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There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast foods.
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Friday. 6.4.10 11:54 pm
I'm dating!!!
It's not what I thought it'd be, but still. ^_^!

Also, MY FINANCIAL AID CAME IN!! w00t! w00t!


My first Univeristy class in two years starts on monday!!!

I also got a second job. It's not grand, but it'll really help make bills and make me less stressed.

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Friday. 5.7.10 12:02 pm
I have the house to myself for awhile still. I figured I would collect my thoughts or at least spew them out on here.

I feel very lonely. I am constantly surrounded by people yet I feel myself drifting farther away from humanity. This isn't normal is it? How does one re-connect? Any ideas? Anyone? I'm askin' here.

Also, my job has gotten a little too intresting. There's drama everywhere and they keep throwing more responsibilities at me. I'm tired of it, I hate it but, I gotta pay those dang bills.

Paid for school. THANK.YOU.GOD! I can't wait to go back to college and finish and then finally start my life. I can't wait to get back on the road. It's almost like christmas is coming. My own personal little christmas.

What's the longest any of you have ever waited for someone to love you back? Just morbid curiosity asking.

I'll be going home to see my family in August. In time for Dad's birthday. I'm excited. It's exciting. A whole week! I think we'll be going to Vegas. This makes me happy. I love Vegas. This will be my 5th time going. yay!

I'm tired of my body. i want to rewind to 4 years ago. Heck even 2. Bleh.

I'm not happy. But I feel like happiness is around the corner.

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Cat Surgery
Friday. 3.19.10 1:09 am
So, my cat ate some tinsel.

Apperantly the worst thing EVER.

Took him to the emergency vet. It cost too much there. So, they gave him some fluids and a shot to make him less nautious.

The next day while I was at work Elessar took him to my vet.

It turns out the tinsel was making his intestines ball up and get all squinched.

Bad bad BAD news.

SO elessar made sure that Jaden got his surgery.

When I got home, he had a cone around his head and he was all drugged up.

It made me sad.

He's better now though. Still a cone.

He hates the cone.

Thank you Elessar for helping me make sure that Jaden was ok and for putting up with me crying while I was worried about him.

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Saturday. 2.20.10 11:24 pm
Just applied for Fasfa.....

this is really happening!!

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