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If only I had wings . . . by invisible @ NuTang.com
BEHOLD! Internet
Tuesday. 4.26.11 3:34 pm
Well.. the neighbors that recently moved in have internet.. so I STEAL!!!!!

KB is getting so big. She is changing more and more day by day. She is becoming a total daddy's girl. I think she loves him more than me :( My tummy is getting bigger. However, compared to most women I am relatively small like I was with KB. I am 26 weeks now and we know for a fact it's a BOY!! YAY!!! Tye and I have decided to name him Kaden. I think I'm going to do a c-section regardless of what position he is in. His due date is less than 24 months from when I had KB out. That's a BIG risk for a uterine tear x.x no thank you.

Being a stay at home wife/mother has its ups a downs. It drives me crazy just cleaning all day and not doing a whole lot. But, I love having the day with my little girl. We walk to a nearby park every once in a while and find little activities throughout the day. Cooking is an every day adventure for me. My mom was no chef growing up, so I don't have an kind of experience when it comes to cooking. Tonight I am going to attempt to make some kinda of chicken fried rice. We;ll see how it goes LOL. Tyler just walked in the door with a friend.

I'VE MISSED YOU NUTANG!!! I'll be back... whenever

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Tuesday. 3.1.11 1:40 pm
Well, KB and I are moved into the house and everything is pretty cool. We have furniture in the house and slowly getting decorations and such. Things can get pretty bored tho. Tyler and the guys have the day off but we are just sitting around not doing anything. I'm about to go out of my mind!!!

I've noticed a lot of changes in myself with this pregnancy. Normally I am affectionate all the time and Tyler and I are always kissing and junk. But lately, I'm not really feeling it. I want to be a little more secluded and not be as openly affectionate like I usually am. I feel bad because it's not Tyler, it's me. I don't want him to think I love him any less. I just want a lot of space. I'm getting a lot bigger than I did with KB and I feel like crap most of the day. I try not to let it show, but it's worse and night. I feel sick almost every night, it SUCKS. I just hope Tyler can understand why I have been the way I have

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Moving.. again
Friday. 1.28.11 9:49 pm
Soo... Our apartment is complete crap on the inside and management has done nothing about it. Tyler has pretty much been sick since he moved in, and every time KB and I visit she gets sick. Because the management SUCKS, Tyler has decided we are going to move on base. WHY DIDN'T WE DO THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE???!!! We are getting a 3 bed/2 bath HOUSE with NO bills. Well, the only bill we would have involving the house would be cable. Car insurance and the cell phone bill and blah blah, those too. It's incredibley spacious and has a big backyard. We are SUPER excited and can't wait to move in. Even better, The army is giving us a "dity move" Which basicly means we move ourselves there and the army will reimburse us. SO BANGIN'!!

Tyler and my sister are continuing to heal well.

I spent the day with a friend I've known my whole life, but han't seen in two years. We had a pretty good time. A lot of catching up to do! We went out to eat for breakfast and the hung out at my house for a while. It was really nice seeing her again.

Khloe had developed bronchitis and was very sick for about a week. She was on medication and doing much better. For the first time in a while she ate a full meal at dinner time. I'm so happy to see my little girl healthy again. I'm sure the house we are moving in to will be a much healthier enviornment that that filthy apartment Tyler is living in. KB and I will be permanently living with him at the begining or February :) No more visiting. We can finally be a family living together in a nice house.

I'm tired and KB is already sleeping. Good night

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Sunday. 1.23.11 5:27 pm
My dad bought a giant 7 lb. can of pudding from Sam's Club and it expired over 3 months ago. After arguing and laughing about whether its safe to eat, my mom decided to take it back. I know, Random.

I am at my parents house for around 2 weeks untill I can return home for good. Baby-daddy has one more visitation before the injunction is over. I took KB to the hospital with a fever of 102 degrees and turns our she has bronchitis. Fun fun... She wasn't doing well at all this morning and early afternoon. Her fever spiked up to over 103 degrees and she became so lethargic she could barely open her eyes or cry. I'm not going to lie, I was a little scared. However, she is on medication now and doing much better.

Tyler had the surgery to remove his hernia. Everything went great and he's doing fine. My sister even had her hernia removed friday night. She went to the ER and had emergency surgery. She is doing fine as well.

There is an update on my friend I spoke of in my last entry. Tyler, and couple friends, and I drive about an hour NE to Alabama to visit him. He said he was innocent and his "buddy" set him up. His family even pulled the money together to get a lawyer, who's already working on the case. Our friend is in my prayers and I hope the truth comes out and everything is set straight.

