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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
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internet has been out
Sunday. 3.29.09 2:11 pm
my parents forgot to pay the bill so when they went on their 10 day honeymoon no internet no cable and no home phone lol and they where out of the country......

ill write when i get a chance things are a little busy

wedding went great btw!! and i made an awesome speach and everyone laughed :]

u ever realize how sometimes it seems as if time flys by so fast that you wake up one day and realize you skipped a year?


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im a terrible procrastinator
Sunday. 3.8.09 1:04 am
jeesh i have so much to get done before the wedding (which is saturday!!!) im freaking a little...not to mention my school work load is getting even worse and i have psycho boy texting me again saying how much he misses me and why wont i talk to him?.....

Im so tired....


o hey im also hooked on this new website thing called hulu lol its pretty neat... my little brother was showing me clips of family guy on the website but it looks like a good website...... tho i dont know much about it..

i think i should crawl under a rock somewhere and just sleep for a few years lol


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its been raining/slushing FOREVER
Sunday. 3.1.09 6:16 pm
holy crap i didnt realize rain could be so depressing......... its been raining here for like 4 days straight and now its starting to snow... the sky has been a muddy grey color for way too long......

well at least no school and maybe i can finish my book lol that would be nice...

we got a horror movie for tonight (eeps) i told tiffany that i was going to sleep in her room if i got too scared..... we got errrm its called Quarantine......... im a little scared because the cover was really scary so i cant imagine what the movie is like..... but im going to try to keep my eyes open through all of it.... lol that sounded pretty wimpy :p


enjoy your week everyone!!

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i hate talking in front of large crowds
Friday. 2.27.09 9:52 pm
and i have to give a toast at my moms wedding and im really nervous because i hate giving speeches...


oh and the wedding is 2 weeks away tomorrow and i havent even gotten my bridesmaid dress in and im very nervous

oh well ill get over it....


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Thursday. 2.19.09 11:31 pm
im tired of being a blonde.....

i wanna dye my hair a dark purple/red

hehe lol i think i should tan before i do tho

otherwise ill look a bit scary


we shall see

oh and i want a tattoo

lol actually a few tattoos


and my mom is cool with it lol mayyyybe this summer if i can save enough... that would be cool........and a little painful..


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i feel like ive been hit by a train....then it reversed and hit me again.
Monday. 2.16.09 11:15 pm
ughhhhhhh i fell asleep today when i got home from school and i fell asleep at 5:00 and woke up at !0:30 and my head hurts and my body aches and i feel like crapppppppp.

i realized today that my life is kinda boring......... i go to school come home sleep. :[ i want something or someone to come along and make it less boring /sigh

i have nothing else to write about my boring life


i feel emo

i dont think i could pull off the hair-over-one-eye hairstyle tho

i fail before i even try


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