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Age. 27
Gender. Female
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Location lubbock, TX
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Saturday. 10.9.04 3:06 pm
I think Justin likes me. Will broke up w/Wendy cuz he likes Sarah agian. Blane cheated on me w/that jerk BUT we allready know that one. Breaking up w/Blane today will be fun. Short version of the long entry I wrote in my spiral last night. My spirals out in the car. It's almost time for me to go.


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Thursday. 10.7.04 4:43 pm
Well, I'm quitting tennis. I mean, the coach is a faggit! Yes she is! Ok, so, today, she goes 'Hannah is the one who needs the most improvement. Hannah is bringing our group down. Hannah, if you don't improve by the end of the semester, you're going to have to find another elective. Nothing personal, you know.'

So... Well, at least I've got my awsome friends, who knew that that was a load of bull shit, and that she was lieing threw her fuckin' teeth. Well... she made me cry today soooooooo I'm quitting. Didn't cry cry, just 'allergies'. hmph. Well, over to dance or gymnastics... I'll switch before she can kick me out. Idiot.


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Monday. 10.4.04 6:20 pm
Or trying to at least. lol


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Monday. 10.4.04 4:40 pm
This is soooo retarded. I hate it. I like another one of Will's friends... 3 out of 4 of Will's friends from other schools that I've liked now. I mean... ERG!

Let's take a Blast of the Past...

And then, eventually, Micahel asked me out, I said yes, and I gotta boo!

That was from 6.28.04. A Monday. The summer. You can read the whole story [plus comments lol] here.

And Blane, of course. Ya'll all know how he ignored me and stuff after Christina came soooooo no need to explain there.

And now Logan. He seems REALLY REALLY nice, but so did Blane, ya know? And Logan thinks Ali's cute, which is a bit of a draw back, but Sat. night I spent the night w/Ali [cuz we moved and I didnt have anywhere to sleep] and I was on the phone w/Logan ALOT. But yeaaaaaaaa....

Yea well we moved, but all we have furniture wise is a table and 4 chairs and 2 mattresses. Yay. lol If anyone lives in Lubbock Texas and wants to give meh furniture... I'll be glad to accept. =]


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Friday. 10.1.04 4:57 pm
It sucks.

Do you know how much I realized I like Blane last night? Alot. A whole lot.

We kissed. My first real kiss. We had sooooooo much fun. Sososososo much fun. Until his slut friend from Mackenzie came. Then, he stopped talking to me. Stopped holding my hand. Ditched us. Me, Will, Ali, Olivia, Ronnie, Scott. Left us in the lightning and rain.

But, God, I love Will. I'm not in love w/him, but I love him. I love Scott, too. And Maimiee. And Justin. They all know I'm better than Blane. That he doesn't deserve someone like me. And they told me that. But that doesn't stop me liking him so much.


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it sucks
Thursday. 9.30.04 8:55 am
It all sucks. Rain. Living on a faggit dirt road. Not being old enough to drive myself outta this dump. The whole Will/Blane thing. It all. fucking... sucks.

Rain sucks. Dirt roads suck. Living in the fuckin' country sucks. I'll never move my kids out here. And isn't it funny that today, of all days, was the closing on our new house, and we're missing it. And, you know, our last week has been the hardest out here.

And not only cuz of the weather. The Will/Blane thing is gay, and I can't even talk to Will now. I feel like I've just lost my best friends, like he's just died.

I said I would miss him when he started goin' out w/Wendy. I just didn't think it would be cuz I'm goin' out w/someone.

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