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Argh Test =.=
Monday. 12.07.07 6:44 am
Heed My Words!Next Wednesday Audit test zzzzz this is frustrating after getting my Financial Management assignment result which is not up to my expectation..... After Audit assignment ( Financial scandals) we have another coursework test for about 20% of total coursework marks.

Argh need to study..... But the problem is that this lecturer did not guide us well, and the way she is teaching is like forgetting some of the parts and remembering some of the parts. Her notes are so messy....the reference text book she recommended was useless. This kind of lecturer will make me flunk my paper.....or maybe worsen my CGPA.

What else can I do? Go search for more info so I can tackle the exam questions loh.... sien la such thing do happen.....

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Believe Me....? Always?
Saturday, November 24, 2007
People always said "Believe me" I usually would ask him or her "Why should I?" obviously there is no reason for me to do so. I believe that you won't believe in someone unless you REALLY knows him or her and together you guys been through a lot.

What if you got it wrong? Then how? We all messed up!! Usually I do not ask people to believe in me because not because I do not trust people.... but because believe or trust comes from the other person and if he or she is not convinced by my words then no matter how much I asked for them to believe me, it WON'T HAPPEN!

So why bother asking others to believe in you if you knows that "thing" going to work?! Geez have faith in yourself.... Do you know that when you ask people to believe in you, they all are in the same ship with you and if you should ever sink they will be sinking with you just because they follow your orders "Believe me".

Whereas if they choose to believe in you then it is a different story....

They believe in me then if I ever made the ship sinks, at least they will not regret because it is WILLINGNESS....that is what I think, what do you think?

^^v peace~~~~~~~~

Feel sleepy leh when typing this post but I still type so good. hoho....go try typing it at 4am in the morning see how awake are you!!

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