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Age. 33
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. filipino
Location , CA
School. Other
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Material Items I've Been Eyeing...
-Cyclo DS cart
-Nikon D60
-Free Line Skates
Events I would LOVE to attend
May 10th
Meg & Dia Signing at Mission Valley Mall

May 22nd
No Doubt, Paramore, and The Sounds
@ Cricket Amphitheater

May 26th
Kaylyn's first Bday!!!

Electric Daisy Carnival

Comic Con San Diego

Vans Warped Tour
This is what I'm thinking.
AHH!!! writers cramp!

visit these much fun!!!
how's the weather?
The WeatherPixie
must get!!!
87th day of 2004
I have to get this CD in July!!!

yes July 13th is the day to get this great album!!!

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kuya, ate, tv, and depression
84th day of 2004
wow... this week is pretty strange. started out great now it's wednesday and i'm very depressed. nepoo i'll start off witht he goo and end with the bad. on monday it was great walking to MVM with Earvin and Julian and no goofy Kennan to make fun of. but earvin julian and iwere talking about how curious little boys and girls were so that convo started with julian talking about his cousins and how he'd tie them all together by their hands and feet and push them over like dominoes. lol that's sad! by the time we were passing by earvin's old house we were cracking up lokes about little cousins and their perverted curiosity about the human body. then on tuesday i gave earvin piggy back rides and i gave him piggy back rides heh we wrestled on the grass i got grass stains on his shirts haha that's what he gets when i flip him. now the bad... i'm sooo confused rite now on who i am. what do i like. straight in between or full... i guess you can call it teenage crap but it's different from all my friends.... crud i can't say much here cuz my cousins read this and i don't want them to know cuz then my uncle will know and i'm not ready for them to know... if you want to help me out of this crap and feel better just IM me at DronKeeper lol sn means dragon keeper heh or leave a comment everyone can comment.

the wuiz that got my mind off of it

You're im Gryffindor!
You're in Gryffindor!

Harry Potter:: Which House Calls You? - with pictures! (for girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

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cops and girlfriends
80th day of 2004
this week was fustratingly fun i still don't have cable for my new tv so i'm down to playing GC and watching movies The School of Rock is constantly playing in my room and my parents are getting annoyed at the constant guitar riffs and Jack Black's high pitched screaming/singing haha! It's soooo much fun annoying the old. i finally got a B-string for my guitar but then when i was tuning my high E-string it snapped on my wrist. poo... now i can't play it for another week or so. hmm... what else... o yea Andrew finally asked out Joyce. So now they're going out. yesterday i brought my guitar to school my acoustic one and i taught Kennan the first part of the ABCs haha he probably forgot it by now. yesterday Annalee went to the park to get her bro's ball back from some dumbasses but they were gone so she went to this one house where one of the guys lives but his mom i guess said that she was going to call the cops on them. Annalee had a baseball bat in hand and her bro and his friend had slingshots and rocks. well they ran home and a few minutes later they heard police sirens going off in their neighborhood. i even heard them while i was on the phone with a panicing best friend. the good news: they didn't get caught or in trouble. The bad news: they didn't find Tom's ball. hmm... i wish i could go eat sushi with Mae Maria C. Melissa and Vanessa. like a reunion of our old group from middle school. but no can't cuz i have to do my filipino project. i guess i'm out for now going to look for stuff to do in the mean time.

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poo poo to you 2
74th day of 2004
mood: feeling giddy
watching: Pippi Longstocking!!!

YES!!! i got my TV yesterday!!! but i have no cable... but i do have a DVD player!!! muahaha i finally can watch American Pie in peace with out ppl bugging me!!! hmm... poo is becoming very interesting to me this month but i don't know why i think it's cuz Mae had to clean her doggies poopy poo in the back yard last month which henced Pooper Scoopers!!! so i now say things with poo in it muahaa my mom think's i'm going crazy again. i think i am. <~~funny!!! it's me and Mary Y. i'm stabbing her!!! happy Rock on my friends!!! Punk Lives!!!

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today's events
70th day of 2004
well it's not really today's events but yea. hmm... did anyone know that Lindsay Lohan was 17 and she's turning 18 in July? i never knew that until a few days ago. i think she's on a contract with Disney. i wonder what she's going to do when she gets off the contract... i hope she keeps acting! hmm... i hate love but it's something we really want. poopers scoopers i don't know what to do anymore haha hmm... imma try to write here everyday or atleast every other day

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San Diego heat wave
68th day of 2004
Why does it have to be sooo freaken hot outside!!! especially when we had to play outside for PE and have to do sit ups aww damn we're doing push ups tomorrow out in the hot burning sun... my hands feel burned just thinking about it. pooper scoopers... i think i got sumburned hmm... anyhoo... for a few days now i've been hanging out with Andrew and we've been getting really close but we like different ppl... and yea i think we have a chance but our hearts are still in the air looking down upon our crushes... damn... i really wonder what's going to happen later in the future...

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API scores
64th day of 2004
mood: Extemely hyper
listening to: the sounds of a half a hour ago

YES!!!! TODAY ROCKED THE HELL OUT OF MY SOCK!!!! yea since our school surpassed our API goal we got to have sort of a carnival on the football field. we had a slide and an obstcale course. haha and of coures 3 local bands!!! FSR (Four Story Reason) Undecided and this one band from TJ hehe FSR ROCKED!!!! YEA!!! GO PAULO!!!! Undecided used to go to SOH about i dunno how many years ago they were GREAT!!! they were giving out their cd but i didn't get one so that really bummed me out but i got their signatures!!! o and if any of you ppl live in the San Diego area go to Soma 3350 Sports Arena Blvd. to watch Undeicded Saturday March 6th DOOR OPEN at 7:00 PM ALL AGES INVITED!!! YEA!!!! lol i got this one girl to burn me their cd and i'm paying her too. lol damn i guess i'm desperate. that reminds me i still want Bonzai Bill's cd!!! ENERGY IS GOOD!!!! OOOO!!! got to get SCHOOL OF ROCK!!!! Jack Black is funny i love that movie!!!! OOOO!!!! FUNNESS must go and have fun outside!!!

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i'm sick!!!
58th day of 2004
Last night i was really light headed and around midnight i woke up and i was all hot and sweaty cuz of my fever and my mom juss got home too. but i didn't tell her then around 4 i woke up again and i still had my fever so i watched tv and then went back to sleep. then it was time to wake up and go to school. i didn't know if i should have gone to school or not. I went but i didn't go to first period i went to second. hmm... i had an ok day i was tired and still am but i'm ok for now... i guess this is it

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