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Blind to the gemstone alone

Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
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September 2021

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Thursday. 9.11.08 7:15 pm
So where am I now? Oh yeah. I finished moving a month ago. Then college started. College is so laid back and relaxing. The only thing I have to do is make sure that I don't mess up again. I'm trying to do everything perfectly. Homework. All that stuff. Yeah. Not much I want to say right now. I don't blog as much as I used to anymore. I've been reading and concentrating on school work more. I'm not sure how I feel. Sometimes it's indescribable.

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Saturday. 7.19.08 9:19 pm
Might be moving soon, but don't know when.

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One more day
Sunday. 7.6.08 12:53 am
One more day and I'm off to that Christian camp.

Something off subject. I wished I had friends who share the same interests as me. I don't mean for us to be exactly the same. I'm here watching movies like Eraserhead by myself and listening to medieval music by myself. I know people who I shouldn't know at all. Yeah. I'm still happy though! I love my family even though we have big problems now. Serious ones, but there will be a solution. I pray every night.

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Sunday. 7.5.08 10:28 pm
Okay. Here is something about my 4th of July day. My mom planned to go to the 4th of July fireworks, but she got tired. My sis was sleeping so I went with my cousin! We got out of the house at 8pm to go hang around before the fireworks starts. There is this nice secluded space that looks beautiful to me. There are leaves, grass, and few trees. There is this mysterious door that I really like. I took few pictures with my cousin. Oh yeah. I almost forgot. I saw some guy worshipping a tree. It's kinda freaky because he looks sane but insane at the same time. And he was by himself! My cousin and I stared for fun. We weren't rude or anything though. Later, we stood in front of the horizon. The ocean was so beautiful at night. We waited until the fireworks start, which was 9:30pm. There were tons of people. I usually get annoyed at people, but for some reason they didn't bother me this time.

The fireworks were awesome. Many great songs were played such as "America The Beautiful", "Stars and Stripes Forever", and etc. It lasted about 22 minutes. I wished it was longer. At 9:52pm, we walked around to look for the bus start. Some lady told us the bus won't be coming, so we're like crap. Then I told my cousin we should walk home. We walked from 10 something and got home at around 11:44pm. That was the longest walk ever, but we weren't that tired! I enjoyed walking and looking around. The ocean made me feel great! I got pictures that I like.

My camera disappoint me a lot, but my cousin helped me capture these pictures.

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Independence day
Friday. 7.4.08 10:46 pm
Happy 4th of July!

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Friday. 7.3.08 10:16 pm
I'm going to camp next week! Learn more about the bible and such. I wonder how the experience will be this time. I'm going alone. It will be interesting.

I have a question. If anyone could answer, thanks. How do I set the date and time to be permanently accurate? I have to change it every time I write a blog entry.

I love this site! It makes me feel great. I don't know why. :-)

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Scare the dower
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