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Thursday. 5.20.04 7:35 pm
It's ok... no one has to know you're cheating... just look around... see? no one is there... just reach for that disk... put it in... you know you want to... To be honest... I feel kinda convicted about useing this gameshark... it's cheating... it means I'm not better than the computer... oh well...

I carefully get the cd, while makign sure no one sees... then I stealthly slip it into the PS2... I wait... and wait... and... GOD DAMN IT!!!! DISK READ ERROR MY FUCKING ASS!!! And then comes the profanity.... why... oh god why did sony make the CD rom so cheap on the PS2.

I seem to remember back in the day... having to blow on the console cartridges... I mean who doesn't? I remember everyone saying CDs are so much better because they always work... See those old cartridges have copper connecters that tarnished and needed to be cleaned constantly when they got old... but not CDs... CDs were the future... back then at least.

So now all the systems use CDs and DVDs.... I find myself fighting with my system even more now... And yeah... I still blow on them... I still wipe them off... And hit the side of the console and what not... nothing has changed... technology has failed me!!!!

Cartridges were always better anyways

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A Lesson Learned
Wednesday. 5.19.04 12:16 am
So I broke my last Play Station 2 controller... I dunno... I guess games can piss me off... I think they piss everyone off actually... It's only natural to get mad when you lose cheaply... No one likes to lose, especially to a computer.

Besides, the computer cheates, everyone knows that... And what do we do to cheaters? We punish them... the PS2 must be punnished. So I hit the PS2 controler to teach it a lesson; so that it may associate pain with making me lose. If it had just let me win... none of this woulda happened... We would all be happy and nothing would be broke... Stupid machine... I warned it this would happen!

Kollin's advice:
AntiChangeLoser: breathe in, breathe out...happy thoughts...inside voices...express your anger through talking reasonably to the ps2..."bad ps2, you have done me wrong once again"

The damn thing has got to learn somehow

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Blue Monday
Monday. 5.17.04 9:06 am
Wow I actually got up at 7:00AM today... and everything is really wierd... My room is really dimmly lit and just feels wierd to even be in. It's like I haven't been here before... I just somehow know it's my room and I know where everything is... I like the blue that is cast over everything though... it's also very wierd... Like everything in my room is a different color... Maybe I'm not really awake... I think I'm just visiting nutang in my sleep or something...

Oh... so down stairs is quite wierd as well... Again, everything is kinda dimmly lit and blue... There are no people either... and there won't be for quite some time... so it is very quiet... Everything is just so unreal... I don't even see the dog anywhere... I guess I'll just stay in my room right now until everything turns normal...

Actually I feel quite wierd myself too... maybe I got too much sleep and I have become super acute to my senses or something... I feel realy light... yes, like a feather... but at the same time I feel grownded and sturdy... My arms kinda tingle at the elbows... I dunno what that's all about... My hair is sticking strait up aswell... My whole body also has this kinda shakey cold feeling... kinda wierd... I dunno... It all just feels unreal...


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Not Going To Galviston
Sunday. 5.16.04 4:25 pm
So today everyone was supposed to go to Galviston to do stuff at the beach... Well I think that idea kinda got destroyed... In fact, I am supposed to be there right now... oh well... I had my reasons for not going. Most of them being that I'm just in a bad mood and kinda depressed.

What!? Why are you depressed Pete? One might ask such a question... However, there are many answeres. I told Ashley I didn't want to go because I just was tiered and not feeling like going, that is most of it actually.

Well anyways, after prom we were supposed to go to Galviston with a bunch of people... in more than one car. Well that kinda died... I don't know what happened to half of the people... So Ashley said only me, her, Steve, Jessica, J, and probobly David are going, and Steve is driving... That's six (or five depending on David) people in a Grand Am for an hour and a half each way (and three hours total). It's obvious that would have been misserble, so I decided not to go with them. I mean someone had to stay behind or it woulda been crappy.

Besides that, I really just didn't want to go anyways. I mean Ashley had been rather pissy all during prom to me so that sucked... It was also already 2:00 before they even called me... so that makes it so there wouldn't be much time when they get there. Oh, and Ashley said that instead of going to the beach they are just going to shop and go to her aunt's resteraunte... Well that doesn't sound exciting. So anyways, I didn't want to go.

Of course... I can't help about think about last time she went to Galviston... that really depresses me...

no beach for me

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Prom Sucks
Sunday. 5.16.04 7:10 am
So yeah, I just got home from prom... I'm not really in a good mood. Yeah... prom was lame... real lame... In fact, I think it was alot more lame than last year even... if that is even possible. Oh well, This was the last one i guess.

Well lets start off with the limo ride... it sucked... all we could do was talk... it was way too cramped. Last year was cool because there was only six of us... this year there were twelve... Makes a big difference. So all you could do really was talk to the person that was smashed against you because it was too crowded. Not to mention, this makes it very uncomfortable in formal wear.

The actual prom... lame as ever. Just as lame... if not more lame than last year. Nothing like a bunch of obnoxious jerks in an over crowded very hot room. Yeah... it was like a million degrees in that room. I could hardly hear the person next to me... so there was really no way to entertain myself. So yeah... it was horrible.

Then after prom... we went to this girl Kirsten's house... I dunno... we all just sat around while a couple people played really crappy video games (most of the time it was Tomb Raider II). Wasn't exactly exciting. The most fun I had was when me and David put smashed goldfish in Kevin's shoe, while he was sleeping. I guess he'll find out some time this morning.

Then we were supposed to go back to Ashley's house I guess... to sleep... I just didn't feel like it. I had, had enough. Ashley had been acting not nice either... so that didn't make me want to stay... In fact... She got more cranky cause she was tiered... So here I am on my computer at my house by myself... nice and peaceful.

Well I really don't know what to say about how Ashley acted with me today... it seemed to change throughout the night. For the most part she seemed annoyed and treated me like a child... That's never cool... Then there would be short amounts of time where she would be really nice... but then she would go back to how she was... She also got really un-nice as it got later... By the time I left her she seemd really annoyed... Oh well... I'm glad it's over.


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Got My Tux...
Saturday. 5.15.04 12:38 am
Well I got my tux today, all ready for prom which is tomorrow. My tux is all black... in fact... there is nothing that isn't black... Black shoes, black jacket, black vest, black shirt, black tie, black socks, and black pants that even have a shiny black stripe down the side. So yeah, all black.

Just so happens, I died my hair black today too. So much the better I suppose, so much the better... My hair is naturaly really dark brown so it isn't like a big change for me or anything... Anyways, I just like the way it looks now when light shines on it.

All ready for prom... my second prom... it's probobly gunna suck... just like the first one... Oh well.

I wanna keep this tux though, it's awsome!

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