I love Tyler so much. Every time he goes to the store or leaves the house for any reason he always brings me a gift. He is so sweet. He really is the perfect man for me. I love affection, and Tyler always shows his love for me. Note: I'm not the kinda of person that starves for attention and has to hear "I love you" every five minutes to know I am loved. I know Tyler loves me, but it's nice to get a little random kiss or hug every once in a while. Our marraige is definately a work in progress right now, but no matter what obstacle comes our way i know we can get past it. Random Rambling... I know. But I really love this kid :)


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Thursday. 1.6.11 4:51 pm
So.. our friend who was watching my husbands apt. while he was on leave is pretty much fucked. It's an awful situation, and he was loved by many and a great friend. But he just snapped and did something incredibly stupid. He was a mentor to many students, and I know my husband looked up to him. Anyone that knew him would never think he was capable of doing what he did. It's shocking and the truth is hard to swallow. He's currently in jail awaiting trial. He was like family to Tyler and I, and he will be missed deeply.

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What a way to start the new year!
Monday. 1.3.11 4:47 pm
So.. the day my love had to leave his mom decided to start shit. I shouldn't care, however, it's hit me hard. I don't know what her motive is behind this. What she told Tyler I said was BULLSHIT! On top of that she told him theres more about me he needs to know and she is going to write him a letter trash talking me. Um.. WTF!? I'm really disappointed in my mother-in-law. I havn't said anything to Tylers family that he hasn't heard from me. We talked a lot while he was on leave and we worked all of our problems out. As far as I know everything is great and we're both happy. He said he doesn't care about it and isn't worried. He told me it's just us and it'll be ok. I trust him. I just can't shake this feeling. It really upsets me. I'm 9 weeks pregnant with her grandchild and she's trying to cause problems. I don;t understand. If I had said or done something horrible behind his back, I would know and be afraid of her telling him whatever. But, theres nothing. I am 100% positive she has nothing on me. I don't understand what my mother-in-law is thinking.

In addition, Tyler has a hernia and needs surgery. He has seemed to lost all hope and thinks he will be removed from EOD training. The surgery itself won't be that big of a deal, he'll recover in no time. It's the waiting list to get back into class. I could be a couple months before he can get back in. He's afraid he's going to get kicked out and reclassed in whatever the army offers him.

To make things even better, when Tyler got home the apartment was trashed and there is damage to personal property. We had a close friend house sit for us while Tyler was on leave for the past two week. I have no clue what happened with the apartment, but our friend apparently snapped and did a bunch of crazy shit and is now in jail. As if Tyler needs anymore stress! I feel terrible for him. I want to be there with him right now. I'll be leaving Saturday to see him, so I'll just have to see what happens.

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The Sickness and Dreams
Saturday. 1.1.11 1:35 pm
Man, I do not miss this feeling at all. I'm not sure If I have directly said it in any past entries but, I am pregnant. This baby was planned and Tyler and I are very excited. I am currently about 9 weeks in and its been a little rough so far. I've got some pretty bad ovarian cysts and I have been getting a lot of pain. There are some days where I swell and look 6 months pregnant from the cysts popping. The Dr. pretty much told me we'll have to wait and see what happens. Things have been getting better, so I'm not too worried anymore.

Today is Tyler last day in town. He has to leave tomorrow :( I must say though, it has been a blast. New York was out of the question, so his mom got us a time share locally and Tyler and I had some alone time. It was awsome. He is currently with a buddy out in Orlando attenting a gun show lol. Since it's his last day, I told him to go have fun. I've been prego about things this vacation and been a bitch occasionally, so he definately needs a little time out with friends.

I'm going to be heading up north on Saturday for two weeks. I'm looking forward to being home for a little while :)

Khloe is finally starting to walk. She has been taking a step or two every once in a while, but yesterday she acctually started walking. She took about 8 steps for the first time. Walking from Tyler to me :) I was so excited!!

Anyway, I think the new baby is going to be a boy. I really hope it is because thats what Tyler and I want. We have a name picked out as a possiblity thanks to a friend of mines suggestion. Kaden for a boy. Tyler and I like it. I think we are going to stick with K's. Foir a girl I really like Kylee. But, we have a looong time till them and plenty of time to think about it.

RANDOM, I had the worst dream ever last night. Tyler and I were at some fair kinda off doing our own thing. Suddenly, I see him holding hands with some other girl. She was a very short spanish girls who looked about 18, kinda chunky with a thin mustache and slight unibrow. I walked up to him and was like WTF?! He said that he had fallen in love with her and she was everything he wanted. I was dumbfounded. I cried, tried to run off with another group of guys (to make him jealous), told him I was going to pawn my wedding ring, poured my heart out to him, but he wouldn't budge his mind. He had just met this girl who was slightly unattractive, and swore up and down he loved her. He said told me she was better than me, and treated him so much better than I did. I remember waking up and seeing him laying next to me. I put my arm around him and gave him a kiss and tried to go back to sleep. What a weird dream..

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Maybe its the baby, but...
Sunday. 12.19.10 10:14 am
I am mentally falling apart.

I dont know what to do anymore :(

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