good.

SO WHY still go back to those manufacturers ? Eh money saved can be used to buy other things !!!

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Initial D!
Sunday. 6.24.07 1:24 pm


5times in the Cinema. SHIOK!

3 times on VCD.

1 time on TV.

I fell in love with Initial during secondary 2. Was introduced to Initial D by a bunch of friends which i never contact them anymore. It was the driving simulator in the arcade which took Singapore Arcade's by storm. People flock from corners of singapore to play at certain arcades mainly the Bugis and Plaza Singapura ones. Many would say Jurong Point has many players but in actual fact its because of the cheaper rates. Skill wise they are not even half of Bugis players. HEH. Quality over Quantity. After i improved till i won the people who taught me i stopped playing. Then came Initial D 3 where things improved. Used the same car, played till a certain level at that period of time which is considerably good then i stopped. Then came maximum Tune another driving game which is still in fashion now. I only play it for leisure. Some of my friends(not really, just know them in school last time only) plays it so hardcore that they are holing records in bugis and Plaza Singapura's arcade, didnt really bother me. Expensive to play man.

Overall the storyline is rather interesting for Initial D the manga. It started in 1995 if i am not wrong. the book is still continuing now after 10 years. 34 books published. Story not yet ended. The author really is very intelligent in his writings on the car mechanics and how-things-works. The Anime series is not bad. Those lazy to read can just watch it. Many people like main characters in any show/books they read. I have a tendency to like the supporting characters more. Thus i do not have much interest in the character, Fujiwara Takumi. Mainly more interested in Takahashi Keisuke (sadly not featured in the Movie but a very important role in the actual story). Takahashi Keisuke is the brother of Takahashi Ryousuke (played by Edison Chen in the movie)

The whole Initial D craze also increase my interest in cars which is later on further increased by my dad who is a car lover too.

The Need for Speed series in Playstation/PC platform also made me love cars even more. SAD TO SAY, EA GAMES TEND TO DESTROY THEIR OWN GAMES. the whole series is getting from bad to worse. The game became suckier by the day. Lousier by the minute. EH EA WAKE UP, WAKE UP ALREADY ANOT. Your game suck. Learn2Konami.

Damn FEELING arh. After watching for the 9th time. Maybe sometime this week i shall watch it for the 10th time.

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The Late Night Phase.
Saturday. 6.23.07 3:37 am
I think everyone has to go thru the Late Night Phase in their life. What do i mean by Late Night Phase is that going home at probably 2-3am or later.

Yesterday was with Wenshen, Victor, Zaid, Eddy and Jingzhe. All secondary school classmates and soccer-mates. We went to play LAN. I met them at 1.30am because i was with Weiyi, Yuhui, Wilson and Jeri somewhere else earlier on. Then we play play play till it was like 3am. Eddy received sms saying faster come home soon. Jingzhe had sms saying that the Dad says next time no need to come home already and also his dad called his gf to tell him that. =//. Victor, Zaid, Wenshen and i, i think we have gotten over this lousy phase. Last time at 12am plus my dad would ring and ring and my mum too. Soon they just got immune that im not doing anything bad and also not frequently. After that ate prata chit chat till 5am. Eddy and Jingzhe went back first w/o eating because they needa rush! 5am already they all suddenly say wanna go home =(( only like 40mins to the FIRST BUS! ^[email protected]%#&!^@% had to pay taxi fare again. I have been taking midnight taxi's like 2-3 days in a row already =((. Anymore rides i will have to pay with my ass.

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