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Goodbye to you..
Sunday, 11/9/03 - 11:43 am
Beat: The West Swell - Fading

Entry 9/13/03: "I went to the the youth group today to say goodbye to Jaimie. She's going to Delaware to a convent because she's going to be a nun. I'm going to miss her."

That friend of mine passed away yesterday. She died in a car accident.. Rest In Peace Jaimie..

I cried before she left.. why do I not cry now??

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Heat+wax+glue=Stylin hair
Saturday, 11/8/03 - 2:51 pm
Beat: The West Swell - Holding Back

Yesterday I rallied at CI. The Homecoming Rally was eh.. alright. The performances were great though. Hip Hop and Banners really surprised me. They are really good. Clumidia [Lidia] and Sexme [Esme] made me proud.. so sharp! All Male and Short Flags are always good, so yeah, no surprise there.

I saw all of the other 02-03 drill girls. I miss them. Everyone was hella surprised to see Rachel Ritchie sing.. we didn't know she could do that. Ariane was there. She frickin attacked me! Haha.. Secret pal, calm your ass down!- and I miss you too. A lot of people liked my hair style [there are a ton of alumni with the same short cut but the styles are different but I'm a fan of Lois' hair]. It's too long though. I also saw some 2003 people. My friends weren't there. It was the '03 ASBers that were there. I was a loner basically. I said "Hi" to them and all but I didn't really care if they were there or not.

After the rally there was an alumni social. It was mostly `02 folk. 03s: me, MLA [Emily], Erika, and Mikey. It was hella boring. We ate food and "socialized." I left with Dinah to visit the bandies. She invited me to the Pismo Beach Parade and I said yes.

Later that day I got my hair trimmed. It's a lot shorter now. When I style it [curling iron, some wax, and glue and sometimes gel], reminds me of Kazuya from Tekken. Also, I heard CI beat Rio Mesa at the HC game. Woohoo! Go Raiders!

Today, this morning, I set my alarm for 5 and when it went off, I turned it off and said, "Agh.. screw the parade." I was too frickin sleepy so I didn't go. I don't think Dinah went either. She called and I told her I'm not going and she said she wasn't sure cause it's too frickin early..

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The West Swell is swell!
Thursday, 11/6/03 - 8:18 pm
Beat: The West Swell - Leave Me With A Kiss

Well, I think I did very well on my tests. Yeah.. Today I went to The West Swell's performance at CSUCI with my brother and Mikey. TWS was awesome- and I know them too! Parking cost us 4 bucks! Damn expensive parking.. er.. I met Jill, Chris, and Jessel there. Chris is in town until Tuesday. Cool thing happening this Tues. though, TWS is going to record their CD. Awesome blossom!

Afterwards, I went to visit the drill team. I felt so old. Hah. They're going to be good this year even though the squad is now just 16 members. I heart them like all kinds and I miss last year's squad.

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Studying-- him
Sunday, 11/2/03 - 6:20 pm
Beat: Dashboard Confessional - A Plain Morning

I'm reading, studying, and doing some assignments for school. I have an exam tomorrow for Biology. I'm a bit disgruntled. I can't concentrate because I can't stop thinking about that guy.. The way he looked on Friday-- he looked so cute. Yeah, I bet if Kristina read this she'd say.. "GET OVER IT!" because she has and basically every girl has except for me. Sigh..

My song for now is "A Plain Morning" because he sang that song to me [cause I asked him to] back in high school.. when no one knew about DC except for me and him.

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