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    Mini trench coat for my son
    Wednesday. 6.8.11 8:48 pm
    Guest post written by Hilary Mint

    When I was out shopping with my sister about a week or so ago, I helped her pick out some clothes for her son because he's growing so quickly. Just one of the things that she bought was this adorable little trench coat. I had never even seen one that small before! After I saw it I decided that I should also get one for my son too, but they unfortunately didn't have one in his size.

    So when I got home, I decided to go online and find one like it in my son's size. I thought it would be especially good for him to wear with his church clothes. While I was online looking at stuff, I ran across some www.satelliteinternetbroadband.com/. Our old internet service hadn't been working out well for a while now, so I signed up for one of those deals.

    I did find a trench coat like the one I wanted for my son after a while. Plus, I got it on clearance which is always a good thing when you have growing kids.

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    Memorial Day Weekend...Vegas
    Sunday. 5.29.11 1:44 am
    This Memorial Day Weekend people either headed to Miami or Vegas.

    I've heard the most stories from Vegas. I've heard about people waking up in the wrong rooms. Some guys waking up with chipped teeth. Wonder what he was doing, lol.

    It seems like more people are heading to Las Vegas because it's a better chance for them to interact with celebrities. I've seen a lot of people tweet about how the met. Kevin Durant, Mick Vick, Jermaine Dupri, and Floyd Mayweather.

    No longer are people heading to Miami for Memorial Day Weekend people are heading to Vegas.

    I noticed a lot of people saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but so many people have been talking before the weekend is even over.

    Come Tuesday I'm sure will we hear about more crazy stories because even more people are planning to head to Las Vegas to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    People are forgetting about why we have this weekend off. I hope all the people partying in Vegas and Miami take time to reflect on that.

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    White chocolate homemade truffles for Valentine's Day
    Sunday. 5.29.11 1:34 am
    Guest post written by Amber Gordon

    Last Valentine's Day I spent the night watching a bunch of sappy chick flicks, which just made me feel a lot worse about the breakup I had just gone through. Well, I'm single again for this Valentine's Day, but I decided that I'm not going to feel sorry for myself like last year. Instead, I'm going to have some fun. I've invited some of my other single friends over and we're going to have a little party.

    There's going to be about five or six people over and I'm going to fix them dinner and drinks for it. I've been looking up all kinds of recipes for things to fix for the party and a few nights ago when I was doing that I came across the website http://www.get.wildblue.com. I read through it a little bit and afterward, I decided to sign up for one of the satellite internet packages I read about on there.

    I'm really excited about this recipe that I found for white chocolate truffles that I'm going to fix. I love white chocolate and I love truffles, so I thought that would be fun time well spent for the party�s benefit.

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    Extreme Couponing Fraud on TLC
    Wednesday. 4.13.11 4:12 am
    I've been reading all the blogs about this show Extreme Couponing and I can say that it doesn't show couponing in the right light. I was also surprised to hear that they have a lady on there by the name of J'aime who has admitted in the past that she committed coupon fraud. She was on TV using coupons for items she did not purchase. She claims that paper towels are always free let me tell you that is a lie, paper towel and tissue is never FREE. I believe some of these people are looking like hoarders because if you already have a big stockpile why go out and buy more. The point of a stockpile is so you won't have to go back out when you are in need of something.Some of these people are just getting these things because their FREE. IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE SPACE DON'T CONTINUE TO DO EXTREME COUPONING.

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    Homemade Sloppy Joes[Yes, Divas Can Cook]
    Friday. 4.1.11 5:06 am

    Monique has another video teaching you all how to make Homemade Sloppy Joes from scratch. She's definitely someone that inspires me to cook more esp. from scratch. I think all women should be able to whip up some type of meal esp. if you have a family.
    Got Giveaway Info here?

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    New Shopping Trips
    Friday. 3.25.11 2:49 am
    I'll been taking for ever to post my latest shopping trips. I've started working on them. For some reason I have a hard time getting anything done when the lights aren't on.

    New Shopping Trips posts here

    I saw a lot of things on clearance at Target Thursday. Hopefully, I get some of those items up. I took a few pics don't know how to upload them from this phone I used. Need to figure out how to use bluetooth from phone to laptop.

    Holla at everyone later.

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