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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
Caribana, here i come! :D
Friday. 8.3.07 10:35 pm
Aaah i survived 1 week of work. :) Oh yeah the reason why i hadn't been updating here coz i got a new job && the cool thing about it is, i'm working with my sister so it isn't such a pain. :) Coz we BOTH hurt together by the end of the day haha [Yea i'm sadistic like that.]

Anihoo my sister's got a crush on the son of our supervisor (who's the friend of my dad and the person responsible for letting us have the job) && this guy's SOO FRIKKEN into dancehall! See, when they bring their van, they drop us home since we're neighbors and all. [God, i feel like dying everytime he drives! Ugh, teenagers! lmao] Anihoo soo when he drives he likes to turn the music UP and shishiet, the riddim just makes my sis && me wiiiiiine lmao Ah yes ma :)~

So this long weekend's Caribana :) Aahh and i'm sooo goin! i Swear!!! :P Nuthin can stop me!!! Partaeeee Carribean style!!! Woot woot! Shishiet i'm sooo excited haha


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[almost] legal.
Thursday. 7.26.07 7:26 pm

Hmm. I'm almost legal.
I wonder what would change in my life when i turn 18. That would be something.
It's supposed to be my debut, but i'm not gonna have one because i exchanged it for a laptop (if u didn't know). So today 3 of my closest friends decided that i should have a kiddie themed party...to remember the last of my childhood and all. And being the stupid lazy girl that i am, i just contacted my other friends this morning. Through MSN/YM since i was too lazy. Now i'm soooo pissed off coz the schedule keeps on changing & everything and so far only 4 of the others have replied. i Dunno anymore. i'M so pissed off. Pissed off. Pissed off!!!!!!!! Leche!!! >=[
So much for turning 18. Blah. F off. Whoever invented birthdays celebrations!?

18. wow. i'm 18.
i'm really old then huh?

When i'm 21, i'm gonna have the formal debut thing. :) i'm doing that. for sure. back home. && gonna get wasted. with my friends. on my one & only RH (fyi: RH means Red Horse which is by the way my favorite beer). haha :)

ah. kudos to me. i've lived this long in the teenage world. even in this canadian teenage world full of the stereotypes filipinos see only on the boob tube. ah.


i'm old.

one more year.

&& i can [legally] drink.

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Very Grateful
Wednesday. 7.25.07 8:43 am
Yesterday, we almost lost our house.

My uncle was cooking in the basement and he forgot it and then suddenly there was really black thick smoke everywhere. He went down to try to check but then he remembered that the gas furnace was there. Immediately, we all scampered for the most important things we have. i Went upstairs to get my sister. Thank god she wasn't asleep (coz usually she locks our room when she does). I didn't know what i should have brought. I just grabbed some receipts, my phone and my laptop (since i was chatting at that time). i Even forgot to put on any shoes when i went out. The firemen came just in time, and everything was okay. Good thing there were no flames. i'Ve never experienced a fire before so i was really scared.

Imagine me, in a plain shirt and shorts, with no slippers, carrying my laptop squatting on my neighbor's front yard. How sad i must have looked. Imagine us carrying, what, our papers and no other clothes. How sad we must have all looked.

But i'm so thankful that nothing happened to any of us. Yea. God is good.

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i am such a nerd lol
Saturday. 7.21.07 9:22 pm
Okae i am such a nerd. Nerd nerd nerd. Lol

For the last few days, i have been modding (i mean, TRYING to mod) my laptop so it will fit my needs ;)

Anyweiz so i've been asking my friends for software && stuff and did some illegal stuff too since i just couldn't resist the temptation. From where i got them, i won't tell lmao But because of my friends (ahem ahem), i got Winamp Pro (since i hate WMP11 && i'm not much of a fan of iTunes) for free, Audacity Recording software, && other "stuff". Also, i will be getting MS Office Enterprise 2007 YumYum! But i just need that coz i messed up my MS Office & now everytime i open it, it asks for an activation code even though the 60-day trial isn't over yet!!! Grr..

Anihoo i hope nobody here will tell on me. (Pretty please with cherry on top?) What are NuTanger-friends for? :D

Aright, i'm going to go chat w. my friends now and maybe catch up w. my sis & some friends playin vollyeball :P

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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